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” (Hamilton, 2003) the work entitled: “The Dynamic Culture of the Midsection Ages” declares that there have been differences in viewpoints among religious groups at this time. The Cathars or Albigensians, and the Waldensians and the Spiritual Franciscans positioned an emphasis on spiritual lifestyle while at the same time giving criticism to the church pertaining to its’ materialism and as well challenged the power of the chapel. The Roman Catholic house of worship in turn commissioned inquisitors pertaining to detection of heretics and rendering punishments for heresy.


The rulers throughout the Medieval period would not hold a complete power nevertheless had to illustrate their skills in the development of strategic human relationships “with the aristocracy, the towns, as well as the churches. inch (the Energetic Culture from the Middle Ages, nd) the nobleman in Europe had typically appointed their particular archbishops and bishops to serve as regal administrators nevertheless under Gregory VII’s terms as père from 1073 to 1085 the session of a Bishop of challenged sparking a continuous controversy relative to the relationship of church and state.


The depth of research with this work is restricted due to the some the limited length of the research report however , research uncovers that the Roman Catholic Church actively sought to bind the person’s loyalty for the church as opposed to the king, and also the state. Furthermore, the Roman Catholic Church sought to support the possession from the lands from the people that was accomplished very easily in the case of people who came to the church while nuns or perhaps monks therefore relinquishing all their right to title of land for the duration of all their life. This era of time was characterized by a solid hold of the church after the minds and possession of the people and by a church that was at a struggle while using political and ruling classes in american Europe intended for ownership and control of the possessions, lands, and loyalties of the persons in American Europe during this time period.


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