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Throughout this paper, you will see the extremely debatable debate between legalizing medical weed and regular marijuana. Both sides of the debate have their positives and negatives and there is an in depth description of both sides from the argument. At the end of the day though, the paper thoroughly supports the legalization of medical pot and cannabis in general. Medical marijuana much less harmful than most other legal tobacco products and has the ability to reduce the pain within just ailing people.

Cannabis also can be a treatable and more all-natural drug to help people in soreness. Marijuana also offers the potential to make the U. S. out of their challenging economic struggle as well as reduced crime level and generate more jobs for many even more people. However researchers believe medical pot is still harmful to people’s health and the government will not know how to regulate the production promote of weed. Both sides possess valid disputes, but the positives outweigh the cons by a significant volume.

This kind of paper has opinions of lots of reliable sources, doctors and research workers explaining their very own side of the story. Yet read on to produce your own personal thoughts and opinions.


Marijuana needs to be legalized for medical use across the country. Cannabis has a adverse stigma fastened by the federal government and general public, but is truly a natural and effective remedies. The argument about medical marijuana is starting to distributed across the country like wildfire, plus the topic ought to be addressed. This paper goes into interesting depth explanation and reasoning in why medical marijuana ought to be legalized at the earliest opportunity. History of Weed

Medical pot and weed have had a long, lengthy great repeated use in the United States. Initial, from 1900 to 1940, marijuana, including opium and cocaine were considered part of everyday drugs. As period went on, the U. S. cracked down on crack and opium, at some point outlawing all of them, but always been very “loose with the use of pot. Eventually, because time extended to rotate on, the usage of marijuana started to be “frowned after.  Marijuana was illegal and the U. S. government became incredibly strict while using cannabis laws. This began around the 80’s and then started to become increasingly worse. Then, throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s, research started to create jaw-dropping outcomes. Scientists began to discover that cannabis can substantially help people that have become ill. Medical Weed has been tested to help people with cataracts, cancer and severe depression, in order to name some (Zeese 1999). With the brand new worldwide discovery, the argument about medical marijuana captivated. States desired to only produce medical marijuana legal therefore it may help sick people, nevertheless the government did not want any kind of form of cannabis legal. The law that was known through the United States was any sort of marijuana was illegal. But now with this new discovery, doctors in states across the country wanted the legalization of medical marijuana. Nevertheless states can overrule the laws with the government, because states are given the decision to select some of their key laws. Thus came the start of the legalization of medical marijuana.

The first condition to allow the utilization of medical marijuana was A bunch of states in 1996 (Zeese 1999). The only distribution of medical marijuana even though is through the recommendation of the certified doctor. Other states began to follow in the footsteps of California such as Illinois and The state of colorado. One thing led to the next, and after this there is approximately fourteen says that have legalized the circulation of weed medically, with many more to come. These types of states allowed the use of medical marijuana to help people with anxiousness, certain types of cancer and cataracts. But the U. S. government has attempted to prevent patients from obtaining cannabis and threatened medical doctors who suggest it with criminal prosecution or loss of their permit to practice. Yet somehow, the developing support to get medical weed has grown enormously in figures over the past twenty years. And before people realized it, america government has to ask themselves: Is marijuana actually much less bad as drug since people thought? And should the United States just simply legalize all types of marijuana? U. S. Watch of Medical Marijuana

Because discussed inside the history of weed, the American view on cannabis is very depressed. The government previously feels they can be bending in reverse by permitting medical marijuana, but they nonetheless disagree with everything regarding it. The government even created the film called “Reefer Madness which is

a 1936 motion picture that desired to make people assume that when people smoking marijuana chances are they would turn into crazy. Beginning from a hit and run crash, to manslaughter, suicide, experimented with rape, and descent in to madness. On the tail end of the eighties, the use of pot and other drugs started to reach a new elevation. At first, a lot of people started making use of the drug since the party field started to increase increasingly. Yet by the end with the eighties, society started to maltreatment cannabis. Combined with abuse of marijuana, medication gangs began selling weed along with other medicines, creating even more crime over the United States. Thus this makes the bad impact on the view of marijuana. The government tagged the use of “marijuana as being a part of a team or becoming a criminal. After that soon after, analysis in the early eighties demonstrated some unwanted side effects of smoking cigarettes marijuana. The view of weed would retain the title of the “bad drug until the recent 2000’s. These are multiple main reasons why marijuana received the “bad image by the U. S. government.

