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Lament for the Son, Wolterstorff talks about what sort of Christian worldview can help handling grief and loss. Wolterstorff’s perspective matches with Kubler-Ross’s five levels of suffering, even though the narrative is not formally about those stages. The stages of suffering provides a unit for the ways human beings procedure death and loss, never to show there is a “right” or “good” way of going through grief but simply to light up the reality of suffering that help people to fully understand death. Since Axelrod (n. d. ) points out, the stages of grief tend not to necessarily unfold in date order, either. They are not stages of growth, always, although the last stage of acceptance can be described as desirable end result. Each person experiences grief and loss in a different way, and some persons may stick around longer in a few stages and more may not knowledge that level at all (“Understanding Grief and Loss: An understanding, ” and. d. ). A Christian perspective enhances the stages of grief model because the narrative of Christ leads a person coming from a state of doubt and denial into a state of love, acceptance, and joy in God.

The five stages include denial/isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Wolterstorff’s narrative reveals how Christian scripture is uniquely located to provide spiritual support intended for coping with suffering and damage at each of these stages. For example , Wolterstorff displays how he initially experienced isolated from friends, family, and people of his community even when others acquired also skilled loss and grief. This individual points out there is a “solitude of suffering” and “uniqueness of each death, ” (p. 25). The Christian point-of-view shows how a person can easily reconcile emotions of loneliness, isolation, and denial with all the truth of Christian love and Christian community.

The Christian narrative offers an exclusive point-of-view particularly because the Christian narrative is about the loss of life and revival of Christ. No other religion presents a similar tale of fatality and revival, which is a model for individual suffering, reduction, and loss of life. Suffering isn’t only part of the human experience; battling is something that Christ features experienced so that human beings can experience love and salvation. “God isn’t just the God of the afflicted people but the The almighty who endures, ” (Wolterstorff, 1987, g. 81). The stages of grief version complements the Christian perspective.

Wolterstorff has the capacity to reach an area of acknowledgement and find delight after his loss through a deeper knowledge of

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