Polygamy: Its Unfavorable Implications and Consequences

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The affinity for human beings to live in pairs is completely natural. A blissful marital life is seen as a love, admiration, and trust. Warmth becomes the motivational drive towards perfection of life in our world and thereafter (McMahon, 2010). On the other hand, an unhappy relationship leads to hopelessness and disillusionment and adversely affects the individuals involved. Defined as the practice or condition of marrying multiple wife as well, polygamy features persisted in several cultures globally.

In most societies such as Islam, the practice is very much widespread (Ward, 2010).

The holy books and scriptures include abundant proof of the fact that polygamy was indeed applied by patriarchal prophets Hindus and Jews. In Arabia and the countries adjoining, polygamy, temporary relationships, unrestricted concubinage, and partnerships of comfort were remarkably rife (Jencks and Milton, 2010). Their effects had been reported to get disastrous on the entire cultural and meaning structure. Polygamy remains a common, well-buried top secret that is frequently problematic and still exists throughout many countries to date.

It is a more prevalent practice than most people actually realize (Jacobson and Burton, 2011). Thesis Statement: Polygamy has been attempted many times in free democratic countries, and it never succeeds. Not necessarily compatible with freedom, equality, and human privileges. It always results in child brides and brainwashing.

Types of polygamy

Polygamy since earlier identified is a form of marriage in which a person recieve more than 1 wife. This generally takes place in two sorts. The most common is usually polygyny, where a man marries more than one partner. The much less common type, polyandry, can be described as system of relationship where a female marries multiple man (Darger, 2011). In the Islamic culture, the practice of polygyny is extremely condoned when polyandry is extremely condemned. In ancient times, polygamy existed in the Judaism culture. Inside the Old Legs of the Holy bible, Abraham had three spouses and Solomon had a lot more than three hundred spouses. This practice continued right up until Rabbi Gershom ben Yehudah issued a decree against it. The Jewish Sephardic communities moving into Muslim countries continued the practice till late 1950’s when a prohibit was prolonged against getting married to more than one partner (Bennion, 2012). In any of the forms, polygamy should be outlawed in any religion culture or country.

Another type of polygamy exists as polyamory and it is often referred to as postmodern polygamy. Polyamory is a romance of multiple men and women. These kinds of relationships might take the form of just one man with several woman partners, two men with several woman partners or several girls with no males. Unlike polygamy, polyamory provides more equal opportunities to get divorce (Crooks and Gaul, 2014). Almost all polygamous marriages are polygynous in fact. You cannot find any evidence that points to polyamorous relationships being likely to result in polygyny. As such, polyamory continues to be problematic intended for much the same causes that the current practice of polygamy (Gallichan, 2012). As a result of these landscapes, polyamory is usually not a plainly preferable replacement for polygamy.

Practice of polygamyIn his conventional paper, polygamy and non-heterosexual marriages, David Compartments emphasizes that in the country’s history, the most widespread and significant practice of polygamy by far taken place among the Mormons during the middle of nineteenth century. To all of them, Mormons thought that polygamous marriages were biblical and approved by The almighty. Polygamy is definitely neither exclusively western nor non-western. Over the ages, Muslims, Hindus and other religious groupings have used it. Nevertheless , the number of polygamous marriages is actually miniature despite cross- ethnic presence of polygamy. (Beaman and Calder, 2013). The standard issue over the permissibility of polygamy has been characteristically pitiable. Proponents argue that in part, married men form human relationships with mistresses.

These assemblage involve psychological commitments which are not easily ended unlike polygamy. In essence, a married person and his mistress are involved in a polygamous romantic relationship. Funny enough, this does not appear to generate much hostility by critics. The modern Testament inside the Bible hardly ever deemed this immoral or inferior to become in a monogamous union. Shockingly, more People in the usa are rehearsing polygamy than one may possibly think. Even more horrendous is the fact that more than half of the non- industrialized communities still permit it (Bennion, 2012). It truly is regarded as deeply sinful to engage in intimate relationships beyond the institution of marriage. In Christianity, it really is believed a guy should not convey more than one particular registered wife with the condition. Such an action would violate tax codes and many other legal umbrellas (Ward, 2010).

