We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to individuals who has backed as through the second term, their tolerance, knowledge and understanding they will shared to us to create this system a succesful a single. Our heartful appreciation is usually extended to prospects people who offer, encouragement, motivation, understanding and assistance in the accomplishment of the study.

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To the instructors, Mr. Joseph Carinan and Ms. Mary Antoniette Ariño, for valuable recommendations to develop a better system and the modifications that make us aware of our mistakes.

For their endurance and readily available time that they can shared to us.

To the classmates pertaining to sharing their very own ideas around. And supporting each others company through this research.

To the families for moral and financial support to make this technique a succesful one.

Above all to Almighty Goodness who enlightened and offered us durability and good determination and guidance to complete this analyze.


The main objective in the study is usually to develop a web Ordering program for Inday Durante Dried out Goods & RTW clothes.

It’s the system that allows the customer to order anytime and anywhere with or without an internet connection. This will end up being developed to provide convenience to the consumer and the owner as well. The program features enrollment, online buying and on the net posting of announcements by the establishment. Program Development Existence Cycle (SDLC) was the strategy used like a method of exploration procedure. We all utilized interview and direct observation as data collection instruments in defining the elements of the system. In talking about the nature of the problem and in acquiring the necessaryinformation for making appropriate answer, findings revealed that the stated establishment (for Inday Por Dry Items RTW Clothes) is using manual program in all ventures. In this regard, we all proposed World wide web ” Primarily based Ordering System to provide convenience on the part of the customer and owner. In developing the system, the researchers utilized System Development Life Circuit (SDLC) by simply Shelly Cashman et ing. it is a five (5) stage cycle nevertheless only the 1st three (3) phases had been considered inside the study because of the time restrictions that the analysts encountered.

The researchers can used distinct software in developing the machine. Specifically they shall be using PHP for scripting webpages. To get the spine application, MySQL was the experts choice to make database because it is compatible with PHP and it is an open source vocabulary. They will also utilized apache machine as the local web storage space for the program.


In the current technological innovation gentleman can easily do things in just one click. They will easily search answers to any given request or problem in their desire or produce required duties or answers easily. Usually people need to do things within an easy method. With the associated with computer rate of growth man’s operate were easily done in just a minute what ever they want to carry out. The Internet’s popularity offers dramatically increased over the past a single decade and has become a fundamental element of daily life. Over the following few years the actual and capabilities of the Internet are endless. With that in mind the subsequent research is going to examine a continuously thriving component big t of the Internet, Internet shopping now the days are gone when shopping was only done at brick and mortar shops. Internet features emerged out as the modern source of searching. A user can use internet to find new products and services, compare the prices and features as well. It helps you to save money, strength, time and methods. To clients it not just provides highlevel of comfort but likewise broader understanding of the computer.

It really is amazing the world is usually fast changing with personal computers and has brought significant changes. Presently business organizations and educational industries equipped with pcs for fast transactions. It really is how technology works. Guy makes wonders. Inventions of computers built communication quicker. People currently were inspired to save money to obtain gadgets to computer she or he can start an enterprise of her own. It’s rather a source of livelihood program to build income. On this occasion, online system is the best and the most efficient method for one’s firm to provide faster service and accurate info to their clients. Information method is the lifeblood of any kind of organization whether it be commercial or perhaps not for profit because of the rapid changes in technology, Info System, contrary to many other organization components happen to be quickly changing in type and content.

Today a large number of stores give online or computerized on-line system to facilitate the speed of services. Online Ordering system is effective not only to absolutely free themes but to the owner as well. It gives you convenience, less time and effort for the customers during ordering. They can order effortlessly anytime of the day. The work in the workers will be lessen due to system is going to carry most of the tasks.


