In recent years there has been plenty of media interest surrounding the movement with the youth traditions. The topic of teens growing up in a violent and consumerist culture is a huge hot subject as there is growing matter over the mature issues that teens are forced to cope with in today s society. Generation after generation there have been a department between the rebellious nature of the youth plus the adult community.

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The Heurter in the Rye and The Journeys of Huckleberrry Finn though written in two diverse eras make an effort to capture the essence of youth and explores the central theme of the journey of the teenage into adult life. The two central figures with the novels Holden Caulfeld and Huck Finn reflect this kind of central idea through the facts of the different world s they have developed and the experience they face. The two works of fiction take place in distinct eras, Heurter in the Rye tells the story of Holden exploring the modern New York culture made up of distinct social classes and people coming from every area of life.

Huck Finn explores the world of the Mississippi river inside the 1800 h during a moments of slavery and in addition in the midst of the commercial revolution. The two characters deal with two contrasting worlds similarly a world filled up with materialism, phoniness and estate and on the other hand a rural world that is not however urbanized however has the portions of corruption which might be taking type in the midst of modernization. Holden confronts characters which might be a product of a modern town such as pimps, hookers, celebrities and overall a collection of fake people who thrive on life possessions and materialism.

Huck Finn on the other hand deals with different characters who do not talk about qualities of urban cleverness but present a more normal form of man evil which is not influenced by wickedness with the city. These kinds of characters can be a representation with the kinds of people that were the fact of the Mississippi in all those times. Holden and Huck deal with mature worlds by different moments and different communities and therefor the view every character features towards lifestyle differ. However with the different social realities of the two characters they still struggle to be familiar with adult realms they observe.

Both character types in the midst of a contemporary and a rural world still come across corruption, hypocrisy and a new that generally still has errors and evils lurking under the people who encircle them. Holden is always one of the contemporary American rejeton of Huck Finn, as once explained by a essenti. Both characters depict the adolescent children for their years and eras however the two characters are different in their perceptions towards life and the community. Holden can be described as 16 yr old boy that includes a contempt to get the phony world that encompasses him.

His disregard is a result of his cynical view towards everyone and almost everything he observes and encounters in his encounters. Huck however is more innocent and childlike as he can be warm hearted and in search of adventure. Holden holds the lovely view that everyone in world is fake and protests anything related to phoniness. He hates tv, movies, stars and Showmanship as they all represent a phony culture. He procedes comment on Hamlet as a, miserable, screwed up dude who ought to be portrayed doing this and not being a goddamn general. This indicates Holden s cynicism and his contempt for phoniness.

Huck does not make observations or any criticisms on the data corruption of the culture around him other than the simple fact that he says he can not really understand much of the ill treatment and conduct of many individuals. Instead of criticizing or judging the people around him he seeks to produce justice in a world of injustice. He begins to do this simply by helping his pal Sean a black runaway slave reach his destination of freedom. Huck is too fresh to understand because the world as Holden truly does and does not have any cement opinions around the reality that surrounds him.

This is the reason pertaining to his purity and naivete. Holden and Huck equally resist being affected and influenced by adult community s around them. Holden along with his negative frame of mind and anti-social behaviour will not conform with the rest of contemporary society. He sets himself apart from the mass from the population criticizng the world for all their faults. He could be at the age where he need to mature and make the move into adult life however this individual struggles together with the hopelessness with the hypocritical world and are not able to bring himself to materialize into a person.

Huck can be described as few years youthful than Holden and is not as yet at the stage where he need to make the change into adulthood however it is first time being exposed to a world over and above his actuality and recognizes the adult world initially. He stays youthful using a sense of charm and adventure and combats the adult thieves and hoodlums of the world inside the 1800 s i9000. Holden and Huck are symbols from the all American youth. They are rebellious as they will not tune in to any authority figures just like parents, educators and the social norms which have been presented after them.

Holden is kicked out of school and Huck is happy to help a black servant in times of wonderful racial limitations. Holden and Huck signify youth and seek to be the saviours of junior. Holden with his wish to be the Catcher in the Rye presents his would like to save or catch children before earning the jump into adult life. And Huck preserves the greatness of youth coming from his tries to be go against the mature world that would condemn intended for befriending a black servant. This shows the chasteness and achievement of youngsters culture who have speaks away against the national politics and injustice of the adult world.

Huck Finn and Catcher inside the Rye are novels which were voices for generations speaking out resistant to the adult worlds of their occasions. These ebooks also reveal the world through which we are in today the place that the increasing stresses of the world decide to make it difficult for young people to realise the greatness of children. Holden Caulfeld and Huck Finn will be truly cases of the American youth misunderstood by American society and act as cases to teenagers whom they might be able to understand.

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