The legal laws in the United States file registered plural marriages and polygamy while illegal and thus not always be practiced (McMahon, 2010). For me, polygamy is definitely disgusting and should not end up being practiced nor in countries nor in cultures alike. One could very easily argue just what does polygamy try to prove. That a guy can have multiple girlfriends or wives, become unfaithful and get away with it? Imagine the silent anguish that a young naïve girl of twelve years endures the moment coerced into marrying a feebly, shaky looking old guy whom she has never noticed before. Think about the grotesque pictures that come in to mind when this girl is forced to bear children until her body turn into sore due to excruciating labour pains. Think about the girl getting brainwashed and battered to get contradicting beliefs held simply by another gentleman and forced to have with him for her whole lifetime. At this point stop visualizing. This is the intimidating would of polygamy that exists within a form unfamiliar to many. This kind of are the circumstances that always recur in most countries, especially Africa and Asia. Itself, polygamy is recognized as a right into a selected handful of and a bane to majority (McMahon, 2010).

Reasons why polygamy is utilized

Before we look at the negative ramifications of polygamy, it would be vital that you understand why the machine was and is also still applied to date. To numerous, this custom made serves as a dynamic rule of friends and family survival, progress, security, prestige and continuity (Jacobson and Burton, 2011). One of the main reasons polygamy was practiced is that a lot of wives were seen as a sign of wealth, power and influence in traditional African societies for a lot of centuries. Second, it was essential for a man in traditional society to continue his family brand into upcoming lineages (McMahon, 2010). Marrying many girlfriends or wives ensured the husband could have many guy children to carry on his name. Additionally, it meant that you are likely to be appreciated and privileged long after their particular death through his children and grandchildren (Jacobson and Burton, 2011).

In the agricultural perspective, various wives resulted in one would include necessary laborers for farming, taking care of animals and carrying out all household chores. It was coupled with supply of help the moment necessity came about. A larger friends and family was emblematic of durability and oneness. It was likewise seen as a method to maintain happiness and add that means to life. Having many girlfriends or wives was the route to help keep the man by being passionate. The reason is that most spouses denied their very own husbands domestique rights after childbirth for up to two years. Hence, having yet another wife supposed the husband will not be unfaithful (Jencks and Milton, 2010). For the husband, having a large number of wives meant he would acquire many children from them. This contributed to a tremendous increase of his prosperity through star of the wedding price during his daughters’ marriage. In many traditional African societies, it absolutely was considered a vice for any woman to lack children especially in marital life (Jencks and Milton, 2010).

It was because of this that most Photography equipment women favored to have a co-wife than continue to be single in ridicule. As such, polygamy solved the problem of single motherhood. It also presented women the safety and pride required for self-realization. Finally however importantly, polygamy resulted throughout the ancient custom of wife inheritance. The death of your husband whose wife had not passed childbearing age certified for wife inheritance. The brother of the deceased was obliged to marry his brother’s widow (Beaman and Calder, 2013). All the above causes applied in traditional African societies. Nevertheless , in the modern day world today, most of these practices have been overtaken by some can no longer end up being practicable.

Negative implications of polygamy

Effects on girls in polygamous marriages. Inside my view, polygamy is a way of life that should certainly not be allowed in world due to its adverse implications. Mostly, it creates guy dominated marriages where the girl is still left voiceless in the whole setup. Second, it forces women in subordinate functions and leads to unworkable family members full of conflict, disturbance, fighting, turmoil, abuse and incest (Ward, 2010). Polygamous families usually live in remote communities which have been totally not affected by the exterior world. The seclusion of such towns elevates eyebrows concerning security, safety and overall health of the town dwellers, express law enforcers, federal regulations and the nation at large (Beaman and Calder, 2013). It can therefore be contended women face greater hazards in polygamous marriages. The typical argument remains to be that polygamy subordinates women and fails to handle the latter as equals with men. Some scholars believe the state should not take interest in voluntary family arrangements (McMahon, 2010).

The reason behind it being that it would illegitimately endorse 1 comprehensive doctrine over other folks. To them, an unjust family agreement is one which undermines the equality of ladies and does not recognize that girlfriends or wives are equivalent citizens with their husbands. As a result, polygamy is actually a structural inegalitarian practice that subjects girls to higher risks of damaging effects in comparison to men (McMahon, 2010). It truly is for this reason that polygamy should be forbidden mainly because it denies ladies the liberty, privileges and possibilities available to males. In essence, polygamy represents a great unjustified asymmetry of power between people and in my estimation should for that reason be restricted.