The typical objective with this study was to develop an Online Ordering System for Inday Durante Dried Goods & RTW Clothing. Specifically the objectives would be the following:

a. Develop an Online Ordering System to get Inday Por Dry Products & RTW Clothes which will feature the following: Steps by steps ordering procedures

registration as well as membership

w. Gather and analyze info on the existing system of My spouse and i nday Durante Dry

Goods & RTW Outfits as to: Concerns encountered by customers and owner during selling/ shopping for. Transactions procedures

Discount offerings

c. Build a database system for the customers and owner.

d. By the end of this examine the following targets would be gained: To save the customers time

for making our customers free from pressure

for making everyone well-known by using net

to serve each of our customers effectively and continually


This kind of study will be beneficial to the subsequent:

Inday Durante Dried Goods & RTW Clothes ” this kind of study is going to promote very good impression and reputation to the establishments regarding providing top quality clothes through advancement of technology. Buyers ” this kind of study will be very beneficial to the shoppers because it can help them reduce their time and effort spent during buying. Throughout the system produced in this analyze, they can buy in their many convenience some place provided that there is an online connection. The system will also motivate customers to order in the establishments because of the convenience inside the ordering procedure. Researchers ” this examine can serve as a reference simply by future experts who would like to conduct similar studies.


The experts focused on the introduction of an World wide web ” Structured ordering System for Inday Durante Dried out Goods & RTW clothing. They reviewed the existing system as to outfits offering, the task used during transactions and the problems encountered by the clients and owner during investing the product.

The program that the researchers will develop from this study features registration and online inquiry so that interested customers will not need to personally see a said business to get the details that they wished. Specially it allow them to call and make an online buying using their most convenient time and place. The system also features online posting in the products.

The program does not include on the web assessment of payment. The manager will the assessment of payment and create the invoice. Client will continue to pay their particular fees individually to the cashier or to the delivery gentleman after it is delivered to all their destination. Funds on delivery.

In expanding the system, the researchers utilized System Development Life Pattern (SDLC) simply by Shelly Cashman et ‘s. it is a five (5) period cycle although only the first three (3) phases had been considered in the study as a result of time limitations that the research workers encountered.

The researchers can used several software in developing the machine. Specifically they will be using PHP for scripting webpages. For the central source application, MySQL was the experts choice in making database because it is compatible with PHP and it is a source vocabulary. They will also applied apache machine as the neighborhood web storage space for the machine.



PHP stands for Php Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP can be described as server scripting language which is a powerful application for making dynamic and online Web pages. We all use PHP codes in developing our bodies for the following: FORMS

The PHP $_GET and $_post variables are used to retrieve details from forms, like end user input. PHP form Handling is the most important thing to notice when dealing with HTML forms and PHP is that any kind element in an

HTML CODE page can automatically be around to your PHP scripts.

In PHP, the predefined $_GET variable is utilized to collect values in a kind with approach = “get. Information dispatched from an application with the OBTAIN method is noticeable to everyone ( it can be displayed inside the browsers addresses bar ) and offers limits on the amount details to send.

The PHP document can now make use of the $_GET varying to collect kind data ( the names in the form areas will quickly be the keys in the $_GET array ).

In PHP, the predefined $_POST variable is used to collect principles in a kind with technique = “post. Information directed from a form with the POST method is unseen to others and has no limitations on the quantity of information to send.

The PHP file can now use the $_POST variable to gather form data ( the names of the type fields can automatically end up being the secrets in the $_POST array ).


MySQL is the most popular open-source database system. This is ideal for equally small and large applications. It compiles on a quantity of platforms. The data in MySQL is trapped in database things called dining tables. A desk is a variety of related info entries and it includes columns and rows. Sources are useful when ever storing data categorically. Our system have a database together with the following dining tables: customers, admin, products, messages and instructions.


PHP put together with MySQL are cross-platform. A question is a question or request. With MySQL, we could query a database to get specific informationand have a recordset came back. PHP MySQL connect to a Database. The free My SQL repository is very often used with PHP. Create a connection to a MySQL Database. One which just access info in a data source, you must build a connection to the database. In PHP, this can be done with the mysql_connect() function. This is the format: mysql_connect ( servername, user name, password); PHP MySQL Produce Database and Tables

A database contains one or multiple tables. Make a Database. The CREATE DATABASES statement can be used to create a data source MySQL. Syntax. CREATE DATA SOURCE database_name. To get PHP to perform the statemant above we should use the mysql_query() funtion. This function can be used to send a question or order to a MySQL connection. PHP MySQL Revise

The BRING UP TO DATE statement is utilized to modify info in a stand.

