Privacy was at one time valued and guarded. But now with the many new and convenient scientific advancements, can be privacy nowadays possible? To safeguard our privateness Congress created the Electronics Privacy Acts (ECPA) to protect us from authorities access to private information that is sent and stored on the Internet, such as e-mails, private photographs, or corporate and business data.

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Our elected representatives has not updated the ECPA on technology since it was developed, in 1986. If the ECPA was made there was not any “World Wide Web, online community was anything in the future, and nothing was trapped in what we call the “cloud.

 Considering the technological within today’s society no one is usually protected. Level of privacy is defined as getting free from the general public eye. But we have many people sharing personal information on social networking websites, and government agencies monitoring emails, and phone calls most of the time without our understanding. There is no personal privacy in the 21st century, this is a nostalgic feeling, and it is no longer practiced.

This privacy laws and regulations aren’t updated with today’s technology. Things are seldom sent through the mail, and emails and text messages possess replaced crafted communication. On the web messaging and social networking was something of any novelty when lawmakers came up with the ECPA (Frolik, 2013). A current article in the Dayton Daily news written by Cornelius Frolik on Summer 2013 he mentioned, “The Government can easily access many personal communications and other private information without adequate probable cause. Instead of acquiring a cause that requires even more standards and procedures. Government agencies instead attain subpoena’s to obtain people’s e-mail, and cell phone records (Frolik, 2013). Although, local authorities catch lots of dangerous criminals through information on the net like email messages, photos, and social media sites like Facebook several critics even now feel it is an invasion of privacy.

Likewise as our technology advances by leaps, and bounds so does the way Govt uses fresh high tech equipment to security law-abiding people. Though the Fourth Variation states to guard the American people by unreasonable searches and seizures. Almost everything is completed throughtechnology in the 21st century. This meaning that government can seize any emails which might be 180 days or that has been opened with no warrant; subpoenas have become the the majority of used investigator tool to get Government agencies. Exactly why is because they can be easily drafted inside the prosecutors office without the further assessment from a judge.

Therefore there is very to the Last Amendment of the United States Constitution, whether it satisfies certain requirements. The question we ought to be asking when it comes to Government and our level of privacy are  Is to clarify a clear comprehension of the word privacy? If the Government cannot explain the term personal privacy then how do they protect our level of privacy? The lack of clearness makes it hard for congress to create new policies which will keep our privacy away of damage (Libin, 2012). Two explanations why privacy can be viewed threaten in today’s society a single being the federal government powers happen to be limitless, and two getting we the American people expose ourself digitally (Libin, 2012). The people of America should add up and declare for the Government to protect each of our privacy instead of participate in warrantless searches (Libin, 2012). The fact that the Authorities can believe the Fourth Modification does not apply because there is no exception to privacy when it comes to guarding national protection, then that leave the American persons in times of calamity, and turmoil.

Laws like the ECPA is actually a law the Government comes with an obligation to respect (Libin, 2012). The ECPA safeguard the privateness of the electric communications, but when law enforcement and prosecutors have to protect and enforce regulations, personal information should be collected to make a case (Libin, 2012). The solution is more complicated than simply, and right now the federal government is facing difficulties understanding the best way to protect the American people (Libin, 2012). Presented all the information personal privacy seems to be the challenge. It can be described in many ways, one as it’s protecting people from terrorism, and local criminal offenses; and two being should you be innocent, what do you have to hide?

In 2014 I realize that most American people store their digital lives in a strategy that we refer to as “The Cloud which included emails, calendar info, photos, and also other sensitive information. The ECPA has become obsolete. Technology today leaves the ECPA out-of-date, the regulations have not transformed since it was originally createdin 1986. The existing privacy laws and regulations only concentrate on the text-based personal records, and the issues that persons face today with this outdated level of privacy law is usually gathering of digital multi-media files, plus the way this unauthorized info is used (Lipton, 2010). Do you consider online video surveillance devices out on the street personal info? Some might say certainly and some might say no . According into a case study investigated by Jacqueline D. Lipton, if the face of an specific is recognizable, than it is considered personal data. A lot of people feel guarded with the video surveillance acquiring their every single moment.

After that on the other hand some individuals feel they can be being scrutinized being viewed by video surveillance. The U. H. has a safety for free conversation and for free from a press under the Initially Amendment. On the other hand there is no communicate constitutional right to privacy (Lipton, 2012). The question that American people should certainly rigorously look at is whether or not Congress should repeal the ECPA and creates new privateness laws to replace it (Kerr, 2014). The ECPA should be considered main concern when it comes to becoming reformed. If perhaps Congress would have been to start new on what changes to produce on the ECPA the technologic changes would have to be particularly considered.

Being that the cost of kept information has evolved it also adjustments how law enforcements surveillance people, that threatens level of privacy. In 1986 this all manufactured sense since the internet was created at this time to hold limited storage, and wire-tapping was a threat much more than stored details (Kerr, 2014). Overall entry to stored record has become the best privacy risk. Technology has evolved enormously, info is stored. With anything being kept now in what we phone “The Cloud like discussed earlier stored info begins to expose the same degree of details because real time surveillance or current access (Kerr, 2014). Kept information has become more disclosing an intrusive. (Kerr, 2014).


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