Overpopulation in affected countriesIn sub-Saharan Africa, the culture of polygamy has contributed to explosive human population growth considering that the early 1950’s (McMahon, 2010). By subjecting almost all females to early on and continuous dangers of pregnant state, polygamy leads to high male fertility rates of between eight and 9 children in these countries. The introduction of low-priced and effective health-related and hygienic technology from developed countries is also an adding factor (McMahon, 2010).

The control of sexually transmitted infections becomes excessively difficult inside the practice of polygamy (Beaman and Calder, 2013). Take for instance a guy who has five wives beneath his wing. He will participate in sexual contact with all of all of them and since he can married to all or any, using safety becomes insignificant. If either the man or one of the spouses is struggling with a sexually transmitted disease, every other individual in the collapse is at risk of contracting it. In a research conducted in Nigeria, West Africa, it was found those men inside the survey got more than 3 or more wives or girlfriends (Beaman and Calder, 2013). This meant that they were more very likely to engage in extra-marital sex and were for higher risk of contacting sexually transmitted disorders and infecting their spouses. This demonstrates women had been at greater risk from males with 3 or more wives or girlfriends both because their wives and as extramarital love-making partners.

Being a form of patterns, Christian missionaries and Eurasian societies consider polygamy morally wrong. Well-read Christian-African elites in subwoofer Saharan Africa believe polygamy is backward, bush and barbaric behavior (Jencks and Milton, 2010). To outsiders, polygamy is a extremely undetestable cultural system in whose origin can be traced to pre-colonial occasions. In addition , polygamy often coincides with offences that target women and children such as incest, sexual assault, lawful rape and failure to pay child support (Jencks and Milton, 2010).

Marital dissatisfaction

Another argument against polygamy is the fact more often than not, it is likely to present damaging effects specifically towards the women and children. Ladies in polygamous marriages are at higher risk of having low respect issues, depressive disorder and continuous worry when compared to women in monogamous relationships. Studies have revealed these kinds of women delight in less marriage satisfaction plus more problematic mother-child relationships (Bennion, 2012). Additionally , women in polygamous marriages are prone to depression when they get pregnant since their husbands move their lovemaking attention to the other spouses. These females are typically subservient to their husbands who just value all of them for the childbearing part. Consequently, polygamous women will be left lacking any powers to work out any control of the marriage. This buds in to feelings of powerlessness and emotional turmoil (Bennion, 2012).

Several research also show that only a small fraction of women in polygamous partnerships work outside the home (Ward, 2010). Most of them shortage the require or capacity to seek career. Research about polygamy amongst the Arabs revealed that first wives or girlfriends are substandard to junior and following wives. That they experienced more economic hardships and fewer satisfactory interactions with their husbands. Some scholars also known that polygamous marriages induced harmful emotional effects on the number of initially wives (Ward, 2010). This caused a lot of them to seek mental health treatment and psychiatric outpatient companies. Several of these emotional disorders found widely among first girlfriends or wives included anxiousness, depression and somaticized symptoms (Ward, 2010). It has recently been shown that first wives or girlfriends and educators described relationships with husbands and dads as neglectful. This showed a lack of curiosity and minimal interaction with them and their children. This caused these to suffer negative effects from the polygamous union. To the contrary, junior girlfriends or wives were very favored by their particular husbands. These were allowed to get more financial resources and support.

Effects on kids from polygamous familiesResearch implies that kids from polygamous families are at heightened hazards of developing harmful effects. There is significant evidence that points to these children going through higher chance of relationship conflicts, friends and family violence and disruptions than do kids of monogamous families (Jacobson and Burton, 2011). Moreover, children via polygamous experience are more likely to develop behavioral and socializing concerns. The same trouble is also shown in their performance in school. The majority of teachers unanimously agreed that problems confronted by polygamous children are to some degree similar (Jacobson and Burton, 2011). Such as disobedience, hyperactivity, repeated laying to a tutor or person in expert, sibling fights, enuresis and stuttering. Their levels of educational achievement were below average.

