Wind Energy

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This conventional paper deals the concepts of harnessing electric power from wind energy with piezoelectric deposits. In recent years, technology and advancement power electronic devices devices had been increasing speedily at a continuing rate and these devices have been completely used in daily lives of men and women to ease their particular work and to make them secure. The feasibility of piezoelectric power generation system pertaining to the electrical power system, with the conventional windmill, is discussed in this paper.

Design and implementation of the piezoelectric wind mill which consists of the conventional windmill, piezoelectric banner, step up conversion programs and filtration system circuits. The windmill of your design consists of two key components:

1 . The rotor blades connected to the axis of the tower by which normal operation of the windmill could be achieved and

2 . The piezoelectric (flag or sheet) component attached with the top in the tower that the additional energy can be accomplished. As the wind blows the pressure with the wind really helps to produce the electric energy which is, by the way, the principle of piezoelectric element. As the outcome given out from here is of varying frequency type and of low voltage, we require a constant frequency and high voltage output to control the load. For that reason a suitable convsersion app is used to own constant regularity AC result which is then given to an appropriate load to get a test operate.

In today’s world energy is the most important specifically electricity is important. Renewable energy sources are expected to be the apt solution to resolve the energy turmoil problem. Because natural methods and fossils fuels take its edge of annihilation, the experts are trying hard to find an alternative energy source by nature. As a result of depletion of fossil fuels and drastic within climatic conditions, the application of natural alternative energy for development of electric power has become vital. Fossils fuels are depleted for era of electric electric power and scientist predicts that fossils powers will be fatigued in near future. The alternatives should not be damaging to the environment. People on this

Globe has started to work with energy enjoying technology in the form of windmill, geothermal and solar powered energy. Now renewable energy resources happen to be focused more and researchers are involved in the make use of piezoelectric uric acid. After solar energy wind strength is the most powerful power as Wind is actually a clean and power source which has been used to create electrical power and moreover to it piezoelectric transducers are used which will converts vibrational energy to electrical energy. Piezoelectric crystals are generally low cost and easy to maintain and are available in large quantity. Piezoelectric crystals used happen to be ceramic quartz crystals and are one of the small-scale energy sources. When piezoelectric crystals are afflicted by mechanical stoß, they make a small ac electricity. The windmills could also be found in shadowy surroundings. The recommended system includes a conventional wind mill with piezoelectric component increase circuits and filter circuits.

The piezoelectric windmill topology employs two systems for power era so the pair principles are employed. The first one is windmill which will operates on a simple rule that turns the kinetic energy of air in mechanical energy and which in turn is changed into electricity. The 2nd processor latter is referred to as i. e. the piezoelectric crystal turns the mechanised energy or vibrational strength of air into electrical energy. The piezoelectric effect converts mechanical stress into electric energy or volts. It is based upon the fundamental framework of a amazingly lattice. Specific crystalline structures have a charge stability with adverse and positive polarization, which usually neutralize over the imaginary polar axis. When ever this demand balance is definitely perturbed with external anxiety onto the crystal nylon uppers, the energy is transferred by electric fee carriers setting up a current inside the crystal. On the other hand, with the piezoelectric effect, another charge input will create an unbalance inside the neutral impose state leading to mechanical stress.

The main aim of the system is usually to generate continuous electrical power of considerable amount by wind strength with piezoelectric crystals. The device consists execute the operation of a windmill which wires wind energy with minimum pickup speed to produce electricity in addition to the electrical energy is received by using piezoelectric transducers which will converts the vibrational strength or pressure of atmosphere to electric power which is used to operate the suitable mild load.


The next Apparatus needed to design the piezoelectric wind mill

? Windmill modele

? Piezoelectric crystals

? Inverters

? Rectifiers

? Step up transformer remanufacture

? Load (e. g. Bulb, fan etc . )


The piezoelectric material described above in the block diagram is usually mechanical energy or vibrational energy of air in to electrical energy because the name indicates piezoelectric means electrical energy caused by pressure.

Today most commonly used piezoelectric transducers are business lead zirconate titanate compositions and also piezo-polymers in addition has gained importance as well as acknowledgement in today’s market. The main advantage of piezoelectric transducers is that it is available in low cost and is versatile as well as it could be obtained in just about any desired shape


A boost ripping tools (step-up converter) is a DC-DC power converter that steps up the volts from its insight supply to its end result (load). The main advantage of this improve converter is that it is able to improve the volt quality at its lowest as possible plus the input is usually continuous and desirable. Improve converters or regulators are being used in many instances via providing little supplies where higher concentration may be needed too much bigger power requirements.


A voltage regulator is designed to instantly maintain a constant voltage level. The automatic voltage limiter is used to manage the volt quality. It takes the fluctuating ac electricity and adjustments them right into a constant ac electricity. The changing in the voltage mainly occurs due to the variation in fill on the supply system and automatic voltage regulators are generally used


The step-up transformer is used inside the above routine to improve the 12-volt or 12-volt ac output of the inverter to 230v or needed level to be able to run the suitable load.

As the term indicates STEP-UP means RAISING the volts level. The step-up transformers are normally utilized in power devices so as to minimize the power losses as electrical power is normally transmitted at high voltages.


The method presented here is the electrical power harvesting using piezoelectric effect in addition to the change of blowing wind power to the electrical power applying conventional wind mill with a slight modification in its characteristics design. The power from windmill in addition to the power of piezoelectric crystal to use load or perhaps stored in a battery for later use with an inverter. The strength obtained from the windmill is stepped up with a step up transformer into a required level in order to run the load. The intermediate process also involves the automatic voltage regulator and filtration system circuits to filter the harmonics, stray inductance and also to obtain the smooth fundamental end result. The electricity obtained from the piezoelectric very is then moved to 230v to operate the light load.


1 ) Eco-friendly electrical power generation.

2 . Wind flow is cost-free renewable energy solutions.

three or more. The remote control areas that are not connected to the electrical grid can produce their own power supply.

some. It minimizes the country reliance on international imports of fossil fuels etc .

a few. It is self -generating and it does not need any exterior additional resource for its operation

6. Piezoelectric deposits are affordable and easy to keep.

7. Piezoelectric uric acid are versatile and compact.

8. The piezoelectric transducer is available in the specified shape


1 . Some piezoelectric transducers will be water soluble and acquire dissolved in high humid environment

2 . Its output may vary depending on the temperature conditions

3. It includes high temperature sensitivity

some. The strength of wind is not constant and it differs from zero to storm push. This means that wind turbines do not generate the same amount of electricity constantly. There will be instances when they create no electric power at all.

5. A large number of people think that the country should be left untouched, those large structures being constructed. The landscape should remaining in its all-natural form for all to enjoy.

6. Wind turbines operations will be noisy. Every single one can generate the same degree of noise being a family car travelling for 60-70 advise.

six. Many people see large wind turbines while unsightly constructions and not enjoyable or interesting to look at. They will disfigure the countryside and are generally ugly.

This project can be developed which could be cost effective and an inexpensive solution to the folks. It can be used in remote places where more power is required and there is zero other choice of electric power available to them. Effective blowing wind energy cropping is understood and acquired by this approach. The piezoelectric transducers are used since it features low cost and simple to maintain and today circumstance it has collected a huge response among the science tecnistions for its innovations in near future. As a whole piezoelectric windmill, an emerging substitute for renewable power production which will does not injury the environment along with additional electric power can be produced when will not depend on temperature

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