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§ Region Established: Sept. 2010 18, 1810

§ Indigenous Language: The spanish language

§ Current Population: 18. 97 million

§ Major Domestic Item: 247 Billion US Us dollars


In Chile, there is something called Atractivo Militar Obligatorio (SMO) in which men and women at the right era can voluntarily do armed forces service. Numerous in this nation is that you are able to choose what part of the push you want to teach – may it be the Military, Navy, or Air Force. Fundamentally, the country offers reformed their conscription and retained armed service service via volunteering. The sole problem now is when the country has a shortage of the Military then they have to regulate the military conscription in order to recruit new potential conscripts.

DRUG LAWS AND REGULATIONS (which prescription drugs are legal? Which are illegal? )

ü Illegal Drugs: Cannabis, Cocaine, Depressants, Hallucinogens, Hashish, Pot, Narcotics, Ecstasy, Heroin

ü Legal Drugs: Medical Weed (with a medical prescription and legal daily news works), Prescription Medicine, Vitamins

GUN LAWS (what are the parameters for firearm ownership? )

Chile can be lenient when it comes to gun title. You need to have a valid reason to apply why you want a gun – may it be for self-protection, hunting, target shooting, or perhaps collection. The minimum age group to own a gun is the legal age. Before getting an approval, you have to pass the mental health, criminal records, and thorough background records searches. After you acquire a gun, the next phase is to register the weapon and ensure to renew that once every single five years.

PROSTITUTION (Is it legal? What are the laws around it? )

Chile has lengthy far legalized prostitution in the country not just in regulate their particular workers although also to make sure that the prostitutes get an equal treatment with their National Health Services. But comes with this is actually the ugly truth of illegal ways to prostitute such as pimping and creating brothels. The government would like to prolong its aid in the specialist sex employees so that they are not a patient of sexual intercourse trafficking and child prostitution.

ADDICTIONS (do they consume more drugs than alcohol? The other way round? Something else? )

It was mentioned that the most mistreated drug near your vicinity is Marijuana. As with various other countries in Southern America, Chile is definitely fighting its battle against drug trafficking. Meanwhile, even with the help of non-government organizations to avoid drugs, it’s saddening to know that Republic of chile is one of the highest figures pertaining to substance abuse. Fortunately that the Chilean government is usually ready using their rehabilitation and facilities to help those who terribly needed treatments.


The Chilean War of Independence could be the most legendary battle pertaining to Chile. It absolutely was a posture between Chilean criollos and Spain. The Chilean desired independence from your rule of Spain which Independence is actually a hard feat. The conflict started in 1810 and survived until 1826 when finally, the Spaniards surrendered. Following your hard-earned win, the saddest part is the fact Chileans happen to be divided because there are elites who had been Spain royalist. They wished to retain the religious beliefs, property, and also other privileges.


It can really no surprise that exactly where you go in South America, Basketball is the most visible thing in every one of them and Republic of chile is no different. You will see soccer fields everywhere and there are often people playing and observing the sport.


Chile is usually pretty much stable when it comes to the economy. All their biggest industrial sectors are the commercial and service sectors that contribute the largest in the country’s Gross Domestic Products (GDP). In the commercial sector, Chile is very dependent upon its copper mineral, coal and nitrate mining. Also, they have other companies such as farming and produced products.

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