A monologue from the perform by Euripides

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NOTE: This kind of monologue can be reprinted from The Performs of Euripides in English language, vol. i. Trans. Shelley Leader Milman. London, uk: J. Meters. Dent Kids, 1920.

ORESTES: In respect to thy age I actually dread of talking

What I very well know must pierce thy heart with grief.

I am unholy in my moms death

Nevertheless holy, while my father I avenged.

The veneration because of those off white hairs

Hits me with awe: different I could desire my request

Freely and boldly, yet thy years dismay me personally.

What could I do? Let fact be acessed with simple fact.

My father was your author of my staying

Thy daughter brought me forth: this individual gave me lifestyle

Which the lady but fostered: to the bigger cause

A better reverence i quickly deemed was due.

Thy daughter, intended for I care to not call up her mother

Forsook her royal understructure for a get ranking sty

Of secret and adulterous lust: on me personally

The word demonstrates disgrace, however I must speak it.

? gisthus was this private paramour:

Him initial I slew, then lost my mother:

An impious deed, yet I avenged my father.

Thou threatenst the just vengeance of the state:

Listen to me: deserve I certainly not the bless you of Greece?

Should spouses with ruffian boldness kill their husbands

Then take flight for refuge to their kids, and believe

Baring their breast, to captivate all their pity

These types of deeds might pass for nothing, as the mood

For something or for nothing, shall incline these people.

This maquinacion have My spouse and i broke, getting into what

Thy pompous vocabulary styles terrible deeds.

My soul abhorred my mom, and I slew her

Whom, when her lord was absent, and in arms

To glorious conquest led the sons of Greece

Betrayed him, with pollution stained his pickup bed

And, aware of her sense of guilt, sought certainly not t atone it

However to escape his righteous vengeance, poured

Destruction on his head, and killed my father.

Right now by the gods, though in a charge of blood

Sick it becomes me to employ the gods

Had I in silence tamely borne her deeds

Would not the murdered, justly disliking me

Possess roused the Furies to torment my own soul?

Or hath she only her assisting fiends

And this individual no favring power capital t avenge his wrongs?

Thou, when to that bad child thou gavst birth

Didst give me wreck, for through her strong crime

We lost my father, and my personal mother slew.

Seest thou Ulysses wife? Telemachus

Shed not her blood, intended for she, unstained with vice

Guards her chaste foundation with spotless sanctity.

Seest thou Apollo, who to mortal hearing

Sounds by his central cave the voice of truth?

Him we follow in all that he directions:

Obeying his commands, I slew my personal mother

Move him after that to your bar, put him to fatality

The remorse is his, not mine. What should I do?

The guilt upon him transmitted, is not really the our god

Sufficient to absolve me? Where shall man

Get refuge, if the god, at whose command word

I did that, will not today save me personally from loss of life?

Then claim not these deeds had been done certainly not well

But for the doers most unhappily.

If very well accorded, the connubial state

From all its strings speaks perfect harmony

If perhaps ill, at your home, abroad, the harsh notes container

And with rude discord wound the ear of Peace.

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