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Of course , we all still do not want to give away the positive effect of the ginger drink and possess therefore helped bring along not just one, but three cheaper and selfmade versions of the ginger taken for you. Additionally , you will learn in this post, what makes fashionable drink so strong!

That’s the ginger shot result

Ginger is the cold-killers par excellence. The off traffic root is made up of, among other things, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin C, which are important to strengthen immune system and help to make us more resistant to influenza viruses or colds. Additionally , thanks to the gingerol contained, turmeric naturally has a pain-relieving result and is likewise expectorant and anti-inflammatory. An all-rounder to get health! So why would you try some fine ginger shot than a ginger tea?

Here we come face to face with the essential wellness benefit of turmeric shots. What many are not aware of is that as soon as we heat ginger, such as for a tea, it manages to lose important nutritional supplements. For the shot, the main is highly processed in its natural form, so it will be much healthier for people.

Less much more

The three following recipes are for a little supply of ginger shots so do not drink all at once! One hit a day is enough. If you have a sensitive belly, it is best to eat a snack initially to avoid heartburn. In general: Drink the sharp shot slowly and gradually and enjoyably.

Naturally , we still do not want to provide away the positive effect of the ginger drink and have as a result brought along not just one, but three cheaper and homemade variations of the turmeric shot for yourself. In addition , you will learn in this post, why is the trend beverage so solid! Recipe for ginger taken with lemon

Ingredients to get 400 cubic centimeters (equivalent to 10 shots):

3 lemons

100 g of turmeric

90 ml agave syrup or maple syrup

Squeeze the lemons and catch the juice. Peel the turmeric and cut it approximately. Puree the ginger, lemon juice and agave thick syrup or maple syrup in the blender or perhaps with the food blender. Put the ginger-lemon juice within a bottle and store inside the fridge. He stays generally there for a few days. Shake some time before use.

Ginger shot with tangerine and turmeric

Formula for turmeric shot with turmeric and tangerine


almost eight small tangerines

75 g of ginger

200 milliliters of normal water

you tsp turmeric paste


Squeeze the tangerines, peel off the ginger and chop roughly. Blend the tangerine juice, turmeric cubes and the water inside the blender or with the mixer and carefully add the turmeric insert. Put the the liquid in a bottle or screw-top jar and store in the refrigerator. Generally there, the ginger mix will last a few days. Shake some time before use.

Turmeric can make it twice as healthy and balanced: In Ayurvedic healing art turmeric has been a permanent place for more than four thousand years and was also considered holy. This is primarily due to its part curcumin, which includes an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Turmeric in winter assists us through its cell-protecting power, which strengthens the natural working of the disease fighting capability.

Ginger taken with apple and cayenne pepper

Recipe pertaining to ginger taken with apple and cayenne pepper. Ingredients pertaining to 400 ml (equivalent to 10 shots):

2 medium sized pears

two limes

100 g of turmeric

500 ml of water

1 Msp. Cayenne pepper


Core the apples and dice them roughly. Squeeze the rape, catch the juice. Peel the ginger and cut it around. Puree apple pieces, lime juice (or if you have to lemon juice), ginger and 2 glasses of water in a blender or which has a blender. Tension the pureed liquid through a fine filter. Put the accumulated liquid in a bottle or possibly a screw-cap and store inside the refrigerator. Right now there she stays a few days and nights. Shake well before use. With which foods you can strengthen your immune system in the winter, you will find out here. And for those who love treatment drinks: Be sure you try our turmeric latte!

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