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Pneumonia, because Calkins and Palamountain (2017) point out in their article, Struggling with Childhood Pneumonia in Uganda, remains one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of five across the world. As a matter of fact, more children have perished from pneumonia related problems in recent times than from measles, malaria and HIV put together. This, in essence, is the to the seriousness of the issue particularly in developing countries. In Uganda, for instance, approximately 20, 000 children underneath five died from the illness in 2012; together with the said physique being associated with 15 percent of under-five deaths in Uganda (Calkins and Palamountain, 2017, l. 10). Various initiatives had been undertaken simply by both the federal government and INGOs in an attempt to criminal arrest the situation. However , no single way has produced significant benefits. Therefore , taking the context with this discussion into mind, the all-important question is still: what would be the most effective strategy towards decreasing childhood mortality rates in this instance? The key concern on this front side would be to call and make an impact with limited financing from INGOs over a particular period of time.


Many methods have been used in an attempt to fight childhood pneumonia in this producing East African country. It is vital to note that despite this, childhood pneumonia even now remains an issue. Some of the strategies that have been applied in the past, in accordance to Calkins and Palamountain include; Community Health Clubs, the Environmentally friendly Drug Retailer Initiative, the Patient Awareness Advertisments, Pharmaceutical Company Negotiations, and Healthcare Provider Schooling and Diagnostics. The inability to significantly bring down kid mortality rates despite these kinds of efforts is actually a clear indication that at hand is a somewhat complicated problem.

One of the crucial issues that possess limited the success of the said initiatives is usually cost. The Village Well being Teams (VHTs) for instance would have proven too costly if we were holding to be presented across the country especially given that finding volunteers proven a challenge. It is vital to likewise note that overreliance on INGOs to fund projects with continual expenditure over the long-term is a gamble since donors can experience donor fatigue using their exit becoming fatal and effectively eroding any gains made. The us government of Uganda cannot end up being relied upon as an effective long lasting partner with regards to the direction of recurring programs, specifically where expense is an issue. It was clear inside the Sustainable Medication Seller Initiative whereby there was an attempt to arrest the child years pneumonia with the enhancement of drug-shop vendors training and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory system illness people in the localities. In this case, monitoring by the govt was as well infrequent to become meaningful (Calkins and Palamountain, 2017, s. 13). The most workable approach should consequently be self-sustaining and require very little, in the event that any, oversight or monitoring.

Proposed Option

On the strength of the essential issues elevated in the case into consideration, the strategy that would have most influence would entail the blend of infrastructural commitments and training. Subscriber funds can in this case always be allocated towards establishment of your drug manufacturing plant in the country together with the government and a pharmaceutical company of repute. The said plant would give attention to the production of medication to combat pneumonia. Previously, there are specialists who, relating to Calkins and Palamountain, are from the opinion that the would support do away with the persistent problem of child years pneumonia mortality. One of the key advantages of this approach is that it will require a one-off outlay of funds with no recurring expenses after conclusion. The concern of donor fatigue

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