Polygamous children shown inability to concentrate in the lecture, had low attendance, incompletion of home work, maladjustment to classroom procedures, peer and teacher relational problems (Jacobson and Burton, 2011). On the other hand, situational trouble is likely to arise such as bigger number of brothers and sisters, higher number of parental statistics, absence of the daddy figure, competition and jealousy of family over assets and psychological relationships with the father (Bennion, 2012). In addition , living areas were frequently crowded and economic solutions taxed towards the limit as a result of high number of dependants. These children usually do not grow about experience the parental love that is overflowing in monogamous devices (Bennion, 2012). Such kids will be convinced to use other paths to compensate the missing appreciate. It is in that case that they find themselves trapped in the world of crime, adultery and other interpersonal vices. Kids from polygamous marriages will be more susceptible to substance abuse (Bennion, 2012).

Adolescent men in these assemblage were identified to fair much more serious than those via monogamous partnerships. This was caused by exposure to a chaotic life where the kid is responsible for guarding his mom and siblings from dysfunctional stressors of living in a polygamous household (Ward, 2010). Children frequently become protective of their own households and screen resentment and anger towards other sub-family. In times of discord, most of the senor wife’s children side with their particular mother above the biological dad. The reason for this is certainly obvious; devotion to their moms, half-sibling competition and jealousy in similar measure. Yet , the father great tribe include expectations that they would side with. This has brought on man with the children significant confusions using their boundaries and loyalties alike (Ward, 2010).

Results on polygamous men

Men in polygamous relationships have been associated with several unwanted side effects. To start with, males are more likely to endure alcoholism, which can arise due to psychological challenges (Jencks and Milton, 2010). Second, men in polygamous partnerships in most instances fall short regarding education accomplishments compared to their very own monogamous alternatives. This travel suitcase of facts is substantive enough to trust there is a knorke facie circumstance of polygamy being associated with adverse effects. Although this effects impact upon all users of a polygamous family, females are at the upper chances (Jencks and Milton, 2010).

One suggested argument defines polygamy as being a structurally unequal practice. This kind of inequality is based on the fact that polygamy because practiced today normally allows men to marry a large number of wives as the vice versa is highly critiqued. One of the most convincing argument against polygamy is that guys are permitted plural partnerships while ladies are not (Jencks and Milton, 2010). This asymmetry of electric power is coldly unacceptable. Structural inequality raises concerns to issues that have an effect on women. The argument continues to state that asymmetry of electricity plays an essential role inside the theme of lovemaking harassment. Polygamy represents asymmetry of electrical power between man and women, which is simultaneously connected, to male domination of women (Jencks and Milton, 2010).

These bookings against polygamy are conditional upon the justification of unequal status of women. In the event women shared equal opportunities to marry multiple husband, then your asymmetry of power might be broken. Essentially, if there was a sex-equal polygamy that respected the consent of men and women similarly, such polygamy would be validated (Beaman and Calder, 2013). While there can be structural asymmetries in the approach to polygamy, the unequal position of women will be in existence as well as other contributory facts. Polygamous marriages need not entail bumpy status quo for ladies. It continues to be objectionable therefore for polygamy to be reserved only for males, consent notwithstanding (Beaman and Calder, 2013). In the modern day liberal world, civil partnerships that are not able to assign equal importance to consent of spouses are not tolerated. Fortunately they are rejected in the event that they do not provide the exit accessibility to divorce to either loved one (Beaman and Calder, 2013). Polygamy is definitely thus unjustified because husband and wife lack equal options to divorce. In critical look at of all these types of parameters, polygamy is not justified irrespective of whatever ground. This asymmetry of electricity exists if the polygamous marital life is polygynous or polyandrous (Beaman and Calder, 2013).

Polygamy likewise discriminates against non-heterosexuals. Almost all forms of this presuppose that polygamous relationships are heterosexual marriages. If we were to guard polygamy, then we would have to make available opportunities that would include heterosexuals and exclude non-heterosexuals. Human beings must be able to exercise several functions including the capability of affiliation (Jencks and Milton, 2010). Nevertheless , this ability forbids splendour on foundation sexual positioning. Hence, polygamy violates the capability of holding as it discriminates based on sexual orientation in excluding non-heterosexuals.

