Discuss George’s actions at the conclusion of the novel. How can all of us justify what he truly does to Lennie? How can we all condemn this?

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Although killing is morally incorrect, mercy killing may be justified as it can prevent a later inevitable and unpleasant death. In the novella ‘Of Mice and Men’ authored by John Steinbeck, the character George shoots his friend, Lennie. Whilst George’s actions could be condemned, George had great intentions for the death of his good friend. Steinbeck makes it clear throughout the novella that although horrid incidents may possibly occur such as Lennie’s death that it was how it was during the Great Depression.

Even so one may love to condemn George’s actions in shooting his only good friend, George got forgivable motives as to why this individual chose to capture Lennie.

George’s murdering of his friend was devoid of malicious intent. It is clear from the start inside the novella that George cares about Lennie, as he protects and appears out for him.

Eradicating Lennie has not been an easy decision.. He likewise prevented another painful and torturous death for Lennie, as Curley plans to ‘shoot that big bastard’s guts correct outta him. ‘ This implies that Curley intends zero mercy and an excruciating death awaits Lennie. By simply shooting his friend, George gives Lennie a calm death. Throughout the scene where the two males are inside the bush, George once again recites their fantasy which reminds the audience and Lennie of their friendship. He tells George, ‘I received you an’ you got me personally. ‘ This kind of conveys inside the idea that George truly cared for Lennie and has no bad intent if he is to shoot Lennie. By shooting Lennie, George offered him a merciful and peaceful death with no intended malicion.

The murder of Lennie is usually justified while Steinbeck shows the audience through the novella, genuine themes that had been evident in the 1930s. Steinbeck’s producing style have been described as a naturalist or perhaps realist type. It is clear from the start, that in ‘Of Mice and Men’ there is a predatory mother nature in individual existence. Sweets says to George, “I shouldn’t have got let not any stranger take my puppy. ” Having said that, it foreshadows Lennie’s fatality and what George must do. It also provides in the proven fact that Lennie will face a similar fate to Candy’s old dog who is weak and handicapped. Culture does not tolerate the weak as there were limited solutions during the Great Depression. As noticed in the field where Slender drowns the actual pups, it truly is clear that Steinbeck is trying to send throughout the message that just the most powerful lived during the Great Depression. David Steinbeck gave the reader a realistic view on what would have occurred during a difficult time and Lennie’s death is comparable to what could have occurred during the 1930s.

A final reason that justifies Lennie’s death, is when a single ponders the actual of the guys attaining the ranch. As evident in the storia, Lennie does not have problem eradicating small pets or animals and even persons. If the audience is to think about Lennie on the ranch which has a large band of animals, especially rabbits; regardless of many times Candies calculated the numbers, there would be no conceivable way for the boys to make a revenue off the rabbits given the amount Lennie would kill as a result of his incredible strength. By simply forgetting the fact of the condition, the men forget that the ranch was not even a reachable aim in the first place. While indicated by George, “I think I actually knowed from the very first. I do think I knowed we’d never do her. ” This supports the concept there was actually no possibility of the men in fact getting the farm. By eliminating Lennie, George puts an end to the impractical dream in which Lennie may have created problems in making the dream farm profitable.

George’s actions will be justified through realism that the ending field portrays. The moment George locations Lennie, he ensures he dies a peaceful fatality. If George did not kill Lennie, Lennie would have experienced a possible torturous death. His actions are also justified while George designed no malevolent intent and later wants the very best for his friend. Lennie would have produced life tough even independently land. Steinbeck shows the realism that individuals in the 1930s would have experienced in situations comparable to Lennie and George’s; this individual shows us a piece of background the tragedies attached. Though one may condemn George’s taking pictures of Lennie, mercy eradicating was the best choice for both these styles the men.

Cherished the point about the Major depression times. (Paragraph 3) as well as the “unrealistic ” dream point in the next section

You could also talk about the fact that George as well “loses” something by killing Lennie. He seriously believed their particular relationship was special. ( George tells Slim this). Killing Lennie wasn’t only the easy way out for George.

Once again, an innovative approach.

I am certain your exam essay is going to reflect your mature procedure and your work.


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