This perform was the history of the, existence of charlotte now salmon. This showed her life by child bonnet to adult-hood and then her death, and also important celebration in her short your life that influenced her also affected us. The play had a very dramatic plot as charlotte salmon a new very remarkable life.

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Inside the play we all saw charlotte now forming close relation boats with the characters around her and yet at some time they were all taken from her, firstly her mother: they used several actors to show they numerous frames of mind the lady was in, one particular calm and playing with her daughter, then simply frantic using all the levels and space on the level trying in vein approach her partner and then getting to the point of killing her self. I do think that this was a fantastic means of showing almost all aspects of what she was thinking. It was used once again in the enjoy when her grandmother started to be suicidal.

This piece of cinema was extremely metaphorical, as an example the furniture, in the beginning or the play that each family member had represented them: the father being a clothing with shut down doors, the grand daddy clock that had simply no numbers placed the grand father plus the mother and grandmother becoming chests of draws getting the same at the beginning and the both equally ended up similar to the way. The windowpane that was used in the suicides and almost for the committing suicide of charlotte now to me was obviously a type of portal, not to the out part world because so many windows are, but to the after existence.

The idea of objects representing something different was used during the play but particularly if charlotte was painting, instead of pictures your woman drew images that revealed an aspect of the play at the. g. a vital meant secrets as the reality of her mothers fatality had been locked in a chest and the important hidden, a lot of these photos were applied again in the play such as when charlottes grandmother died the picture of grief was shown to the audience on a very much bigger size.

As the actors chose to use face masks they wasn’t able to use facial expression to portey sentiment, so the actors had enhance their move ments, they were doing this very well with hands gestures as well as the way and speed of witch the moved, the levels of the level were also applied. They did not merely use the level to move upon, I think by simply covering this in light cloth that showed a new and pure chapter in charlotte lifestyle, when the lady started to color.

The lighting was used quite effectively in the play, once there was a melancholy section of the play at the. g. when her mom died the lighting was low, then in more happy times was bright just like when they had been on holiday. However I do not really thin that the lighting was a large part of the effects of the play.

I think when the Germans came was such an anticlimax, it is this kind of a curtail part of the play and it might have been a lot more dramatic.

Technical equipment utilized to draw the enjoy to a close, an image of charlotte was projected onto a piece of cloth. She was running and after that a dark-colored cloud, which I took to be the gas, engulfed her.

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