Community View of Medical Marijuana

Across the world there is a wide variety of rules and laws that pertain to medical marijuana and cannabis in general. Various other countries around the world have much less stricter regulations when it comes to the situation of medical marijuana and marijuana. In countries like the United Kingdom (UK) and Quotes, they actually encourage the use of medical marijuana and present exemption of pursuing legal charges to distributers. In that case there is the region of Holland, which allows complete legalization of each form of pot. Holland stimulates lots of small business owners to encourage smoking and eating of marijuana. Another way marijuana could be consumed through baking the cannabis in various types of food, which then allows a different sort of type of excessive. The high supposedly is more of a body system high, which can be different from cigarette smoking marijuana or perhaps taking a tablet. But The netherlands encourages local bake retailers to “cook marijuana inside the their foods. By doing this, tiny local businesses attract more and bigger crowds to arrive try their very own new meals that has a stop. Holland’s travel rates have got increased somewhat since the legalization of cannabis or hash (more pure type of marijuana). It may not have a drastic change in their overall economy, but it sure does have a small impact. Finally, there is England, which has no laws and regulations against any kind of drug of any kind. All drugs by marijuana to cocaine, to heroine are legal. England decided the people that wish to accomplish drugs, they would. Prison costs drastically changed and statistics show that the crime rate went down, which includes fewer busts. Law enforcement now does not have to worry about minor issues like drug related crimes. This allows what the law states enforcement to set their main focus and priority toward catching more severe criminals including murders, rapists and thievery. The most important element is the utilization of marijuana decreased. Showing that making something illegal, provides the user the thrill of breaking the law and by going through with making use of the drug. When marijuana is legal, the excitement is gone, and less people may wish to try it. Benefits

Medical weed is never recognized for its benefits and use of good in the world. Lots of people just write away marijuana as just a bad drug. When compared to modern pharmaceuticals, cannabis is viewed as a revolutionary medicine since it is natural and has unique chemical substances. Compounds for instance a stimulant inside the cannabis that acts as a hunger enhancer. What this means is, that simply by smoking or taking a tablet version of marijuana, after that it makes persons get hungry, known as the munchies. So individuals with diabetes and anorexia may smoke cannabis to create craving for food. The direct result is eating the making these sick individuals better. However, if the legalization of medical marijuana and pot occurs then there is an extraordinary amount of goodness to come. Likewise there is many medical instances where marijuana has helped sick and people in pain. Certain people that have cancer, must travel through chemotherapy which can be really painful. Therefore doctors recommend medical pot for these people so it allows dull the pain. I know off personal experience with the correlation with cancer, radiation treatment and the usage of medical weed. My mother was clinically determined to have breast cancer this past year and had to endure chemotherapy to kill the cancer. The girl was in discomfort most times, feeling serious agony from what the radiation treatment was carrying out. The chemo is a chemical that is designed to get rid of something; just like cancer for instance, and the unwanted side effects is that this can hurt the body also. My mom was prescribed medical marijuana after a couple weeks of the chemo for the reason that pain became too much on her behalf. After the girl started cigarette smoking the pot the soreness was much less intense and helped her significantly overcome her fight with cancer. Up coming, there is strong scientific proof that shows that tobacco products such as cigs, chewing cigarette, etc . is much worse compared to the use of pot. Cigarettes not only have smoking cigarettes that damages the lung area and mouths but all tobacco items contain cigarette smoking in all of them. Nicotine is quite addictive that causes people to smoke or munch more. Yet somehow these tobacco products happen to be legal and they are even permitted to sell to individuals of the associated with eighteen, therefore technically continue to teenagers. To include on, many individuals are staying thrown into jail pertaining to possession and distribution of marijuana. And so in sense, innocent people are being thrown in federal prisons and prisons for possessing or advertising a much less harmful medication than other folks.

