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Ethical Organization Practices

Maintain the highest requirements in our dealings with workers, customers and suppliers.

sixth is v Corporate Principles

Self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, unification, honesty, visibility, social responsibility, caring for other folks.

v Quality

Abide by product variety criteria that proudly offer a wide variety of all natural foods and products.

v Education

Encourage educated choices and demonstrate the impact on personal health and around the environment.

v Innovation

Proactively identify and adjust to the environmental, social and monetary drivers of change.

v Obligation

Cultivate the corporate activities in a monetarily sustainable method.

installment payments on your 4 Area and other features

Knowing that determining a strategic location is essential for any start-up organization, BIO some YOU can be found at Str. Gjin Bue Shpata, Tirane Albania. The restaurant is in the corner with all the Str. Emin Duraku. The lease from the location is usually Eur several, 000 a month. The restaurant has a private car parking, as well the area encourages at car parking. The area is in the center of New Tirana, in addition to financial prospective customers. This location is chosen for its large population, there are different private banks, governmental offices such as General Directorate of Taxes, The Court of Tirana, The Notaries offices, the stadium, the post office, the hotels, and the small private-businesses.

The location offers a relaxing atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meal, likewise providing the option of takeout, delivery, and even catering for special events.

2 . 5 Legal form, title and management

BIO four YOU is going to be a new healthful, organic cafe inspired by the increasing health-conscious attitudes of shoppers. BIO 5 YOU utilizes the finest organic produce to supply customers with meals an excellent source of nutritional value. Every single meal will be freshly well prepared for customers, meeting the individual nutritional needs and preferences of every one. BIO 4 YOU is a medium-sized organic cafe, as a start up business. BIO 4 YOU provides organic and natural food within a creative method and looks toward maintaining monetary success which is maintained through offering top quality, organic food and to achieve long-term successful relationships with customers.

The restaurant not only likes you its client’s health, yet also that from the environment. The building will be qualified, commonly known as “green, ” applying sustainable, useful resource efficient models of renovation and operation.

Green properties are designed to decrease the overall effect of the developed environment on human health insurance and the surrounding by:

  • efficiently applying energy, normal water, and other assets
  • protecting resident health and increasing employee efficiency
  • reducing waste, pollution and environmental destruction.

BIO four YOU utilizes alternate strength to run businesses and decrease the location’s co2 footprint.

The restaurant is established as a sole proprietorship initially by simply Me. It really is registered because as a limited liability company.


CEO with the company will be the owner in the company, in this case it will be directed by myself.

I will be in control of:

  • the whole management of the firm
  • making the respective task descriptions for every of the staff
  • and charging each of the all of them their responsabilities
  • contracting the farms since suppliers of organic foodstuff for our business
  • contracting other suppliers
  • maintaining connections with the third parts
  • speaking to customers to get their feedbacks, and examining every reviews card still left from customers
  • taking part panairs for organic and natural foods industry as well as acquiring staff for training in in an attempt to be promoted in their job as well as making them feel component to this organization and not only staf that come and goes.
  • Evaluating the achievements of the company.
  • FINANCE SECTION has immediate dependence via CEO.

    At the begining of the business there will be only one person. When the activity will probably be expanded, then simply there will be utilized other assistants. He/she will probably be in charge of all financial concerns and producing the balance bed sheet for the business. Finance advisor, i would opt to name, will advise properly Head with the company best places to be taken attention and the type of dangers should be taken in order to maximise the benefits of the organization. Finance consultant will be a substantial experienced person. Finance advicor has to preserve relationship while using tax statal offices.

    LEGAL DEPARTMENT has direct dependence coming from CEO.

    At the begining of the business there will be only 1 person. When the activity will be expanded, then simply there will be utilized other assistants. He/she will be contracting while using utilities statal companies including OSHEE and UKT. Composing the contracts with the facilities and third parties. Legal expert will be closely to the mind of the organization since with the establishing stage of the organization, registering, obtaining the necessary certification of the business as well as from the farms we will collaborate with.

    ADMINISTRATORS OF THE 4 ACTIVITIES have got direct dependence from CEO.

