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I do think that people think what they do does not make a difference. However , if enough people get it done, then it will certainly make a difference, and make people more aware of alternatives at the same time.

Personally i think the current politics policies, in most cases, are vitally flawed and need to be radically reformed. In fact , I think a large number of politicians have their heads in the sand above this issue, and need their attitudes entirely readjusted. I recently read an article online that the Nevada Legislature wants to rescind a regulation giving “green” builders tax breaks, because it can cost the state too much money (Bellisle). This appears extremely short sighted and backward to my opinion. It is a period when we needs to be encouraging the utilization of alternative electric power and building methods, rather than rescinding duty incentives. That is certainly just one purpose I feel the existing political guidelines are fatally flawed and unrealistic. It appears as if the politicians usually do anything before the problem is looking them hard, and by then it will be in its final stages. As the writer notes, “In hindsight, the reasons for leaving the path of conservation seem to be tragically wrongheaded” (Heinberg 80). I think we should make this “cool” once again to conserve and become aware, and begin a strong educational campaign to show children in school and their parents, how important you should conserve strength and change each of our basic energy usage habits.

I am not sure how, right now, a large number of people, which include myself, can radically alter our strength practices. Some people can afford to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles, add alternative electricity sources for their homes, and buy local, natural products to save on presentation and transport costs. I might be ready to do those things, but I actually am students and I cannot afford to do these people. I think there are millions of people together with the same issues and the same limitations. It appears as if energy-efficiency is only open to the wealthy, or at least the moderately well off. I do not feel that is right, yet I think which is way it truly is, and the approach it will stay unless congress and specialists make energy-efficiency more affordable and available to everybody. I think that should be done to fix this turmoil, but I am uncertain I have trust that it will be performed.

I believe that Americans really should wake up to see what is happening ahead of it is past too far. Too many people believe there is not an energy crisis, or that them will not make a difference. If everyone feels that way, nothing will at any time be completed, and nothing will ever change. Clearly, something need to change, or our life style is going to disappear. I agree together with the author that this is a catastrophe that could alter civilization on our planet, and this it will swap it drastically whenever we do not take action right now. I am able to make a difference merely make possibly small within my life-style and prospect, and I will help other people see that they need to make a move too, before it is too late.

I actually do not accept some economists that the “world can get along without all-natural resources” (Heinberg 3). I believe that is a shortsighted and silly line of considering, from an affordable and psychological standpoint. Initially, the world can be far too determined by natural methods to do without them, and second, I would not want to live in a world devoid of all-natural resources, it might be a lifeless and boring world indeed. I think this job was incredibly useful, in that it has exposed my eyes for the real dangers of the energy turmoil, and made myself aware of just how little is really being done to resolve it, which, in my opinion, is known as a heinous criminal offenses against world and the world.


Bellisle, Martha. “Gibbons Threatens to Veto ‘green tax break’ Suspension. inch RenoGazetteJournal. com. 4 May possibly 2007. some May 2007.

Heinberg, Rich. The Party’s Over: Essential oil

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