Theme: Additional field for Henrik Ibsens A Dolls Property occurring soon after Nora leaves. Torvald obtains a check out from Krogstad.  (Scene: Torvald is standing, staring at the doorway that Nora just went out of. Behind him, the fireplace is slowly going. The door knocks then unwraps, and Krogstad walks in and stands next to him. ) Krogstad: Hello Torvald. How are you?  Torvald: Fineyesyes I am fine a bit chilly, nevertheless. you?  Krogstad: Im better. I just wanted to come by and bet my farewells, I are leaving. With Ms Separaci�n.

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Torvald: Oh yea. Why are both of you leaving? Can be something wrong?  Krogstad: We are going to approach town, obtain other jobs, through this town jobs in winter will be scarce you knowbusiness doesnt thrive very much.  Torvald: Really, is that so? Where are you going?  Krogstad: We are moving over to the east, overall economy is booming, it might offer us a lot of opportunity.  Torvald: Well, Im or her happy that you have moved on from our little misunderstanding. In fact , merely hadnt did such a thing then you could have probably retired.

Krogstad: Torvald, stop rotating your activities. In fact , were leaving because of you. You released me personally from my personal job, unjustifiably in most peoples eyes, with the exception from your self of course , then replaced me personally. And generally there arent any longer jobs in this town through which, even with Ms Lindes income combined will be suffice to boost my family. Whatever we are doing can be an incredible risk, to me, to her, to my children, if every goes well then we shall endure, if certainly not, then we wont. And i also thought you desire to know that Torvald. I thought you might just like to think about your activities, because I dont think Im the main one who ought to be angry ever again, Im not really. You need to modify, change, and maybe then I might have done some good.

(Torvald sits down down) Torvald: Well. Krogstad. I thank you for your honesty, and coming down throughout person, together with your act of so called great. Very fearless of you. Certainly incredibly brave. Krogstad: What do you mean fearless? � Torvald: Very courageous after you delivered those albhabets to me. Might not be it Krogstad? How do you know I was gonna be while calm?nternet site am right now. Blackmail. Incredibly good of you, you are better than I think you had been, but now I see you in this article I think you an idiot. Maybe We shouldnt have got fired you after all, and all this might have already been avoided. But now Im with this position.

Krogstad: (Notices open up letter upon table) Torvald, listen. Used to do that pertaining to my family, my personal children, Torvald. What you would have done, if you were eager? I am sorry, and i also apologise to Nora too, but I did send you the contract.  Torvald: Yes you would send me the contract, yet also the letters, I believe you ignore.  Krogstad: I possess children. They are really my life. My life, Torvald, cant you see that? You spend your daily life shaping the image, My spouse and i spend my very own trying to nourish mine. Nevertheless, at least I have a probability Im ready to take, to get my kids, god knows provided that theres beef on my bones I would do anything for them Torvald: Krogstad. Krogstad, Krogstad, Krogstad. (Looks for picture of family for the wall). You are doing have kids, dont you, as do I

Krogstad: Certainly, thank you for understanding- Torvald: Please leave.  Krogstad: What?  Torvald: Keep. Dont at any time come back. If you do, Ill notify the police of what you did. You and Ms Linde as well as your starving children. Go. Krogstad: (Walks toward the door and opens that. ) You already know, Nora performed what the girl did because she adored you, Torvald. Nora-� Torvald: Nora is gone! Nora left me Krogstad! Because of you and the lovely weakling letter! The girl walked away that door not half hour ago! And away with her went my own reputation, my personal pride, my, my little spendthrift, the girl left me. Wow god! (Sinks down to his knees moaping, Krogstad walks over to him. )

Krogstad: Im apologies, Torvald. Internet marketing sorry all this had to turn out like this. Basically had known- Torvald: No, dont apologise, there were no way you can have known. I will apologise. I’m sorry. I am sorry to get firing you. Sorry to get putting you in the placement that you are in. I suppose we all get a small hot went once in a while. (Krogstad goes and lights the fireside, with his again turned to Torvald) However I would not have supposed that everything would have turned out similar to this. Is it a wonderful thing, Krogstad? Is take pleasure in wonderful?

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