Today’s society is said to belong to the knowledge age where information is considered to be valuable property with this, different systems are made so as to ensure the right handling details. There are databases and laptop to name a few. The above mentioned however happen to be bulky and so, their use is limited to offices and or house just. People at present are needed to get and manage data whenever they need. And so, portable devices or smaller types of repository and computer systems are designed.

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Mobile school records belong to this category. Google android Mobile phones are becoming increasing in popular, not really solely for people who do buiness and personal employ but also for the use of education. Whatsoever educational amounts, android mobiles are being use in the classroom to get increasing present student’s organization, buckling collaboration, and maximizing moveability of technology.

The tutor, being one of the main sources of the knowledge makes sure that the pieces of information they give and handle are organized and organized.

They have to totally record attendance and keep an eye on the performance of their learners. Proper class room management is therefore very vital into a teacher. Not being able to do so will certainly greatly affect the effectiveness and efficiency with the teacher which would, subsequently, somehow damage to the development of the student.

Having mentions the potential of Android os mobile phones. It could largely be of help to a educator. Its moveability will make a teacher take his cellphone wherever, within a classrooms specifically, which could guide him to proficiently manage in school. Project Context

Mobile Structured Class Record is an electronic grade system that was designed to replace the conventional paper ” based methods of managing grades in the institution system in the Philippines. Modern-day rapid growth of information technology, the program capabilities will probably be endless. The new system delivers many features that aid teacher’s record and control students’ functionality assessment. With a smart phone, teachers are capable of entering and control student class data to their electronic level sheet at any time and by anywhere. The survey was designed and conducted to assess and measure the effectiveness, usability and effectiveness of the software. The results in the survey are extremely useful, easy to learn and effective device in growing the suggested study.

The world wide web has significantly changed the way of lives, master, work, and communication. In today’s digital details age, in which e-education, e-business, e-commerce, e-government, e- interaction, e-banking, e-entertainment and other kinds of electronic services are growing and becoming a lot more mainstream, all these services stocks two prevalent technologies like the Internet and mobile telecommunication which are used like a platform to supply the above providers. The Internet has really revolutionized instructing and learning in many confident and effective ways and Online education is definitely quickly becoming the main technology in education today. The availability society tools to help teachers in the Philippines is extremely rare.

You will discover few applications and providers available, nevertheless mostly pertaining to administrative and personnel use. The development of the Mobile primarily based class record system can assist teachers in recording scholar grades as well as updating info at any given time and place. The new system will have many attractive features that will be useful and useful to most educators in schools. Assessment has always been an important a part of a teacher’s work with college students. By evaluation, teachers can evaluate the job of their pupils.

According to Angelo (2000), classroom evaluation is a simple approach faculty which you can use to collect opinions, early and sometimes, on how very well their learners are learning what they are being taught. The purpose of classroom assessment should be to provide instructors and pupils with information and ideas needed to improve teaching efficiency and learning quality. Teachers assess their very own students in several ways such as tests, exams, assignments, presentations or perhaps observation.

The purpose of using examination according to Angelo (2000) is to help the teachers to work with the responses to make within their day-to-day teaching. However, teacher can present the student’s feedback and they can reveal along with them. It will be easier to find all their weakness and to improve their learning strategies. The assessment not simply helps teachers to decide about the learning method, but plus it assists those to increase student learning and boost determination.

The learning is associated with the evaluation, and it is shown that for the class that uses an evaluation strategy, college students in the course learn more when compared to students in the classes that do not how to use assessment method. Technology now has an important put in place many classes. For example , in the last 13 years the United States offers spent more than $19 billion on expanding information technology in local universities and classrooms.

As cellphones in the twentieth century have found an era where everything can be used just fingertip away, mobile phones have come to features where anything is in a sort of touch screen. To meet these demands, different mobile phone operating systems sought out to the market. Android main system created by Google was then on sale since 2005. To satisfy such require, applications and games were made to operate in an Google android platform. Goal and Information

At present, educators do not have a very systematic technique of organizing all their lessons and keeping their very own students record. They usually record and calculate student’s level manually, several teachers can easily use COMPUTER and computer programs such as Microsoft Excel in keeping and manipulating the student’s record. However , computer desktop are incredibly bulky that is why they said activity are done in the home or in office. Through the help of the machine, taking of attendance, saving of levels and also the computation of it will never be a big problem anymore.

