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Excerpt from Thesis:

Besides direct physical, emotional, lovemaking abuse, or neglect, probably the most serious kinds of elder abuse is the purposeful exploitation of access to confidential and economical information (LeBreton, 2008; SeniorsCanada, 2008). In many cases, these start as crimes of opportunity rather than planned premeditation or planning, simply because those taking care of the elderly have physical usage of their private papers and information (LeBreton, 2008).

Frequently , family members or professional caregivers provide help with ordinary accounting and bill-paying because the aged may reduce their ability to manage their particular personal and financial affairs and need assistance to pay out rent and handle other ordinary paperwork-related functions. In the same way, caregivers often have access to bank details and examine books since they are authorized by elderly to work with their money to ay for their needs such as food and medication.

After some time, those tending to the elderly in these situations can start misusing entry to the market to those funds for their personal gain, in particular when the elderly engaged begin to drop the ability to monitor what is going on in that regard. Inside the most extreme cases, persons caring for seniors have truly stolen their particular identities by utilizing their identifying information to spread out credit accounts or take out a loan using the real estate or the homes of the elderly as security for financial loans and lines of credit (LeBreton, 2008; SeniorsCanada, 2008).

Safeguard of the Elderly and Avoidance of Mistreatment

Both the United states of america and Canada have lately introduced lawbreaker legislation to punish those who abuse older people in any way simply by imposing criminal incarceration to get the criminal offenses, just the same since where physical and lovemaking abuse and financial fermage occur against other types of victims (SeniorsCanada, 2008). Likewise, various jurisdictions possess implemented tight background check requirements for any people applying for certification in connection with eldercare services, such as employment in nursing homes and both state-sponsored and private home healthcare firms (SeniorsCanada, 2008).

However , probably the most important strategies to protect older people from abuse is simply to boost awareness of the issue. That is because abuse (in general) often leaves tell-tale indications on the subjects, whether those signs will be physical (such as bruises and contusions) or behavioral (such because changes in attitude or obvious fear of their very own caretakers). Oftentimes, signs of maltreatment are not reported because they are certainly not noticed or perhaps because they are described away by the victims and their abusers (LeBreton, 2008).


Elder abuse is known as a serious sociable problem that affects a very vulnerable segment of the populace. In many respects, it is shameful not only for those immediately responsible for the abuse; it is additionally shameful on the part of those who may do something to safeguard the subjects but usually do not care enough to make which a priority or to notice the problem. Canadian world is becoming more and more aware of the condition and government legislators have already reacted correctly by enactment criminal penalties for older abuse through implementing backdrop checking requirements to identify high-risk individuals seeking professional access to a susceptible dependent population of potential victims. Ultimately it is a moral duty to protect all of those whom cannot protect themselves from abuse, whether or not they are several years old or ninety-four years old.


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