In the play, Othello, by Shakespeare, villainous persona, Iago, plans to bring Othello s joy to an end. Iago conspires to have Othello turn against his comrade, Cassio, trying to kill him for his misdeeds against Desdamona. Iago arises Othello s emotions and emotions towards Desdamona by feeding on Othello s superb pride in Desdamona s devotion to Othello. Using this method, Othello begins to doubt his point of view in what Desdamona is like of course, if she would really deceive Othello after all they have gone through in achieving popularity in contemporary society as a the wife and hubby.

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I do certainly not think nevertheless Desdamona s honest. (line 255, Action III, field iii) Iago uses the honesty and trust Othello has to him therefore he may change Othello to trust in anything he says regarding the rotten affair. My personal lord, you already know I love you. I think thou dost, and, for I know thou rt full of love and honesty, (line 133-135, Act 3, scene iii) Othello société those around him and because of this, he will fall into Iago s plan of betrayal. Othello would not see the wicked behind Iago s phrases and does not start to see the false claims against his wife.

Othello absorbs the words of Iago entirely and this causes Othello to no longer trust Desdamona. He feels of her as the contrary of who she in fact is. To Othello, Desdamona can be not innocent and not of honorable persona. Since Othello is infuriated by experiencing that Cassio has used Desdamona and stolen her love far from him, Othello seeks to kill Cassio. Iago uses Othello t weaknesses to show Othello against Cassio. Othello s hubris pride and modesty per se allows Iago to hurt Othello. What sense got I of her stol n hours of lust?

I saw big t not, believed it not, it harm deb not myself. I rested the next night time well, given well, was free and merry, I came across not Cassio s smooches on her lips. (line 378-380, Act 3, Scene iii) Iago would like Othello to feel ashamed of Desdamona and that Desdamona has a key affair with one of his officers. Iago exaggerates the scene between Desdamona and Cassio so that Othello is going to hear the most convincing proof. In rest I observed him claim, Sweet Desdamona, let us be skeptical, let us hide our appreciate, and then, friend, would he grip and wring me, cry, Um sweet creature! hen kiss me hard (lines 463-466, Act III, scene iii)

He develops Othello h anger and jealousy through this cynical explanation. Iago is able to get rid of the invisible obstacle before Othello s self-control and is able to manipulate Othello easily through taping in to his reasonless reasoning. Iago plays with Othello s i9000 reasoning to generate Othello believe in false presumptions about Cassio s personality to further rouse emotions. Inside the villainous intend to bring about Othello s demise, Iago uses reverse mindset and flattery.

Iago queries his proof of the affair and rejects his presumptions of Cassio. Why, then, I think Cassio s a respectable man (line 148, Work III, landscape iii) Iago suddenly changes his sights about Cassio to use change psychology upon Othello. Iago s scary character has demonstrated that he is a smart man that uses manipulation to get what he would like. By declaring positive attributes about Cassio, Othello comes into Iago s capture and further converts against Cassio.

Iago uses flattery to make sure Othello of Iago h honesty and integrity that Othello actively seeks in every man. My head of the family, you know I like you. (line 133, Work III, picture iii) Likewise, Iago uses Othello t racial differences to promote Othello h suspicions of Cassio. Iago brings up the issue of how a female in that time period would prefer a male of her own age group, race, and temperament. Othello s ethnic background is definitely thought to be a primary reason why Desdamona is in a great affair with Cassio.

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