Since the system is Mobile-based, it will be extremely handy. The teachers can bring the system with them whenever, anywhere. Additionally, it allows the easiest monitoring of students grades, presence, and performance. It provides quick method of monitoring the student’s performance. The problem is to create and put into action a Portable Based Course Record System to easily and efficiently deal with their pupils. The system should certainly provide the interface for storing student’s record and be an instrument in monitoring their efficiency. Furthermore, it should be able to help the teacher in planning and organizing their particular class. Targets of the Research

The general target of this proposed study is usually to develop a Mobile phone Based School Record software using android os Operating System (OS) to record the daily activities inside the class room which will be used by the professors. Specifically the analysis aims to: 1 ) To identify just how mobile phones to be used to create app that will help instructors in class area management

in terms of: 1 ) 1 Flexibility;

1 . two Mobility and;

1 ) 3 Portability

installment payments on your To design and develop a mobile phone based application relative to: 2 . 1 User Interface and

2 . a couple of Database Style

several. To Design and implement a database that could effectively shop and deal with the student’s records including student account, attendance, assignment, quizzes, recitation, project and exams. some. To evaluate the developed program in terms of:

4. 1 Features and

4. 2 User Interface

Scope and Limitations

The application Mobile phone Based Class Record is mobile android os application computer software for android systems. To build up the application, the Android Computer software Development System (SDK) was used in Over shadow as its Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The proposed analyze has a several features such as recording scholar’s performances in a subject quarterly and examining of attendance. Other system features will be student review that shows every single quality, averages and final calculation of levels in a subject matter per quarter.

Grading level can be customized, for example if the base can be 40% the computation will be raw credit score over the variety multiplied simply by 40 then add 60. Additionally it is possible to level with decimal numbers. Topics can be selected from a list or entered openly. The application may be run simply in all equipment that have Google android operating system. Your data that will be kept on the program depends on the recollection or ability of the system. Another can be, it cannot place photographs of student to easily discover them. The interface in the Attendance Menu is in list form and it was not really in tabulated format. This application concentrates only in recording scholar performances.

Definition of Terms

Android. It is an open-source computer software stack to get mobile devices and a related open-source task led simply by Google. Very low large community of developers writing applications that expand the functionality from the devices. Programmers write generally in a custom-made version of Java (Froyd M., 2001). It is the Operating-system (OS) which the proponents intended for developing the proposed research. APK (Android Package File). The term refers to the file format used to spread and set up application software program and as an Android package data file, which typically contains each of the files relevant to a single Android os application (Mayani, 2012). In this study, that refers to the file that was required to install in Android Cellphones. Eclipse Indigo.

It is an open source community in whose main tasks are focused on offering an extensible development program and application frameworks pertaining to building computer software (Anthony, 2012). Through this platform, the proposed analyze will be produced by the proponents because of imaginative useful equipment. Emulator. This can be a hardware and software or perhaps both that duplicates (or emulates) the functions of your first computer system in a diverse second computer, so that the patterns of the second system closely resembles the behavior of the first system. It is an application that imitates a real device (Gargenta M., 2010). It is used by the supporters to represent a particular mobile phone to be able to test the android applications. Java. Excellent simpler thing model and fewer low-level facilities (Horton, 2011).

It’s the main development language that was used in developing the application because of its solid, multi-threaded and dynamic dialect which gives liberty to run the application form on virtually any Operating System (OS) such as Google android platform. It was trouble-free, consequently simple and easy to publish, compile, debug and learn in comparison to other coding languages. SDK (Software Creation Kit). This can be a programming bundle that enables the programmer to formulate applications for any specific program.

Typically an SDK comes with one or more APIs, programming tools and documents (Craser, 2009). It is the software program development system that enables the proponents to create applications pertaining to the Android os platform. Mobile phone. The term identifies a cellular phone that offers heightened computing ability and connection than a contemporary featured phone (Cassavoy D. 2010).

Android can managed smart phones, it is the required mobile phone to effectively and successfully run the proposed research. SQLite. It is just a lightweight transactional database engine that takes up a small amount of drive storage and memory, therefore it is a perfect decision for creating databases on many mobile operating systems such as Android os, iOS (Williams O. 2009). It will serve as the databases engine storage for the proposed examine.

XML (eXtensible Markup Language). It is a info tagging dialect of web services. XML is not so much a vocabulary as a standard set of guidelines for adding structure to the form of data using a approach to markup tags (Williams To. 2009). Through this, the consumer interface and layout of the proposed research was created. It really is used to shop and travel information.


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