of non-SikhsAccording to the famous vem som st?r Carlyle, a worthy full sovereign coin should be evaluated from a sole element as to just how he engages his sword after becoming victorious.

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Le Griffin writes that:

Maharaja Ranjit Singh reigned over his kingdom exactly based on the Sikh life-style and Sikhism considers everyone as friends and covers the wellbeing of all inspite of caste and creed.


The heart of Gurbani couplet, Normally the one Lord may be the Father of most and we would be the children of the one Head of the family rules substantial in every Sikh heart. Charles Hugal, creates in his publication, Travels in Kashmir and Punjab, that, probably no person in the world would have established such a large empire with minimum bloodshed since Ranjit Singh has established his kingdom.


Affirming Hugals views, Prinsep, also writes in his publication, Origin of Sikh Power in Punjab, that, Ranjit Singhs complete career was free of any blemishes just like unnecessary atrocities and terrible bloodshed.


Historian Ur. S. Kanungo praising every aspect of the Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, in his articles says, his empire was your kingdom for Welfare for All, in which all were equal sharing lovers. In his kingdom there was simply no special take pleasure in for Sikhs and no bitterness for non-Sikhs. There were zero special taxation on any kind of caste to show it straight down from the other or to label it poor.


W. G. Osborne writes that, Maharaja Ranjit Singh was so caring that exterior a challenge he would not kill any person, so much so that in generosity he even forgave individuals who tried to kill him and felt joy in flexible.


Charles Hugal in his book, The Court and Camp of Ranjit Singh, writes that

Ranjit Singh ruled his kingdom based on the Sikh tenets. All the important positions were given to Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, completely based on value. Even his main experts were 3 famous Muslim brothers: Fakir Aziz-ud-Din, his foreign ressortchef (umgangssprachlich), Fakir Nur-ud-Din, his house minister, Fakir Imam-ud-Din, his custodian of the arsenals. Forty-six senior Army officers and two top ranking Officers were Muslims.

One Standard was The french language and rating of armed forces officers were Europeans. In police and civil companies he has about one hundred Muslim representatives alone. Hindus too, accustomed to hold a large number of key positions in Sarkar-e-Khalsa. Ranjit Singh was high-end through-and-through.

As he had shed his one particular eye in childhood, due to small pox, he accustomed to remark amusingly about himself that

Goodness Willed that as a the case Sikh I ought to look upon all made use of with one eye.


Sayyed Waheed-ud-Din, the great son of Fakir Aziz-ud-Din publishes articles

On one events, Maharaja and Fakir were out jogging the borders of Lahore when they attained a bullock cart carrying what looked like a huge publication. The Maharaja stopped the cart and asked the driving force, what having been carrying.

Maharaja, replied the driving force, I i am a calligraphist and this book is a manuscript of the Ay Quran, which can be my whole lifes function. I are on my way to Hyderabad to trade it towards the Muslim full of that country.

Turning to Fakir Aziz-ud-Din the Maharaja stated

This gentleman seems to feel that there is nobody on this side of Hyderabad who is pious and generous enough to pay him a good value. He then asked the calligraphist, How much will you be expecting my personal good person?

The calligraphist mentioned an enormous sum of Rs. 15, 000. Prior to the minister can intervene, Ranjit Singh instructed

Fakir ji, please see to it that this man is paid out ten thousands of rupees from the state treasury. He then asked Fakir Aziz-ud-Din to read him a passageway from the manuscript. Fakir browse Sura Yusaf and then converted it.

Although Fakir ji, remarked the Maharaja, The truly great Granth according to the same kind of things. What is the difference?

None of them, your Highness, replied the Fakir, The goal is a same, the particular paths are different. The Maharaja awarded Aziz-ud-Din, for this apt reply, simply by gifting him the manuscript.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh did not find out about prejudice and sectarianism, for this reason , a Muslim poet person like Shah Mohammed has not been tired of praising him and lamented by recounting the virtues of Ranjit Singh on his fatality.


Another unparalled quality of Ranjit Singh is that any ruler or landlord who was conquered by him, Ranjit Singh instead of displaying him straight down, used to demonstrate generosity and allot him landed property worth thousands and thousands of rupees so as to pass life with dignity.

Defeated Afghan Chief of the servants Muhammad Khan, Nawab of Kasur Kutub-o-din, defeated son of Chief excutive of Multan are obvious examples of Ranjit Singhs benevolence.


In accordance to And. K. Sinha

Maharaja Ranjit Singh utilized to give robe cocktail of honor to Qazis, Sayyeds, Ulmas and hermits so that they could keep on doing work for welfare and building the country with complete devotion and enthusiasm.


Henry Lawrence in his book, Adventures of an Officer in Punjab, creates that:

Maharaja Ranjit Singh used to give large homes to the conquered kings and maintain them in a location to live an appropriate life, while others would enjoy to let their very own enemies suffer to the limit of beat.


Murray writes

Ranjit Singh was full of mankind. He dominated by following the etiquettes of Sikhism and thus he was generous, benevolent and a sympathiser.

He continues to be likened to Mehmet Ali and to Napoleon. There are some details in which this individual resembles the two, but estimating his persona with reference to his circumstances and positions, he can perhaps a much more remarkable gentleman than both. There was not any ferocity in his disposition and he under no circumstances punished a criminal with death possibly under the situations of irritated offence. Humankind indeed, or rather tenderness for a lifetime was a feature in the persona of Ranjit Singh. There is no instance of his having wantonly imbued his hands in blood.


Maharaja was truely secular and democratic in ruling his kingdom and welfare of his subject matter kept very important importance in the performance agenda. There were 4,000 schools in the Kingdom, which are all same for the youngsters of all brotherhoods. Even British and People from france were educated so that students could communicate with the literature and lifestyle of the outside the house world. The Maharaja offered a practical shape to the Sikh mentality. His empire, inside the real meaning, was the kingdom of the persons in which there was clearly justice, happiness, dynamic electric power and widespread partnership.


Waheed-ud-Din, estimates, two of Ranjit Singhs requests which focus on his perception of proper rights and equality for his people. In one order he admits that, that regardless if His Highness himself problems an incorrect order against any homeowner, it should be plainly brought to the notice of His Highness so that it can be amendedjustice must be dispensed in accordance with legitimate correct and without the slightest oppression and bias and instructions should be exceeded in accordance with the Shatras or the Quran as pertinent to the faith from the party.

In the second rule, he to be truthful states that Sri Seated Guru ji forbid if His Highness or his beloved daughters should make any unacceptable act. It must be brought to the notice of His Highness.

Waheed-ud-Din considers these instructions very unique in the sense that they can do not actually exclude the Emperor in the clutches in the law. Background stands testimony that, Maharaja received eyelashes on his back in open view of the Sangat when the punishment was honored to him by the Akal Takhat.


Vincent Smith, observes:

The Punjab state under Ranjit Singh was neither a regular Indian comarcal state and monarchy, neither merely a dictatorship.


For the Sikhs his guideline was a Haleemi Raj my spouse and i. e. a Kingdom ruled with maximum humility, kindliness and a sense of service to humankind.



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