    Organization is concepted to be devided into 4 activities, and of them could have a supervisor. The individual supervisors need to manage their very own respective activity in general. They have to collaborate with thier dependent staff in addition to the Head from the company. They may be in charge of directing customers too. At the begining of the organization there will be just two supervisors: one pertaining to the restaurant and the other for across the internet delivery food

    HEAD CHEF is the top chef in the kitchen. He is the one responsible for the menu, the products, the dishes plus the kitchen. He can order the food from suppliers and keep the foodstuff stock complete. The head gourmet has a wonderful experience and get working for numerous restaurants. He could be well trained person, so he could be totally able of being the top of the kitchen. During doing work hours dr. murphy is the one in fee of foods, and he gives the previous touches great approval to each single dish before this goes out from the kitchen. He may be functioning 40 several hours a week, and has a day and a half off.

    HELPER CHEF: The will be three assistant many chefs, two intended for the cafe and a single for the on-line delivery activity. The assistant gourmet will help the chef make the products before the shifts, can cook the starters increase in in charge of the washing machine and cleaning almost everything. He will become a traind person but will not need much knowledge. They will be doing work 40 hours a week, good results . different adjustments.

    BARTENDERS: there will be two bartenders working with shifts. They shall be trained in bartending and organic juices producing. They will be doing work during the time that restaurant are not working, thus they may offer organic refreshing juices.

    WAITERS: People working 3 waiters based on a shifts providing the possibility of some time in a week. The will always be attending the purchasers, taking their food from your kitchen to the table, cleaning and preparing the dining region and taking drinks in the relationship.

    NUTRITIONIST: there will be a favorite and high experinced person. He /she will be doing work at the on the web food delivery activity. This individual /she will be the key person in the sucess of this activity. He/she will probably be in touch virtually and /or face to face with costomers, advising, helping using their proper weight loss plans in order to make all of them conscious for healthy lifestyle of them and their families. He/she will give guidelines on and make the products well-known and discussed their health advantages to the clients.

    WORLD WIDE WEB DISGNER/MARKETING: there will be only one person working beneath this section.

    He/she will probably be in charge of creating, maintaining from the website of the company. He/ she will have charge of maximising income of the firm through expanding strategies that match the consumer requirements through promoting the products, services or suggestions.

    TWO DELIVERY FOODS GUYS: they shall be working on changes in order to deliver food customer’s orders rapidly at all their homes simply by van.

    TWO CLEANSERS: they will be responsible for cleaning the whole restaurant / kitchen facility at all times and ensures that toiletries and supplies don’t go out of share.

    All of the workers will have white and green color uniforms. Every single worker could have different functioning hours and responsibilities. Doing work hours will vary, but quantity of hours per month can be well manipulated and retained the same intended for fair salary.

    It will have a lot of people doing work in the cafe, but we offer special importance to the support and the customer, so based upon observations and our knowledge we think this will likely be the ideal number of personnel needed to look after the clients. After we all start working we would reconsider personnel amount, if required.

    We could planning to hire a ready-made space to get restaurant. In the dining region there will be 15 tables intended for four persons and a top table with six seats for the quick en-cas. It also has a big built-in bar.

    There will be furnished by organically grown flowers and plants, those remaing always green in color. We could keep the decor of the restaurant pretty simple, to go with the idea of open-space and have the possibility to change that in order to make the idea of renovation.

    All of the tables will be from bamboo sheets wood and decorated by simply cloth sheets, such as silk cotton napkins and tablecloths.

    In every table will be menu with some simple explanations, and there will be a card for the customers to write down their reviews on foodstuff, service, decor etc . This will help us in the ongoing of the business.

    On the outside terrace there is space for 4 four-people dining tables. In front of that there is a little yard using a big forest and different flowers, where customers may stay and have a fresh organic juice.

    Your kitchen will have brand-new equipment bought specially just for this kitchen, its size and characteristics. It will have a a glass window and a door connecting the kitchen with the cusine area to get stuff comfort. The a glass window towards the dining place will give the purchasers a transparent view with the kitchen, they are going to have a clear view of how the meal is grilled.

    In order to use energy efficiently, all of us will:

    • keep indoor temperatures modest, not too hot or perhaps cold and always use a programmable thermostat.
    • use Energy Star-compliant roof material and windows that help stop temperature two extremes.
    • use a high-efficiency hot water heater, like solar pannels.
    • use cost effective lighting just like solar pannel external light
    • use energy star kitchen suppliers.

    We are sure to employ eco-friendly items in order to comply with our brand name, vision and philosophy.

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