This daily news has outlined many issues about polygamy, its beginning, pros, and cons. The main purpose of the essay was to examine the negative effects of polygamous relationships in world. Limited defences of polygamy have been highlighted throughout this kind of report. A lot of the defences do not hold drinking water in the current time period. In the first place, polygamy is a structurally inegalitarian practice in fact. This article has supplied prima facie evidence those polygamous relationships subject ladies to a higher risk of damaging effects. Furthermore, I have argued that polygamous marriages are generally polygynous marriages. Therefore , girls lack the equal chance of men to form polygamous marriages with multiple lovers of the opposing sex in practice. The second surface is that polygamy is a conceptually inegalitarian practice in theory.

I’ve argued that polygamy not only threatens the equality of men and women actually but as well the equal rights of polygamous marriage lovers as thelatter have asymmetrical opportunities to divorce. Additionally , the findings however associate polygamous family constructions with somatic complaints among senior wives, family malfunction between the sub-families and inside the senior better half headed sub-family. Economic deprival within the mature wife headed sub-family is likewise rife in conjunction with behavioral and scholastic concerns among elderly wives’ children. Moreover, the children’s behavioral problems are mentioned and associate polygamy with behavioral concerns, sibling rivalries and substance abuse.

However , every single right should be guaranteed by law. It is therefore important that the right to polygamy become reviewed and revised consequently. Harsh and more stringent laws should be forced on all those found rehearsing polygamy because it is considered against the law in most states. Justice is merely possible when people have access to the judicial program, thus it is very important that relatives courts end up being established in the provincial and district level to address issues such as polygamy. Religious college students and clerics, consider the large responsibility that they have towards raising the Islamic knowledge of community and telling them issues Islamic requirements. They should consider it their work to explain the philosophy and rational of polygamy to the community and really should prevent guys from polygamy. Women will be the principle victims of polygamy.

They must find out more on their spiritual and human being rights mainly when it comes to friends and family rights and issues associated with polygamy. It is just at this kind of a time that knowledge and awareness and practicing their rights can close just how for unjustifiable marriages of their husbands. Building the sizes and economical empowering of women is considered the primary method of fighting this vice. Economical empowerment will help women to withstand against the new marriages with their husbands. As a result, it is necessary to search areas for potential building and economical empowerment of women through their own attempts and with the cooperation of government and other responsible bodily organs and to put into action specific applications in this regard. Children are amongst the many vulnerable in polygamous devices.

The psychological effects of splendour and injustice between kids of girlfriends or wives cause problems at the same time of their typical growth. Particular research has been done within the psychological effects of polygamy upon children and illustrated the dimensions with the forthcoming effects. Awareness may be raised via the local media, religious market leaders, and the formal and informal education systems. Such understanding may lead to general public discussions regarding the benefits as well as the economic and psychological burdens of polygamy. Thereby, this will enhance the capability and the freedom of individuals in the community to choose their particular ways of relatives life. Courses should be produced to assist women and children in polygamous family members to cope with the difficulties in their lives. For those already in polygamous marriages, a support group for wives could be offered in the community. In these kinds of groups, girls can discuss their feelings and find ways to overcome discomfort and issues.

Children in polygamous family members can be reinforced through the institution system and via after-school programs. Additionally , social experts and family therapists should develop techniques of intervention with polygamous people, possibly adapting concepts and techniques taken from both family members therapy and group job. All associates in the friends and family could figure out how to negotiate pertaining to attention and resources, how to compromise, and the way to build a successful small. Over and above counseling, intended for the wellbeing of the family members as a whole, it is very important that concrete floor assistance become provided wherever it is needed in the form of economic benefits, school materials intended for the children, meals aid, and health care. Both men and women in polygamous families should be helped to acquire marketable skills and to enter the job market, which usually would give them both a right amount of financial independence and some perception of personal strength.


In conclusion, the effects of polygamy in family, world to the nation have been proved to be diverse. It is clear for several particularly men that there are gains of leading a polygamous life. For the remaining a large number of, polygamy continues to be a persistent lesion that results in unhappiness, depression, distress, resentment, loss in identity and love. It is therefore not surprising to appreciate that women and children go against sb/sth ? disobey this type of relatives life and also form monogamous families down the road. Moreover, close relatives do not flourish in overcoming all their anger, envy, and antipathy. It has also been highlighted just how intergenerational battling in the form of disengagement, fighting, emotional turmoil, and interrelational disputes are prevalent. It is important that community awareness of these potential unwanted effects of polygamy be raised and dealt with urgently.


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