Interpersonal Romance, Ceremony, Labeling Theory, Positive And Negative Reinforcement

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Although not all of Davis’ relational maintenance strategies happen to be communication based, many of them happen to be primarily work-it-out and have-it-out but likewise reintegration ceremonies. Davis did not empirically evaluation his findings.

Braiker and Kelley (1979) were thinking about understanding the position that discord plays in relationship advancement. Employing a cultural exchange method to relational repair, Braiker and Kelley conceptually defined protection as conversation behaviors engaged in by users of the few to reduce costs and improve rewards inside the relationship. Maintenance behavior was operationally described using items primarily measuring communication with one’s partner about the relationship (also included one item measuring self-disclosure and a single item computing willingness to improve behavior). Therefore, Braiker and Kelley likewise focus on metacommunication as a relational maintenance strategy.

Braiker and Kelley (1979) concluded that maintenance strategies transform meaning after some time, with routine service behavior portion to increase interdependence and like in the earlier stages of expansion and to resolve conflict inside the later ones. Thus, it appears that talking about the partnership functions to escalate a relationship (increase love and interdependence) in the early stages of relationship development and also to maintain the marriage (resolve conflict) in later on stages.


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