Groupon gets commissions from the item and service providers. The services are able to advertise their products and gain benefits from the top quantity of instructions. It is a unit that can gratify all the people: the customers, product sellers as well as the Groupon company. However , this business model is easy to copy. It does not required high technology or one of a kind skills to set up the business. Various internet companies, such as Yahoo and Amazon online, have stepped in this marketplace. They have set up similar business services.

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Those competitors are attempting to grab market share in the leader, Groupon. For example , Google has set up its very own online group buying websites, Google offer, and produced more attractive presents by lowering the price compared to the similar goods and services on Groupon. Therefore , customers have more different types of online group buying services. Customers are able to find better products by Groupon’s competition. With intensive competition, Groupon needs to consider how to maintain its market share as well as how to improve it is services to draw more return customers inside the short run.

Over time, the company should think about how you can improve the business design to make it more competitive. Alternatives Groupon could start up a customer commitment program to cultivate a high loyalty buyer group. The corporation could build an merit system to get the program. The customers could gain certain items when they buy the products. If they have attained enough items, they could redeem these points to obtain new deals. The customers might spend more using this incentive because the buyers could get more benefit if they shop more.

The business could motivate its consumer to keep buying on the website as well as the market reveal. But the prize system is simple to copy. Finally, the company must choose whether to give even more rewards than its competitors. Groupon may lose income by giving apart more benefits to the customers. Groupon could differentiate their service by sending custom-made offers. The company could need its clients to complete preference information when they subscribe to the website. The shoppers could get the customized offers regularly by simply emails.

This strategy could routinely provide the buyers with cheaper services and products that they will be interested in. Nevertheless the process to get the personal data may make absolutely free themes uncomfortable with it. Course of action The company ought to choose the second alternative. By collecting the personal information, the company is able to evaluation its customers’ needs in a more precise approach. The company may build huge customer info base to find right items for the shoppers. The company can give exceptional discount if the customer s i9000 can send their choice information.


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