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technology performs a very important position in the learning process of students with ADD (Attention Debt Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The prior problems came across by lecturers and ADD/ADHD learners, just like learning adversities caused by difficulties in the behavior, were decreased when technology started to may play a role in the educational environment of ADD/ADHD learners. Problems possibly in straightforward learning involvement are now hardly ever experienced simply by both the academics and ADD/ADHD learners ever since technology became part of the educational curriculum pertaining to special students.

There are different varieties of technologies which have been applied today to help the learning technique of ADD/ADHD students. This includes multimedia system computers and televisions amongst many other learning devices which were developed. Their very own use in exceptional classroom environments presents benefits and drawbacks, as that they also do to normal scholars who have simply no disabilities. Nevertheless , in an counsel to maximize the usability of technology in assisting ADD/ADHD scholars to properly deal in their learning process, lecturers as well as doctors have worked together to find strategies and techniques that can provide effective learning experience to special scholars.

There are many researches and research that concentrate on the use of technology in classroom environments particularly for ADD/ADHD students. The benefits of related studies for the topic, if technology works well or inadequate shall be mentioned in the next sections. Moreover, a discussion in the different kinds of technology as well as the promising strategies that could be applied in ADD/ADHD’s classes shall be discussed.

Applied Technology in ADD/ADHD Learning Method

Diverse sorts of technology had been suggested by many lecturers and clinicians to get applied in the learning procedure for ADD/ADHD scholars. It was revealed that technology assists with reducing the attention disorder difficulty of ADD/ADHD learners. As a result of interesting characteristic of many systems, when placed on the therapy/development process, ADD/ADHD learners may gain a chance to focus.

1 technology in order to ADD/ADHD learners increase their ability to focus is actually a video game. Listen up, a video video game. In contrast to how a video game is usually prevented coming from students as it can destroy their focus on their studies, a video video game is suggested as a therapy to ADD/ADHD scholars to increase their very own focus abilities. According to Domenic Greco, a psychologist at Philadelphia, there are much more than 50 treatment centers that use online video brain-games to aid ADD/ADHD people (Sanders, 2005).

Another technology, and perhaps the most frequent one in learning environments, in order to ADD/ADHD learners is the computer. Similar to a video game, computers present an interesting characteristic that can aid the attention shortage problem of ADD/ADHD students. Computer-based educational software that has appealing visual and oral factors can challenge and stimulate the mind, even those of an ADD/ADHD’s, thus aiding the students to gain the cabability to focus.

Computerized motor activities such as a machine for physical activity/exercise is yet another type of a great assistive-technology that aids in the interest disorder of ADD/ADHD learners. Watching videos/movies also grabs the attention of ADD/ADHD students.

Conditions The place that the Technologies Could be Effective

Technology can be effective in the treatment of focus disorder of ADD/ADHD students especially during cases when the learner encounters an increased lack of interest and volatile behavior. It is crucial to treat this kind of complexity that the ADD/ADHD specific experiences during his learning process for the reason that level of focus that he can provide is an essential base to make his learning effective.

Mike Sanders (2005) show in his article one scenario where the video gaming technology helped one affected person in increasing attention capability. Sanders implies that

In playing games, Michael needs to calmly concentrate on the task at hand to succeed, his mother says. After practically a year of game-based remedy, he provides learned to transfer the game-playing focus skills to school and even sports, where he is become a legendary scorer, states. (Sanders, 2005)

Technology could also play a great role during conditions when an ADD/ADHD learner manifests unfocused attention and over activity in his class environment. Rizzo and his acquaintances, in their examine of how a virtual class can aid inside the rehabilitation of attention failures, suggest that the application of technology such as a video brain-game can be shown as a basic introduction to a classroom to stimulate and make the learners’ attention. Then simply, during a learner’s use of

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