During the last handful of decades Dhaka city is among the fastest developing metropolises in the world. The city development generally seems to lack in planning and the problem of urbanization will be intensified by high inhabitants growth and rural downtown migration. Once again, Bangladesh is experiencing natural disasters every now and then plus the urbanization of metropolitan Dhaka is also afflicted with it. The existing utility services are not competent of handling the increased demand from the urbanization method. Faulty planning, Lack of coordination among several agencies and overall ignore to environment issues affecting Dhaka include floods, which can be associated with riv water flood and rain water stagnation, earthquakes and tornadoes.

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Flood Hazard:

Ton is a form of hydro-meteorological phenomenon and it is extremely hazardous as it can cause devastating losses in property and human lives. Fast and unplanned development aggravates the results of water damage by elevating the budgetary costs of losses. These types of losses are especially high in urban areas which will be possible to help relieve with correct planning and management with the urban set ups.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) primarily based modeling and Remote Sensing (RS) methods can help by supplying roadmaps and methods as assist with make early on warning intended for risk areas. In this case study, different criteria have been assessed that have potential impact on how much devastation, like the elevation of the areas, water damage depth, building density, landscape slope, garden soil type, area use types etc .

Depending on different factors research, results are visualized with the help of GIS and RS presentation and dissemination approaches. In addition , the impacts of various factors about flooding by itself are also mentioned. Finally, a flood conjecture map pertaining to Dhaka Town Corporation (DCC) in Bangladesh was prepared using the Multi-Criteria Evaluation (MCE) method with particular give attention to the different criteria that influence the flooding in Dhaka city.

Normal water Logging:

Normal water logging is an extremely common problem in Dhaka city during the monsoon period and all the year round. Even a very little rain causes seriousproblems in some parts of metropolis on every celebration and can generate water working situation for a number of days which causes large infrastructural damage by minimizing the amount of available assets and supplies inside the city. This situation normally arises due to unplanned infrastructure creation, insufficient or perhaps limited drainage systems, obstruction of the drainages, lack of awareness of these complications by the inhabitants, unplanned build-up of areas within the town, filling up the canals, wetlands and normal water bodies in areas which are mainly obtained by housing companies and brick using industries in the city.

The Dhaka metropolis is usually overloaded as a result of rainfalls and the excessive water level of surrounding lake systems. As an example, 1998 surging was the most catastrophic inside the flooding history of Bangladesh, where Dhaka city was troubled by heavy rain fall and the large water amount river system. Unplanned urbanization is raising water working.


The town can be significantly affected by earthquakes as it has happened during the past. Intensities of VI, VII, and VIII have already been signed up in the city. The countrywide building code of Bangladesh (BNBC 1993) includes 3 seismic areas and specific zones, and Dhaka is located within the second 1 with a housing code coefficient similar to the 15% of the the law of gravity (z=0. 15g).

According to the results of the Earthquake Disaster Risk Index (EDRI) project, main earthquake risk is associated with the high vulnerability of the building stock due to both poor materials and poor building processes.


The two transition periods among southwest and northeast monsoons over the American indian sub-continent are characterized by neighborhood severe hard storms. The transitional periods are generally referred to as pre-monsoon (March-May), and post-monsoon (October- November). It’s the pre-monsoon period when the majority of the abnormal rainfall or drought conditions usually occur in various areas of Bangladesh. As well there are extreme local seasons storms, popularly known as nor? westers (kalbaishakhi). Severe neither? westers will be generallyassociated with tornadoes. Tornadoes are embedded within a mom thundercloud, and moves over the direction with the squall of the mother storm.

The regularity of devastating nor? westers usually reaches the maximum in April, whilst a few take place in May, as well as the minimum in March. Neither? westers and tornadoes are definitely more frequent in the afternoon. Stand 3 shows some of the destructive nor? westers and tornadoes that hit Bangladesh. Nor? westers might occur in late February because of early withdrawal of winter months from Bangladesh, Bihar, Western world Bengal, Assam, and next to areas. The rare occurrence of nor? westers in early June is due to the delay inside the onset of the southwest monsoon over the place (Karmakar, 1989). Table: A number of the devastating westers and tornadoes

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