* “The tragic feeling can be invoked in us when we are in the existence of a character who is prepared to lay down his life, necessarily, to secure one thing, his feeling of personal dignity” – Arthur Miller 5. Leading up to Shylock’s trial this individual undergoes a whole lot of have trouble with regards to his connect with Antonio where. Antonio deceives Shylock when he won’t pay him and escapes the offer of the bond (pound of flesh).

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2. Shylock

Concurrently Shylock manages to lose his little girl, whom this individual loves greatly, to a Christian man.

Shylock was betrayed by his daughter and deceived by simply Antonio and the rest of the Christian believers. * I might my girl were useless at my ft, and jewels in her ear! Would she had been hearsed at my foot, as well as the ducats in her coffin! * Therefore it is tragic the moment Shylock is stripped of his cash and forced to convert faith. Against every his problems he was only conducting his way of business and has to undergo so much.

5. This story is also tragic for the Jewish residential areas:

* They were mocked and scorned by Christians and perceived as “different” from other persons (personality and physical attributes) * We were holding forced to live all together in a separate section of the city known as “ghettos” 5. When they exited the “ghettos” and went to different areas between Christians that they had to wear reddish hats (this is a signal of the segregation of religions) * They could not participate in any other jobs except goods. This is why the Jews had been mostly known as ‘usurers’.

* Revenge is actually a theme of tragedy * Revenge is dark and hateful and especially in this enjoy Shylock is definitely consumed with it. 2. He wishes revenge with his daughter as they feels betrayed and hard one by simply. She disobeyed him and their religion and stole cash from him. 2. He is used with vengeance towards Antonio and his Christian friends as a result of way Antonio deceived him where he would not pay off his bond and the way the Christian good friends mocked him. This was emphasised in his famous monologue “hath not a Jew eyes” in which he describes the way in which he is cured.

* How a director character the heroes * Generally in most renditions of the play, particularly in the most modern film, the main characters (Bassanio, Antonio and Shylock) are very serious characters and this adds to the tragic mood in the play 2. When coping with problems these kinds of characters will not seem to be in a light-hearted or perhaps joyous mood, they are more dull and serious. * At the time tragic characters needed to be very static and were not versatile and this is evident, mostly in the characters of Antonio, Bassanio and Shylock.


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