A friendly relationship

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Camaraderie of Virtue

“Perfect friendship is definitely the friendship of men whom are good, and alike in virtue, for the well want alike to one another qua great, and they are good at themselves”

The topic of friendship is one reviewed in one of Aristotle’s many popular performs, Nicomachean Integrity. Aristotle thinks that humans have benefits, one in particular being camaraderie. Aristotle believes that there are three different types of a friendly relationship, that of electricity, friendship of enjoyment, and positive friendship. This individual argues that friendship ought to be highly highly valued and he goes on to describe his theories that tenderize into self-love. If you don’t like yourself, how is your day going to appreciate someone else? You need to be living towards advantage, taking care of themselves and always planning to improve because of their overall greater good. The best form of companionship, shown in the passage above, is friendship of advantage. This type of friendship is based on a person wishing the best for their friends in spite of utility or pleasure. This friendship is definitely long lasting and tough to get because these types of people are difficult to find and it will require a lot of effort to have. Friendship is essential for life since life without friends can be an unhappy one.

Certainly with the concept that friends are essential to live a fantastic life. Certainly with Aristotle because I have had a direct relationship like the one he discussed. From my very own experience, I could attest to the ideology of friends building a second along with a sense of reliability. I transferred away from home two years ago to go to St . John’s, it was a interesting adjusting to make, a lonely one to say the least. I had my days missing some thing, I knew there was clearly more alive than the the one which I was leading. I studied abroad in Paris during the spring semester of 2016 and that encounter changed my life. Not only by a social standpoint, although also regarding friendship. We met the individual that was the piece that we had been lacking for more than just the past 2 years, but my own whole life, the girl with my friend Sydney. She has taught me the real meaning of friendship, the main one addressed by Aristotle. I believe our camaraderie emulates his words exactly. We both like each other yet we also love themselves. We are total opposites but in a beautiful method because we can easily both bring something to the table. She provides optimism and a carefree spirit to my even more realistic and grounded way. We are yin and yang. It is a a friendly relationship I see transcending time and space because we both try to help the other increase in more methods than 1. It is infrequent and unusual and requires considerable time and understanding but I know that it is a unique one mainly because from the moment we stepped upon the Paris campus, the girl felt like residence. We have been through what the majority of others can easily imagine, residing in another country, but we all did it collectively and that will stick to us for a lifetime. I observe and accept her success as I could my own and I am right now there for issues as I would want someone to become there to me. She is generally there in that way too but is also there to always hear while I make an effort to problem resolve. I think lots of people living in present society focus on the personal and competing with one another to access that following level. In many cases forgetting that this takes a community, one needs a feeling of community to accomplish their goals and good friends by their side to help them in the process. I also think the key aspect to a positive friendship is that of self-love, not really in a self-centered way nevertheless trying to better yourself for you and your good friend. Always planning to be the ideal person that you will be to add to the friendship so that you two can easily both profit. Two people that can grow with each other will be close friends forever.

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