Upgrade Data in a Database. The UPDATE affirmation is used to update existing records in a table. Format. UPDATE table_name. SET line 1= worth, column 2= value2, ¦ WHERE some_ column= some_value. To get PHP to execute the statement above we must utilize mysql_query() function. This function is used to send a query or a command into a MySQL connection. The DELETE FROM assertion is used to delete information in a desk. Delete Data In a Data source. The DELETE FROM affirmation is used to delete information from a database stand. Syntax. DELETE FROM table_name. WHERE some_column = some_value. To receive PHP to execute the statement above we must utilize mysql_query() function. This function is used to deliver a query or a command into a MySQL interconnection.


Hardware includes all those that you can actually find and contact. The accuracy of data input is important mainly because without that there would be no method for inspecting data. They are the different equipment devices that individuals used to insight or acquire data, including the keyboard, mouse, scanning gadgets, printer, screen and camera.

The keyboard and mouse can be used for keying in text and selecting data. This would be an excellent method for typing printed forms because it would provide for better data accuracy and reliability and right now there would not need to try to understand the person’s handwriting. Scanning equipment are like copiers and can replicate data such as images and characters. Being mindful of this, the best result device would be any computer printer for printed questionnaires. Preferably, a multi-function laser computer printer thathas an easy print rate. The output and input device that a business selects for printed questionnaires in really limited since we do not use typewriters very often anymore. And lastly the digital camera, by using this hardware device we could captured photos which are needed in expanding our system.


In System Evaluation more emphasis is given to understanding the information on an existing system or a proposed one then deciding perhaps the proposed method is desirable or not and whether the existing system requires improvements. Hence, system research is the process of investigating a method, identifying problems, and using the information to recommend improvements to the program.

The current or existing approach to Inday Por Dry Items & RTW Clothes is in fact manual. They have no existing computerized purchase and product sales system. Because of the manual program that they have, there are times that their services happen to be slow especially when there are lots of consumers. In their current system, problems like missing order, loss in attention to the shoppers and incorrect delivery details could possibly arise.

The supervisor has a trouble computing the customer order as a result of manual process. Receiving the buy from the buyer took lot of time in composing the purchase of the client when there are so many orders. Composing of instructions in manual process may loss the knowledge and purchases and also have the opportunity to make a blunder in writing or perhaps the customers in preparing the orders from the customers. The merchandise is not well organized and customers are having a hard time looking at the products as well as the prices and information.

Regarding efficiency, the latest system should be improved and make this user friendly. The latest system has to be improved in reducing problems, omissions and bringing out accurate information required. As to improvements, necessary on-line ordering system must be developed. The research workers recommend that thesystem must be increased base upon its productivity, accuracy, stability, robustness, and flexibility. Efficiency means easy to make use of and convenient to use. Accuracy means reduces mistakes and omission. Reliability means helps to observe services necessary and expects to accomplish as meant, Robustness means Online to departments and protect data against illegal access and Flexibility means may be easily managed and peripheral device can be used alone.

Evaluation of the existing system gets the following advantages: It helps to understand the existing program.

It will help to understand the objectives attained by the existing system. It helps to spot the position of every sub program in the institution. It helps to look for whether the method is feasible or perhaps infeasible. It helps to find the data needs.

It assists to study perhaps the cost invested in system design and style improves the significance of information required.


Today’s apparel industry is dependent on a system wherever clothes are manufactured in ready to-wear sizes and meant to match most people. Research have remarked that consumers are unhappiness with the use of manual system that occurred in an establishment.

In System Examination more emphasis is given to understanding the details of an existing program or a suggested one after which deciding if the proposed method is desirable or not and whether the existing system requirements improvements. Hence, system evaluation is the procedure for investigating a system, identifying concerns, and using the information to recommend improvements to the program.

In connection with the analysis with the existing program the experts proposed Webpage and Online Ordering System will help resolve the problems simply by improving the latest online marketing techniques of the business. The

proponents can aid these problems by:

Making and designing a WebPages that will allow them to promote and market their products online.

The online ordering program can decrease the time ingest in writing the orders with the customers. In online placing your order system, the client can simply enroll in the website then they can inquire in the website. Then this customer may order in the available products in the gallery button. There after, the customer can view their particular orders and can edit their orders or perhaps if they is satisfied, push the validate button it will be instantly seen by the administrator.

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