A tragic main character is a guy of rspectable stature, not only any regular man, but a man with outstanding qualities and success about him. This nobleman may also have an important tragic catch which leads to his catastrophic downfall. In Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, two personas come to mind who also may fit this classification ” Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus. Julius Caesar is a army leader, politician and the leader of Rome. Many people love him for taking down Pompey, yet some people fear his electric power.

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Brutus is actually a close friend of Caesar’s who also holds a high rank in business office. While arguments for Julius Caesar or Marcus Brutus can be produced as to what kind may be the tragic hero, it truly is Caesar that is the real tragic hero in this story.

Undoubtedly, Marcus Brutus is one of the key characters with the play. He’s a highly positioned person inside the government and a very good friend of Caesar’s.

Brutus is known for his status for command, honor and nobleness, yet he is not at all times practical, and it is often energetic. Brutus has to make a large number of difficult decisions throughout this play. Nevertheless , these decisions frequently backfire. For example , within the Ides of March, Brutus says to himself, inch It must be by his loss of life; and for my own part. I am aware no personal cause to spurn by him, however for the general (740. ) This is when Brutus finally decides to join the conspiracy to kill Caesar. Later with the Senate House, the conspirators eventually eliminate Caesar. Unfortunately for Brutus, he consistently misjudges the citizens of Rome and in the end, does suicide. Without making these types of decisions, Brutus would not reach his problem.

However , Julius Caesar is a tragic leading man. While on his way back from defeating Pompey, Caesar has been reached by a cheering crowd, filled up with many people that adore him. Caesar was supposed to be another great head of Rome. Antony says, “I thrice presented him a kingly crown, which will he do thrice refuse (775. ) He had declined the top, offered to him by Marc Antony, 3 x. Caesar finally agrees to take the crown, and was planning to agree to it around the Ides of March. As he arrives at the Senate home, the conspirators meet with him and kill him. It was not until Caesar’s memorial service that the individuals knew he previously refused the crown 3 times before accepting, showing lack of ambition. Yet , refusing the crown may have

just been an action to get more visitors to like him.

Caesar, nevertheless , was focused. Casca lets us know at the beginning of the play, inch Murellus and Flavius, for pulling jewelry off Caesar’s images, happen to be put to silence (731. ) Caesar got Murellus and Flavius slain for speaking out against him. This kind of shows that this individual does not just like when people tend not to agree with him and wishes all people on his side. Brutus also says that Caesar is power hungry and wanted the crown. Caesar believes that he is previously mentioned everyone else, which causes Brutus, Cassius and many others to show concern his guideline over The italian capital.

Both Brutus and Caesar can be considered tragic heroes because they’re both “larger than life character types who have a tragic downside that provides their demise. But , devoid of Caesar there would be no play. Caesar was going to be the ruler, unfortunately he murdered just before he had the chance because of his ambition. Brutus made negative decisions and killed himself. So , Brutus may have the qualities of your tragic hero but in the end, it is Julius Caesar since it was his ambition t his fatality.

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