In its interpretation of teens, their problems dealing with all their peers and their parents, Romeo and Juliet is as relevant today (early 21st Century) as it was in order to was drafted. Discuss.

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Teens of today possess a lot of pressures and problems. They must get good grades in school to get some in which in life. This can be difficult since each year the scholars are expected to accomplish better than last year. This sets a great deal of pressure on them. Their particular parents as well put a large amount of pressure on their children simply because that they expect a whole lot from them. Teens can also obtain stressed or perhaps feel a lot of pressure from their friends. I think that this usually is definitely things like sport labels, outfits and sometimes the contrary sex. The end result of this is most probably teasing or perhaps bulling. A lot of teenagers take stress upon themselves if they are to shy to talk to the opposite sex for whatever reason or if perhaps they do speak with them and so they do or say some thing idiotic.

The custom of arranged relationships are still employed today in a few societies. The Muslims will be the main community that still carries this act out. This could affect girls more since they don’t get virtually any say in who that they marry. I do think that the father and mother will try obtaining as near perfect match as they can, but nothing is perfect. I do think that Islamic apprentice adults naturally accept arranged partnerships because it is the way they were lifted.

The Montagues love and therefore are concerned intended for the well being for their child, Romeo. We all know this since Lady Montague asks Benvolio to find out precisely what is wrong with the son.

U where can be Romeo? Noticed you him today?

Correct glad I actually am he was not as of this fray.

Benvolio is a good friend to Romeo because he claims to find out what is wrong with him.

And so early jogging did I realize your child.

Towards him I manufactured, but end up being was ware of myself

And took into the convent of the wood.

Montague then says that he has become seen there many mornings with tears.

Many a morning hath he end up being there recently been seen

With tears enhancing the fresh days dew.

This is another perfect example regarding the Montagues showing matter for Romeo.

I think that Romeo will not behave like a regular young adult at this area of the book. He could be only 20 or sixteen and he goes off crying and moping in a wood because he really loves Rosalyn and she does not return the love. I never think that he’s a very believable character when he re-enters later inside the play (act 2: Picture 1) he becomes a incredibly powerful and strong required character.

The Capulets happen to be equally concerned for the welfare with their daughter, Juliet. Capulet, Juliets father, wants her to marry Count number Paris. Paris, france is a aristocrat and loyal kinsman to the Royal prince. He is a great eligible bachelors. Juliet is an excellent daughter and doesnt desire to upset or disappoint her dad. Juliet is shocked, to start with, I think because she is thus young and the concept of marriage never crossed her mind. Bu she says with her mother, Woman Capulet, that she will marry him if that is what she would like.

It is an honour that I fantasy not of.

Ill turn to like, in the event that looking choice move

Yet no more deep silt I actually endort my own eye.

Than your approval gives strength to make that fly.

While the perform progresses we come across how Juliet becomes a more independent youthful woman as she falls for Romeo. But the more she falls in like with Romeo the more the girl disobeys her parents.

At this point by Street Peters Church, and Philip too

We need to not make me there a joyful star of the wedding

I think a modern lady would not even consider marital life at Juliets age. Unless of course it is an arranged marriage due to a certain religious beliefs.

In the play Romeo is influenced by simply two generally there characters, Benvolio and Mercutio. They convinced young Romeo to go to the Capulets party in which he soon meets Juliet. Following Romeo and Juliet happen to be wed in secret, as a result of Friar Lawrence, Tybalt, (Nephew to Lady Capulet) gets rid of Romeos friend Mercutio. As a result of Romeo and Juliets marriage Romeo must not have gone on to slay Tybalt. Because of this Romeo is banished from Verona.

I think that Romeo was foolish to attend his good friends death since there is nothing, which in turn he could have done to provide him back to normal. Now Juliet could not actually see him and there play to enable them to stay together would never had to have taken place, and so they couldnt be deceased.

Romeo and Juliet had been willing to risk everything also their lives to be with one another. I think this show t a lot of courage and strength from the youth. As always the adults only learn the lesson by the end when it is inside its final stages. I think that Friar Lawrence is a very sensible man and he offers good purposes. The only explanation he wedded the youngsters is so that this might quit the feuds between the Montagues and the Capulets. At the end in the play the families know the distraught which they include brought upon themselves.

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