This just does not increase, and boosts another reason to why cannabis should just just be legalized. These will be the details in favor to get legalizing medical marijuana through this daily news. Medical Marijuana is much less unhealthy since the press and govt says it really is. Medical Weed could have the potential to raise enough money to help the United States to get out of the recession that individuals are currently in. The government might make more money to get the United States economy by legalizing marijuana. Simply by applying bigger tax costs on the sell off of pot and then sell the high taxed supplement to the general public. The government previously uses this approach with smoking cigarettes products. Representatives inflate the tax about tobacco goods by outstanding amounts so the country gets some of the income off the tobacco products. To make a cigarette costs two mere cents to produce, twenty cigarettes within a pack, in order that should be around forty mere cents for a bunch of cigarettes. However in reality a pack of any nicotine products costs about 5-7 us dollars depending on what part of the country one is located. If the federal government goes through this same process with marijuana then that would produce many more in order to make money intended for the United States. Although how would they package and sell weed? The best way the federal government could bundle and sell marijuana would be in a smaller type of cigarette packs. The federal government should have a package that could only carry about twelve rolled up marijuana important joints or blunts. Then the govt should duty the living daylights out of your pack then the government would have a major pumpiing in the economy. The us government believes which the public will never buy the cannabis because of the unfavorable view on cannabis. But figures keep elevating year after year regarding the percentage of men and women that believe marijuana must be legalized. If the authorities simply just legalizes marijuana after which raise the taxation on it, people will get the drug. The other level that goes hand in hand with the legalization of pot is that it will eventually lower criminal activity. Now the people of the United States pay regarding 8% of tax dollars to keep prisoners in custody of the children (Mikos, 2009). But some of the so called “prisoners are only inside because they will broke legislation of selling marijuana. These prisoners will be in jail because of a small crime of selling or in possession of this harmless medication. If marijuana were to turn into legal, then lots of this “prisoners can be released and would in the end result save the United States vast amounts. Cons

Despite the fact that many activists that want pot legal believe marijuana don’t have any negative factors, but multiple different evaluation results consider otherwise. First off, the active ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC functions on cannabinoid receptors upon nerve cells and then influences the activity of the people cells. The cannabinoid pain are section of the brain that influences pleasure, memory, believed, concentration, sensory, time perception and coordinated movement (Buddy, 2011). Marijuana causes health problems in the heart and lungs. Within the starting minutes of smoking marijuana, the cardiovascular system begins to pummelled to 20 to 50 is better than faster one minute. This causes the blood pressure to drop and creating a higher heart rate (Buddy, 2011). Experts have discovered that marijuana smoker’s risk of a heart attack is definitely four moments higher inside the first hour after smoking cigarettes marijuana. The lungs as well experience burning and stinging in the mouth and lungs the moment marijuana can be smoked. Scientists have identified that, “regular marijuana cigarette smokers can experience the same respiratory problems as cigarette smokers just like daily cough and phlegm production, more frequent serious chest ailments, increased likelihood of lung infections, and blocked airways (Buddy, 2011). One of the main reasons the fact that government will allow cannabis to be legal is the federal government cannot established rules and regulations with the growing of cannabis. In case the government legalizes marijuana in that case anyone in the usa can grow and smoke cigarettes cannabis. The federal government fears that whenever they legalize marijuana after that everyone only will just develop their own. In case the government would have been to

legalize marijuana chances are they would want to offer and duty the living daylights from it. But marijuana is not only a hard flower to develop. Marijuana can be not like dark beer or liquor where it is hard to produce; it is quite easy to expand. Beer and liquor must be made in factories where as pot can be grown almost everywhere. So simply because cannot stop people coming from growing it, then it will make it hard to get the government to tax cannabis. Then even more legal inquiries arise through the entire country. Carry out officials police arrest people developing marijuana? How can they arrest a person for developing something that is totally legal? The answer is that the federal government cannot try this, and if they do, they Congress would have to go new regulations that could lead to multiple different loop slots. Medical benefits

The principal constituent of cannabis is definitely tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and is effective in treating nausea, vomiting, hunger loss and acute and chronic pain. With these details doctors have begun to work with and diagnose the use of medical marijuana. Cannabis may prevent Alzheimer’s disease, relieves chronic pain, and combats the effects of malignancy (Pope, 1996). Also, the latest research has proven that marijuana can battle the effects of fibromyalgia, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (Pope, 1996). They are serious illness and diseases that cannabis had been known to support cure. This all knowledge have been discovered in the past 20 years as well! Just imagine also time, and even more support of this drug can easily do. If marijuana acquired legalized then simply, many more medical mysteries could be solved and may potentially preserve many more people from pain and about to die.


This information is about the reader to dictate and decide for their own, but I really hope my opinion with credible specifics and research has helped advise and give people a better understanding on this topic. And overall, persuade these to agree that medical cannabis and weed in general needs to be legalized. Weed is not really a bad medicine, because it has helped countless people progress and endure. With all these kinds of pros and few downsides, it is inevitable that the legalization of pot should start immediately. We also question people to words their opinions and act, so the

legalization of the drug can occur so it can help and continue to help ill people.


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