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Market Segmentation

Product Setting

Impact on buyer

Consumer Decision Process

Promoting Mix

With this paper, all of us present a marketing plan for My own Wonderland, a specialty smoke cigars shop based in Lancaster Town, CA and which also operates like a gift store. The advertising plan features a detailed evaluation of the company, its consumers as well as the conceivable expansion/success approaches. The aim of the marketing strategy is to make the business attractive to potential franchisees since the organization plans to employ franchise model as an expansion approach.

Consumer tendencies which described by Hawkins (2010) while the study of people, organizations or perhaps groups as well as the processes that they can use in picking, securing, employing, disposing of goods, services and experiences along with ideas for the objective of satisfying the needs and impact with the processes around the consumers is a crucial aspect of advertising. In this daily news, we present an elaborate promoting plan for advertising smoke store franchises. The franchises will certainly operate beneath the brand name My personal Wonderland.

The corporation

My Wonderland is firm with a single outlet which serves as a Smoke shop / surprise shop outlet. The outlet is actually a boutique too. This makes you can actually products being diverse. The business hopes to undertake a business form of organization as its version and therefore intends to come up with the very best marketing plan to sell it amongst other traders and buyers a like. The company even so specializes as being a smoke shop. The rest of the items are just supporting and will act as basis to get differentiation. The business is based in Lancaster, A bunch of states


Within a strict perception, the customers just for this marketing program are different franchisees from California and other claims. The business must first increase within A bunch of states before trying to achieve a nationwide expansion marketing campaign. In regard to buyers to usana products, the company’s clients will generally be segmented by their age, income and sex. The prospective market will consist of clients who are aged between 18 to twenty-eight and want to party. Their marketplace will additional be motivated by the reality cannabis is definitely well acknowledged in the condition. The target market will also be made up of persons outdated 55 to 70 older markets have the income, happen to be healthy, effective. They could be your aging outgoers or perhaps the sick ones who just stay at home and revel in to smoking.


The business faces a stiff competition for several outlets in the Lancaster area, A bunch of states. The main rivals being Tony’s Smoke Shop, Lucky’s Smoke cigars Shop Products, I Smoking Shop, Smoke cigarettes Check, Smoke cigars 4 Much less, and Cigarette Store. Many of these competitors happen to be fairly the same in size and for that reason My Wonderland has a better chance of leading them if this adopts the marketing strategy that may be presented from this work. This can be within California. Outside Cal, it looks stiff competition from One Prevent Smoke Store Franchise, Inc.


The tobacco and marijuana market is a intensely regulated one. The usage, advertizing, finalizing and offering of cigarettes is seriously regulated by the U. S. government (McDaniel Malone, 2005). In A bunch of states, individual who will be 21-year-old or older happen to be permitted to provide, cultivate and transport pot as long as it really is for personal make use of. This is contained in proposition nineteen which as well permits the local governments to effectively regulate as well as taxes the business marijuana creation, distribution and also sale of the product to individual who are twenty one years or perhaps older (SOS, 2010).

Marketplace Analysis

We expect near 90% of your clients to become men. Companies have been broken into various marketplace segments based on their dedication. The portions are specialty smokers, fun smokers, common smokers and the occasional smokers. Because the most frequent clients to My Wonderland are the specialty smokers plus the recreational cigarette smokers, they are the ones that harbor the highest profit margins. My Wonderland therefore will be focusing on these types of clients.

Right now, there are half a dozen main competitors within Lancaster city. A lot of the competitors happen to be in the form of solitary store companies most of which have limited stock. In addition , the number of regional participants in marijuana and tobacco market has considerably declined because of government control and other elements. This means that the marketplace has been left for survivors like MY OWN Wonderland. This kind of therefore offers My Wonderland a chance to combine and therefore gain a larger business. Currently, the management is usually considering an opportunity of debt consolidation as well as franchising within the organization across the entire Californian urban centers before venturing to other towns. This would make a significant barrier to lately documented fall in revenue through the boost of business as well as volume.

Market segmentation

One of the most significant marketing feature that depends on the secret of buyer behavior is marketplace segmentation (Dennis, Marsland and Cockett, 2001, p. 221). market segmentation is the process by which companies divide the marketplace on the ground of certain certain factors like geography, psychology, demography, socio-cultural factors and the use related factors (ICM, n. d). At the moment the customers inside my Wonderland include the entire smoking population of City of Lancaster. With an adult population of close to 80, 000, (those who happen to be older than 21-year) (City of Lancaster organizing Department), a sizable part of the client base will come out of this category. It truly is worth observing that only a tiny part of the potential clients are in the category of niche smokers seeing that most of the human population are consumers who are accustomed to buying the countrywide brand smokes as well as smokes sourced via various non-specialty stores like grocery market segments as well as grocery stores. My Wonderland’s clients are segmented on such basis as their devotion. The sections are;

1 . Specialty cigarette smokers: This category is made up of hardcore people who smoke and who will be active in patronizing smoking shops and also looking to locate the brands that are difficult to get in order to provide themselves a uniquely amazing smoking experience.

2 . Pastime smokers: This category is made up of habitual smokers whom take just about every brand but on selected occasions search for smoothing else.

3. Common smoker: Its kind of customers is made up of clients who focus on the every day brands good results . a habit of purchasing at the smoke cigars stores rather than convenient stores and markets.

5. Occasional smokers: This category of clients who smoke occasionally. Their options are either cigarettes or stogie and they can be attracted to purchasing at a smoke shop on special occasions like birthdays and bachelor parties.

It can be worth noting that there are also chances of appointment female clients but near to 90% in the clients will probably be men. We plan to employ e-commerce and e-marketing to focus on potential clients countrywide. Once we get established as one of the best online retailers of specialty smoking cigarettes and cigarettes and having a nationwide brand, the company desires to target a large customer base of close to one hundred and fifty million clients.

Product Placing

According to Kotler (2002) positioning identifies “the approach the product is defined simply by consumers about important features – the spot the product takes up in customers? minds relative to competing products” (p. 269). Consumer usually, holds a number of complex awareness, impressions and feelings in their process businesses and items with their competitors. These thoughts, impressions and perceptions no longer merge at random. Before positioning a given merchandise, it is necessary to identify the target industry and section it appropriately. My Wonderland should strive to position by itself as a reasonable smoke shop with a wide rage of top quality products. Gunter and Furnham (1992) suggested that when picking the target marketplace, the organization must appropriately come up with the marketing objectives and then utilize them in creating an effective advertising mix.

Asker (1996) on the other hand recommended the development of the positioning objectives soon after establishing value proposition and brand identity. Kotler indicated that positioning refers to the unique selling proposition that a product has.

Influence on consumer


Brand perception refers to the cabability to positively recognize a given brand under different different circumstances as mentioned by recall performance and brand recognition (Kotler Street, 2006). Client should see My Wonderland as a specialised shop with the highest quality items.

Learning and Memory

In terms of learning and memory, My own wonderland ought to aim to create a high level of brand name recall from its customers.. The idea of brand remember refers to the capability of a customer to retrieve a given brand from their memory as mentioned by Keller (1993). The company can achieve this by the supply of excellent products and services, advertizing and promotions.

Client Attitude Examination

There are several factors as to why My Wonderland should certainly engage in a consumer attitude evaluation. This is because the attitudes from the customers impact their searching style, preference as well as perceptions. Bellman, Lohse and Meeks (1999) for instance found out there is a romance between buyer attitude towards online shopping and other factors

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