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Nevertheless, a great unscheduled REHABILITATION test performed in the SER during her second go to provided markedly different effects indicating a prolonged coagulation time despite simply no known changes to the patient’s medication program or diet.

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As a result of the results of the PT test out performed in the ER, her physician decreased her daily dosage of Coumadin to 2 milligrams per day, with instructions to repeat REHABILITATION testing each week for the time being. 4 days later, the patient came back to the ER complaining of excessive bleeding from the nose and gumline (on flossing) again, inspite of following her physician’s recommendations to decrease her Coumadin dose.

Administration of intravenous saline and elevation of the damaged extremities once again resolved her symptoms, but this time, she was admitted towards the hospital pertaining to observation plus more extensive tests scheduled by simply her cardiologist for the nest working day.


When interviewing the sufferer and her family in great detail the next day, her physician asked again in to every otc (OTC) medicine taken seeing that her returning from Europe and once again reviewed nutritional guidelines designed to avoid unintentional interference together with the desired results her Coumadin regimen. The interview failed to disclose virtually any medication interactions or dietary issues. Simply after the interview concluded, performed the patient ask “Doctor, will it matter what kind of tea I drink? inch On the physician’s subsequent inquiry, the patient unveiled that the lady had begun drinking Ginseng tea a friend in Europe had suggested for “extra energy” and that the girl had attempted the new tea two times: for the night before her first repeat of DVT symptoms, in addition , on the morning in the flight home. The physician advised that Ginseng has been demonstrated, in for least one study, to decrease the potency of Coumadin’s anticoagulant effects.

The physician in that case inquired even more particularly in to whether the sufferer had considered any other normal remedies” and stressed the importance of considering any and all types of nutritional changes, which includes any so-called “naturopathic” items. The patient then simply related which the same one who had provided the Ginseng tea acquired also recommended

Ginkgo Biloba and St . John’s Genital wart for “mood elevation. inches According to the patient, she 1st began choosing those two herbal brokers shortly after her first visit to the SER, specifically mainly because she was depressed in the recurrence of her DVT symptoms.

After reiterating his instructions regarding avoiding “any and all” dietary improvements without first consulting him, he advised the patient to discontinue the Ginseng tea, St .

John’s Wart, and the Ginkgo Biloba, the last that, in particular, offers specifically been linked to raising the effect of blood loss medications like Coumadin, resulting in excessive bleeding. Following her discharge the next day, the patient was returned with her previous installment payments on your 5mg/day serving of Coumadin without succeeding medical occurrence. She is at present looking forward to her next Western trip

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