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Lotus Rental Car’s CFO feasibility adding alternative gasoline vehicles fleet

The problem of switching to a more fuel efficient car, especially types that are regarded non-polluting is going to arise for any tourist and individual car owners. This is because the rising cost of fossil fuels and the activities of eco warriors and other forces that try and curb the application of fossil fuels and cars in several places. While the operators incorporate some more breathing time, it might be predicted that in the near future you will have a compelled shift to hybrid cars, electric automobiles and non-fuel-based vehicles in all sectors of the world. The automotive industry is itself gearing up intended for the alter. One aspect that has manufactured the automobile makers take to making hybrid cars and electric and other energy vehicles is usually primarily the cost of gasoline as is received now. The rising price in gasoline has made vehicle manufacturers trim to generating engines which might be more efficient. The rise in gas costs made priority focuses on for the automotive industry to make cars cut fuel consumption simply by innovating for the engine and other components. (Maxton; Wormald, 2004)

Fuel effectiveness has been attempted by the use of technology like aerodynamic streamlining, power-train technology, and increasing the engine capability. Other attempts have included the lowering of excess weight, which is attained by the new style of the vehicle and substituting typical material with the lighter polymers which have all been prompted by the modifications in our fuel economy needs and 1 metal which includes replaced the conventional iron and tin can be aluminum. Aluminium is the best choice from the lightweight supplies substitution as a result of stable expense and since it is not controversial as plastic. (Becker, 2006) Technology has also progressed and research has reached the peek in finding vehicles that use alternatives to gasoline. (Ulrich, 2007)

Professionals predict that in the future the U. S. market will in 20 years be able to substitute gasoline. Which means that various other nations will abide by suit. So it will be proposed that some time in the foreseeable future all firms and individuals will be forced to replace the latest vehicles with hybrid models or alternate fuel types. Instead of making sudden improvements gradual introduction of this sort of vehicles could be made.

Thesis Statement: Various fuel cars can be released in a phased manner as the laws and regulations become strict the changeover can be built on a full scale depending on the market scenario.

2 . Conversation

Primarily there will come a time if the purchase of fossil fuel automobile will become a liability to get the company. Nevertheless those days are far off. In future car businesses are going to focus on the new fuel vehicles and cut down on the petrol and diesel types in view of the very fact that automobile makers have to innovate and make cars and vehicles which have been bound to keep the technology improved. In other words the industry attempts to add or create new technology to every style to retain the marketplace. This has generated a lot of innovations and a technology spiral. A few of these are the consequence of social adjustments that tech minded to make by way of example driving secure, and other gadgets that are an attraction and used for personalisation of the autos and the need of fuel efficiency include changed the role of research and technical creation in the industry. So as a market feature – the hybrid cars and various fuel autos which are very expensive now are required to become cheap on mass production. Based upon this information the analysis is performed with the current position of the company.

That lotus Car Rental:

That lotus Car Rental in Greece as of now is the big name in the condition. Having the HQ at Athens, Greece has a fleet of vehicles, which is presented to tourist and the organization and cars for the shoppers range from the business use vehicles to traveler vehicles. The vehicles happen to be with six hundred cc to 3700cc ability with multi-purpose vehicles, minibus and jeeps. (Lotus Car Rental. com, 2011b)

Already the company has experimentally tried crossbreed cars, and the fleet contains small cars, luxury cars, and the environmentally friendly hybrid autos for ecology conscious consumers. The services span cars which have vintage value for wedding ceremonies. The modern autos include “Morgan, Fiat Punto, Hyundai Atos, Volkswagen Punta 1 . 2cc Kia Picanto 1 . 0cc, Fiat Importante Punto 1 . 4cc Smart for2 Sun-roof 700cc, Fiat Multipla 1 . 6cc, Hyundai Accent 1 . 4cc Programmed, Smart Caprino 700cc, Honda Civic Cross Automatic, Renault Megane 1 ) 6cc, Hyundai H-ONE installment payments on your 4cc, Volvo S40 1 ) 6cc, 4×4 Wrangler 2 . 4cc a few. 8cc, Jeep grand cherokee 2012 3. several Automatic, Renault Grand Espace 2 . 0cc, Mercedes Elizabeth. 200 1 ) 8cc, Mercedes SLK 1 . 8cc and sport vehicles like Jaguar X-Type, Porsche Boxster T. 3. 2cc and AS BMW HYBRID 645 caprino. ” (Lotus Car Rental. com, 2011a)

