To complete this task I will be required to carry out some research, that can involve online, and also concluding a small amount of non-IT research, maybe involving a promotional package from a competitors company. These will be included in my own next section. In order to generate the above things, I will have to use various computer courses and submission software tool, including a expression processor and a desktop publishing system. These will probably be sufficient to use in order to make a business credit card, a notification headed piece and an introductory leaflet.

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To design the right company logo, I actually intend to attempt to create a easy logo, while my exploration will provide evidence that successful firms can do well with the particular simplest of logos. Because of this, I plan to use a easy graphics software. Obviously, I will also need to make use of a web browser as part of my research, and this is definitely the same both at college and on my home interconnection. Introduction to My Company My own company will be based in the tourism industry, because I desired to produce a task different to other people during my class, and it was a location of sector I felt I would enjoy researching.

I will begin a new hotel chain called Parker Hotels. I intend it to be a middle-of-the-range, overnight stay style of resort, suitable for road users on extended journeys. Will probably be cheap and affordable, however I hope to have excellent quality of service and good features to attract clients. My resorts will be located at assistance stations and strategic details along key trunk highways in the UK, with the possibility of expanding abroad in mainland The european countries and maybe America and Canada.

I will get started with a modest chain of fifty hotels through the south of England, and enable for enlargement if business revenue through the first couple of years allows that. Research With this project, I will be using both IT and non-IT options to produce my own work. I will visit a crucial hotel chain, the Marriott, and, with their permission, I will include goods in my analysis, and base my project on the information I gain from them. I will however , request their permission before I do this, and acknowledge them at the end of my job, so as to be within the laws of copyright.

I will as well look online on a website for essential hotel stores, to gather information that I can combine and use. Net Research I’ve chosen to use www. yahoo. com, the best Internet search engine, to look for information on important hotel firms, including a number of logos. This is a screen printing of my own Internet search upon www. google. com These were the corresponding search engine results. Logo Reviews Here, Let me attempt to assess the trademarks of four important lodge firms, in order to produce a ideal logo for my company.

The several logos shown here were extracted through the websites with the first 4 hits on the internet search demonstrated on the previous page. This really is a simple logo design, a translucent background, as well as the name with the company are its unique features. The Marriott Meters is one of the most recognisable trademarks in the commercial world. This was taken from the companies website. Radisson is a relatively small UK motel chain. This really is a simple logo involving the term of the company in a particular style.

The Travelodge company logo is a common side of the road company, with an extremely simple and effective company logo. Designing my very own logo Let me now start to design my own, personal ideas for a logo, since it will take place numerous moments on other areas of the job, including the custom business cards and letterheads, and varieties the central part of my personal companys image. My first idea was this. It is just a simple design and style, in red, based around the idea of the corporation name in simple composing, and then a basic graphic above, as proven by the Hilton logo. Here is my second idea.

This kind of logo is usually simple, and involve a graphic. Instead, it uses the a different colour, green, as well as the company name in an elegant and sophisticated design that makes the corporation name into the focal point of the logo, ones own the case with the Marriott. I really believe that the second logo, even though it does not include a graphic, is much more appealing to the viewer than the first, which is less eye-catching and more simple. However , I prefer the colour reddish for my personal logo, therefore i will combine this color with the second logo for my last design.

Therefore this is my own final creative logo. Business Cards I will now use my very own non-IT study to produce other areas of my personal welcome packs, starting with the business card. With my creative logo finalised, I then had to style a business cards. For my own research, I actually looked at a company card I acquired coming from my fathers company, Simrad, a boat equipment executive company. The business enterprise card included the company company logo, the brand and work title from the person who the card utilized, and the info of that person, by address, telephone, send and email.

I hence decided that I would include these types of features on my business cards, as it is clearly a standard set of data. My personal first design and style for the card was this kind of This design and style incorporates all of the main features of the two custom business cards I pointed out. The personal info are separate from the standard contact details of the company, and the name in the person who the business card applies with the centre, as it is meant to be the focal point of the card. My spouse and i also produced a second design and style In this design and style, the hub of the greeting card is the company logo, with the term of the person and their personal details at the pinnacle.

The red company color has been found in a edge like design, which I consider gives the greeting card a bit more of your aesthetically pleasing seem. I believe which the company logo is best suited to the the top of card, rather than the middle, together with the name in the middle. I have modified the above patterns and merged them to type this, my personal final design. Designing a letterhead Like a research idea for this section, I utilized a page I received from Fortek Computers, with regards to my powerful work experience trip to them.

Choice that, intended for my company letterhead, I would use a similar thought to my business cards, except going out of out the personal contact details. This really is to preserve continuity in the firm literature. Therefore , my letterhead design was easy to generate. It looks like this. To demonstrate the application of this company letterhead, I have written an example notice to a prospective customer, which is often seen on the next page. With Kind comments Slips It truly is customary available world to deliver customers who also request firm literature that does not require a cover letter to include a tiny slip of company newspaper, giving them the compliments with the company.

Typically, this is the just like the company letterhead, and this is usually the case with my organization. Here is my own With Enhances slip for Parker Resorts. On the following pages, you can view my last project. My own work have been saved within my user area of my school server. The spot of the storage space I have used is definitely illustrated under. The Use of THIS in this project The use of THAT in the production of this project has been a great benefits to my own purpose in several ways, and it would do so in a real life scenario, but it will not come with no its down sides.

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