Everybody views your life differently as no one is the same. In the poem, “Boy with His Haircut Short” by Muriel Rukeyser, and in the storyline, “Furniture Art” by Sarah Miller, demonstrate realistic sights of two different heroes about life. Comparing both equally stories, the sister in “Boy with His Hair Cut Short” has a however realistic view of existence than Mister. DuPont’s in “Furniture Art”.

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The “solicitous tall” (line 9) sibling in “Boy with His Hair Cut Short” pretended to be upbeat during the 1930s of the thirties.

The sister did everything she may to help her brother: inch[cut] his locks with her cheap shears”, “[new-pressed] his decent suit”. (line 12, 21) She cut his hair to encourage him that they can find a job in the event he transformed his look. “You’ll surely find [a job], they can’t keep turning you down; the finest gentleman’s not so cut as you! ” (line 17-19) Even though, your woman told his brother to be hopeful, she knew that find a job was impossible since her fascal expression cannot lie.

“The corriente sign, her motion, the blue problematic vein, bright onto her temple, pitifully beating. ” The sister did not the truth is told her sibling her genuine view of life, perhaps to raise her brother’s desire of finding work, but this kind of proved the lady was being unrealistic.

Mr. DuPont in “Furniture Art” was a strong People from france accent person of about sixty who “live off unemployment”. (Para. 2) He was a artist with strange design: “walls [filled with] decals of dazzling colors”, “furniture was a clutter, paint-splattered and arranged in unconventional patterns”. (Para. 6) When asked about his thought about the world, he asked the narrator on her opinion initial and when the narrator stated that the school “say unemployment’s straight down and economy’s booming”(Para. 12). He viewed her response by requesting the narrator that “are people more comfortable [with the flourishing economy]? “. (Para. 18)

This shown that he cared even more about the happiness in people. Mr. DuPont was looking to teach the narrator to acquire her very own point of view. For example , he informed the girl to think about the household furniture as skill and that economic system and quality lifestyle is different. He thought that by simply opening our eyes towards the world and therefore we should go through the world in lots of different prospective. Mr. DuPont taught the narrator to see the world in her very own side, rather than viewing the earth through the school’s or nowaday’s sociality side.

Comparing both equally poem and the story, Mr. Dupont has a more realistic view of life than the sister in “Boy with His Hair Cut Short”. Mr. DuPont taught the narrator to see the world in her perspective, not inside the school prospective. While the sis only urged the brother that he will probably soon get employed, even if she knew the possibility of finding a job was low. Mr. DuPont cared for about the happiness that individuals rather than the improvement in people existence. He would not cared what people think of him and would not followed householder’s taste in furniture. Mister. DuPont features his very own view of life and own design. On the other hand, the sister only hid her own perspective in her brother’s scenario and helped her brother in any way she could. The girl encouraged her brother to keep trying yet overall the lady did not told her brother everything with her view of life.

Mr. DuPont has a even more realistic look at of your life than the sibling because he thought we should wide open our eye and checked out the world in our view rather than in other someones view. He was a strange person but that has his own view in life. Mr. DuPont was different from anyone inside the sociality as the sister like everyone in the period was trying to make existence better by viewing it optimistically.


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