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AppZone is a financial technology company (FinTech) focused on developing solutions to get financial services business and the market via cloud computing devices. It should enable the digitization aspirations of banks in Nigeria and around Africa through its organic solutions. The business was established in 2008 in Lagos, Nigeria.

That solutions at present services more than 16 commercial banks, 300 commercial banking companies and has a staff power of more than 119 people. Its alternatives manage about 20 billion in deposit from over 2 mil accounts. Through its cards management solutions, an approximate 40, 000 cards have been granted and employed in processing 90, 000 ventures daily.

A brief information of AppZone current products and proposed products are outlined below

I. BankOne. It simplifies retail banking/microfinance operations and in addition enables electronic service delivery on a one-stop, central been able, pay-per work with platform. Over 300 microfinance banks are enrolled upon BankOne.

2. Teleios. This kind of solution enables the marketing of financial businesses in medium-to-large organizations through process automation and seamless interaction with Bank Systems.

III. CreditClub. This is a technology option geared at improving economical inclusion to remote and financially ruled out areas recently unbanked by means of branchless and agent banking.

IV. Tradeport. This option enables small business (SMEs), medium sized organizations and retailers to integrate procedures such as sales, inventory and accounting software, e-banking and payment digesting.

V. Prime. This remedy is a card management platform-as-a-service enabling integration, hosting, transaction processing and end-to-end method automation pertaining to payment cards for key local and international schemes.

Proposed item,

I. Zone/ Zone change. This option works such as a mobile app built to electric power the online bank of tomorrow. They have functionality pertaining to payment, business, and personal economic management.

2. Ace.

3. Recova.

AppZone can be seeking to raise $7. a few million for further product development, working capital and item licensing. This industry and market evaluation aims to verify the viability of their business framework and unit.

Market Research.

Market Attributes and Tendencies. High Costs and Risks of computer Upgrades.

Traditional financial institutions individual legacy devices that are mostly centralized. This systems happen to be inefficient in meeting the dynamic financial needs of millennials and members of rising Generation Z era class. Replacing this musical legacy systems could be expensive and risky too. A McKinsey study discloses that below 30 percent2 of heritage systems had been successful during the last decade. Naturally costs and risks, the analysis also revealed that successful improvements will result in over fifty percent reduction in detailed costs.

Unnatural Intelligence.

Artificial cleverness is capable of driving procedure automation, advertising, customer romantic relationship management and improving the client experience economic institutions. By simply optimizing and understanding the info of it is customers, banking companies have the capability to produce products, solutions and activities tailoured for each and every customer. Execution of unnatural intelligence systems would be determined by enabling expertise in info mining and analytics for engagement with customers. Artificial intelligence are often applied to other areas in chatbots to have conversational banking with customers, start transactions pertaining to and account of the customer with small need for individual oversight pertaining to immaterial transactions.

Increasing API Access.

According to IDC4, by the end of 2018, 50 percent of worldwide Tier you and Rate 2 banking institutions will offer for least five external APIs. API’s are fast becoming a chance for banking institutions and insurance companies within financial services industry to efficiently get more consumers, streamline support delivery to existing clients and reduce total operational costs. Banks happen to be increasingly joining up with economic technology businesses via wide open APIs.

Impair Solutions

There are just a number of current technologies in the business space that do not require some form of impair solution for people who do buiness support and solutions. Financial services business is not a exemption too. Many banks have been previously hesitant to sponsor secure procedures on general public cloud generally due to fears of breaches and regulatory calamité in such cases. With increasing improvements in cybersecurity resources, banking institutions are becoming more willing to expand to community cloud solutions. A critical driver of these decisions are the failure of private cloud services (which are mostly bespoke development to get the bank) do not support cross platform transactions and transfer.


A report simply by Greenwich Co-workers in 2016 estimates spend on blockchain technology by Global Financial Institutions at over $1 billion5. Guidelines of these spending were used technology solutions that will enable banks better understand blockchain technology and generate work with cases for implementation inside financial institutions. This describes the largest challenge facing the industry today where there is shortage of blockchain talent, not simply from a software development perspective, but likewise from a domain expertise viewpoint. However , you will find significant growing solutions by startups such as Ripples, Ring, TransferWise among others. Also, several banks in India including ICICI Financial institution, YES Lender, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Axis Bank have created similar blockchain solutions for money transfer.

Require Drivers. Financial inclusion.

Financial exclusion rates in Nigeria are high. The EFinA estimates about forty two percent of Nigeria’s mature population being financially excluded. This makes opportunities for extension of financial services to underserved inhabitants of about 45 million people.

IT services Infrastructure

Banks are constantly seeking impressive and cost efficient technological methods to deliver the services to customers, private and corporate customers. This solutions are power by Information Technology Infrastructures via servers to card management, to additional core bank systems. This system must be in a position of delivering seamless and integrated banking experience to financial services users.


Nigeria’s population is largely uninsured. According to National Health Insurance Scheme, just about 4 percent of Nigeria are included in insurance7. Insuretech companies are poised to take advantage of the forex market due to their ability to provide standard insurance solutions that will goal core insurance needs just like insurance to get a specific prevalent ailment. They may require technology to enhance this kind of solutions which is why the business can develop for business operation or sell off to insurance providers (and insuretechs) on pay out per work with basis or any type of other sustainable revenue version.

Data Analytics and Credit Ratings.

Finance institutions, which include banks, insurance firms, and the technology companies providing financial services might achieve more rapid solution delivery by comprehending the individual consumers. Financial technology companies especially can boycott the traditional credit ranking process for the use of customer data from monetary transactions and also other sources to calculate fico scores. Further understanding may be generated for software to additional aspect of product development for these finance companies.

Business-to-Customer Portfolio Investing.

Financial services firms offering personal savings, asset administration, and direct capital marketplace investing features have an exclusive need for scientific solutions that meet global best practices. One among such practice is the Global Investment Efficiency Standards (GIPSs). This requirements highlights just how fees must be structured, reporting of expense performance and ensuring visibility in orders which are crucial for trust by end users.

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