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Sample Worksheet for Field Data Collection

15-degree hill

Period (Min/Sec)

Level sidewalk

Period (Min/Sec)

Walk No . 1

Walk No . 2

Walk No . three or more

The investigator performs these kinds of walks about six progressive, gradual days concurrently each day (this approach is to ensure that the walker can be “fresh” and comparable wellbeing for each walk; in the event of inclement weather such as rainwater, snow or other elements that would impede the research, the walk ought to be postponed to another day with similar weather condition as the other walks).

Attacks by stray pups, interference by bystanders or other pedestrians or serves of Our god will invalidate any given walk which will then need to be repeated to guarantee the reliability from the results.

Is it doesn’t hypothesis of the experiment that the researcher will require more time to complete five-hundred steps going for walks uphill than walking on an identical surface that is certainly level.


The benefits of the three walking trials on the level sidewalk and the 15-degree hill had been compared using a chi-square research.

An analysis of the averages and standard deviations is definitely an appropriate synthetic technique for this kind of experiment because it provides a researcher with a useful test whether or not frequencies of the phenomena noticed match the frequencies that could be expected to take place by opportunity.

All times were converted via minutes and seconds upon the field worksheet in total secs required for every walk intended for the statistical analysis system for ease of comparison.

The results in the three walking field experiments on the 15-degree hill as well as the level sidewalk are proven in Stand 1 beneath.

Table 1 . Results of Three Going for walks Field Trials: 15-deg. hill vs . level sidewalk.

15-degree hill

Period (Min/Sec)

Level sidewalk

Period (Min/Sec)

Walk No . 1 min/12 securities and exchange commission’s

58 sec

Walk Number 2 min/15 sec min/3 sec

Walk No . three or more min/10 securities and exchange commission’s

59 sec

The total secs and averages for each walk are displayed in Table 2 and Figure 1 below.

Stand 2 . Total Seconds and Average Time Required for Each Walk.

15-deg hill level sidewalk

Total Seconds

Walk No . one particular

Walk No . 2

Walk No . three or more

Average Time Required

Determine 1 . Total Seconds and Average Time Required for Every Walk.

The whole seconds necessary for each walk and their respective standard deviations for the totals are offered in Desk 3 and Figure a couple of below.

Stand 3. Total Seconds and Standard Change for Counts of Each Walk.

15-deg hillside level pavement

Total Mere seconds

Walk No . 1

Walk No . a couple of

Walk No . 3

Common Deviation

Determine 2 . Total Seconds and Standard Change for Quantités of Each Walk.


The results of this simple research confirmed the hypothesis that walking uphill would need longer, and therefore more physical intensity of motion, than walking on a similar area that was level.

The preparation in the instrumentation, the development of the techniques and the setup of the

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