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Ayers Circumstance

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I do believe that the police performed have probable cause to arrest Ayers, since he was picked coming from a photo series. Generally, eye-witness information that picks a person coming from a series is considered likely cause; that were there no cause to believe which the witness could be wrong. Alternatively, I do not believe that that they went about the right way to conduct the police arrest. There has been very much evidence to suggest that vision witness accounts are notoriously inaccurate. In spite of having possible cause, My spouse and i therefore believe they should have waited together with the arrest and conducted further more investigations initial. They would have conducted security of Ayers’ movements to determine if having been involved in various other criminal activity. While doing this, I would also have ensured that minimal harm come to innocent bystanders, in this case his fiancee and children. After conducting cctv surveillance for several days, I would have gone to the house and conducted an interview with him great fiancee.

Throughout the interview, I would personally minimize risk to myself by asking a partner to accompany me personally. I would have done this really discreet approach, and in no way at 4am in the morning. Having found not any other shady activity as a result of the surveillance, I would provide Ayers the advantage of the uncertainty during the interview, explain the situation, and ask him for a great alibi. In the event his answers were not completely satisfactory, We would have taken him to the law enforcement officials station, but not in such a way concerning traumatize his family. If several of my own partners include conducted selection interviews and found absolutely nothing suspicious, we would investigate any kind of alibis Ayers presented. In this manner, a full investigation would have recently been conducted without the traumatic effects listed in this article.

This is what I might have done before arresting him.

Hence, in spite of having probable cause, I really believe that the authorities should have done a far more prudent investigation just before arresting him. The devastation in his residence is significantly worse than any potential danger this individual presented for the public.

With regards to such risk, if the law enforcement were to conduct surveillance actions, they would have been completely on the premises if Ayers had performed anything illegitimate or dangerous. They may then have got arrested him on site without traumatizing any of his family. Hence, even without instant arrest, the risk could have been reduced in a far less traumatizing way. As

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