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Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is actually a Russian landscape painter delivered in Yelabuga, Vyatka region. From his childhood, the painter was interested in skill and materials. Being a student at the St . Petersburg School of Disciplines, Ivan Shishkin was honored the Academy’s Gold Medal and got the stipend to travel to the world skill capitals, which includes Munich, Prague, and Düsseldorf. After he visited Düsseldorf School, the artist was inspired to reproduce in his artworks beautiful nature and linear intensity. Besides, the painter started to be the head in The ussr mastering such techniques since etching and lithography. Afterwards, Ivan Shishkin started to use the facility of Ivan Kramskoy in St . Petersburg where his artistic strategy was graciously welcomed.

Through all his paintings, Ivan Shishkin looks for to convey the concept nature is the universe where one may find own serenity and harmony. The artist tries to persuade individuals to genuinely love nature to find a balance in life. Even more, because of his exclusive style, Ivan Shishkin became known as “tsar of the forest.  One more primary idea of the music artists drawings should be to depict not only a concrete place, but provide the image and spirit of Russian landscapes.

The unique characteristic of all his famous artwork is that all-natural landscapes will be depicted within their pristine express. This peculiar characteristic may be traced in such artworks as The Forest Removing (1896), Winter months (1890), The Field of Wheat (1878), In the Crazy North (1891), and The Teutoburg Forest (1865). Other images such as Promenading in the Forest (1869), In The Birch Woods Forest (1883), The Path through the Woods (1880), and Rain in the Walnut Forest (1891), depict people in harmony with mother nature.

In the art work, one may view a so-called forest interior. The slim trees become the walls, while the floor is shown by a field with lawn and bouquets. The heavens is almost unseen because of dense woods.

One particular look at the piece of art and one could feel the beauty of winter days, their calmness, and peacefulness. Concurrently, the art work renders the festive and solemn atmosphere of the winter weather. In the front side, one may get a snowy wooded meadow in the midst of nowhere.

The popular painting The Field of Wheat depicts age-old pinus radiata trees in the front of your pale blue sky. The golden field of wheat ready to pick adds a peculiar charm to the surroundings. In the the front of the pulling, one may see the beginning of the winding discipline road. The road disappears in a distance and symbolizes eternity and enjoyment.

This piece of art is full of light and natural splendor. Ivan Shishkin managed to catch a perfect moment, feeling the rhythm and spirit of nature. Taking a look at In The Birch Tree Forest, one may visit a calm stream in the forest with a wooden bridge. The trees inside the painting are most often so big and huge that two human figures on the course near the stream look like very little buggies. Besides, a variety of shadows and lighting create the feeling of isolation, warmness, and calmness.

This drawing was inspired by the famous Lermontovs poem. Whilst in the the poem, the leading concept of the the art work is isolation and desertion. In the middle of a chilly landscape, around the bare top of a rock and roll, rises a proud and lonely shrub. In the background, one may see never-ending, snow-covered woodlands. With the help of rich colors and shadows, the painter prevailed to give the feeling of cold silence and solitude.

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