Military Deployment, Mexico, Edge Patrol, Humanitarian Intervention

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Excerpt from Research Paper:

Addressing the Drawbacks of Army Involvement

Even though the reasons for the involvement will be obvious, the cons happen to be outweighed by advantages. First of all, the two countries do not have to take action in isolation. Military from both sides can be used by formal consent between your two countries to better manage the borders and the diplomatic relations. Second of all, the cost of the military engagement is low as compared to the expense that are being sustained in terms of people losing their particular health and their very own lives to drugs, and by being involved in trafficking. Trafficking is a heinous social offense, which is having an adverse effect on communities in both countries, and should always be prevented without exceptions. Therefore education concerns rationalize the costs of military engagement.

Additionally , the international conflicts and the battles that the region has been associated with are on the ideology of creating lives of folks in USA and the world secure. If USA is not able to protect a unique borders, it cannot increase its voice against international concerns; consequently military engagement is of ideological importance.


As stated in the prior sections, there are various reasons that justify and do not bring about military involvement. However , this paper tightly holds that ‘the Army should be associated with guarding the Mexico as well as the U. S. A. border’.

The reasons to get involvement happen to be that the countries need to be shielded from unlawful activities and drug control on a never ending basis, as it will help while we are avoiding an extreme military insurance plan at a later date, since it happened in 1969. The concerns pertaining to costs could be easily resolved by the expense that a porous border may have on the areas in both the countries as well as the ideological principles of independence that the American society will be based upon.

The prime function of the armed forces is to guard its region against external threats, through guarding the border it can be performing this function, as well as wider humanitarian role of safeguarding its neighbor’s pursuits as well.


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