The corporation has been doing well in the Ancient greek language Holiday and tour part and can increase with the development in travel to Greece which is a possibility, considering that at a later date tourism might be limited to affordable destinations via Europe. In order far since the company is involved it has to items up for a big change. The prominent point that has to be made only at that juncture is that not only the business has tried out hybrids, nevertheless most of the business whose cars are stocked by the Lotus Company offers entered the hybrid arena. Therefore in terms of the change is concerned it can be carried out while the demands and external circumstances change without much difficulty. Since the company is using Fiat, Honda cars more, it is possible that as and when these companies reveal cheaper editions of electric and also other vehicles a couple of such cars can be acquired if required. But how come must the company go in for these kinds of alternate fuel vehicles in the next doing well as it is?

Why Alter?

One thing is certain. A change is coming in the automotive industry. Presently these autos are being made in a trial basis using many other compounds and even crossbreed cars using both gasolines, electricity and so on are getting experimented. The forerunners through this field seem to be Honda, Toyota and Honda. But it is still a long way away. Thus the technology craze is to generate fuel useful vehicles that adhere to legal norms of emission. Technology that comes with various other gadgets certainly not part of vehicle hitherto has now become a part of the vehicle ultimately causing more and more enhancements of features. Innovation is definitely the result of industry fragmentation and the organizational difficulty that has happen in the industry. It has affected the and suppliers of elements and the vehicle suppliers are the most affected in the sudden change in technology that requires a growing number of sophisticated elements. Thus innovation in the vehicle industry contains a ripple effect. (Becker, 2006)

A long time ago the alterations began to happen. In 2006 the General Motor Graphyte idea vehicle was displayed at auto reveals and this was followed with low-polluting gas-electric hybrids, diesels and hydrogen-fueled vehicles, and Ford Engine went into mixed-style models. The challenge has become taken up by simply Ford, Toyota and Honda has taken to manufacturing such vehicles. Toyota and Honda have already introduced the Civic and Agreement Sedans, and a lot of variants of diesels. A great many other companies include even applied biogas, hydrogen, and this requires modifying gas stations and creating hydrogen completing stations which can take one other 20 years. (Healey; et ing., 2005)

The main problem is there is a need pertaining to huge infrastructure for maintaining and working these helpful such autos. For example the charging points pertaining to electric automobiles will have to be produced before these kinds of vehicles can be put on the street. Subsequently the cost of the fuel is really high by today that it is not feasible to operate such automobiles without a public infrastructure for refilling, charging and energy outlets. (Waterfield, 2011)

The changes that are guaranteed to come really are a result of people feeling diffident to the air pollution issues. The people of different parts react in various ways to pollution. There is a resistance that people show to wrecking vehicles, and this feeling is definitely spreading, One example is it was reported in the Moments 3 the fact that European Union can ban cars from towns by 2050 and this is going to apply to significant cities like London and everything other cities across Europe with a view to remove carbon dioxide exhausts which means that the petrol and diesel-driven autos and lorries will go away roads. Concurrently the plan is definitely afoot to get rid of cheap vacation flights “from Britain to southern European countries with a target that over 50 per cent of all excursions above 186 miles ought to be by rail. ” (Waterfield, 2011)

Basically the nations of the Eu will count more upon rail transportation and reduce gas cars and other vehicles. Though the tourism sector and the Association of English Drivers laughed at the idea of the pitch to prohibit cars as it will decrease the

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