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The topic of Islam never fails to provide passion from those who attack it, along with fierce support from those that practice Islam. This enthusiasm results in dogmatism within the Muslim community and fear by those that don’t realize its teachings. Unfortunately many Americans and Christians only associate beheadings and burka clad women with Islam. This conventional paper will go past these audio system types and supply an objective summary of this worldview, review the flaws inherent in its practice and how to most effectively reveal the gospel with a Muslim.


Even though the religion of Islam is actually a direct result of Abraham’s deficiency of faith by simply conceiving Ishmael through Hagar, after Jehovah had guaranteed a son to he and Sarah, the history of Islam is usually not practically as outdated as the Abrahamic covenant. Ron Carlson writes in Fast Details on Bogus Teachings that, “According to Muslim custom, the angel Gabriel found Muhammad. Plus they take this as being a sign that Muhammad was obviously a prophet towards the Arabs.

 Muhammad occupied the 6th century and most people, Muslims included, are unaware that in accordance to Carlson, Muhammad was obviously a camel drivers until he was 25 years outdated and that he was illiterate. The significance of this lies in the fact that he was not educated yet the founder of the worldview religion. Information like this does not set a good lumination on the last prophet, in accordance to Islam, and tends to be lost in obscurity. Islam’s influence within the world, goes beyond religion and can be seen on the news daily.

Steve Ankerberg determines that it is vital that you follow due to its nearly 1 billion fans comprised of two schools, Sunni and Shi’ite. The world economic system, along with the economic influence, outside of countries regarded as being Muslim, are two some other reasons Ankerberg thinks Islam justifies to be observed closely. The idea still is out there, in spite of the facts above, that Islam creates no danger to American countries. This is dangerous and would be a good idea to consider what Muslims are on record as proclaiming. In January of 2010, the Hizb ut Tahrir, an Islamic apologetic regular, stated that Muslims include enjoyed economic blessings by oil in the Middle East resulting from Allah featuring these methods. It also pushed the belief that the influence it gives you would be used by the Khilafah, heads of Islamic says, to begin the transformation of the brave and creative people into a leading world electricity. This thirst for power is veiled in a ardent practice of faith.

Ergun Incliner identifies that Islam is founded on five support beams; the creed, prayers, alms, fasting and a pilgrimage to Great place. In the creed the new convert confesses there is no Our god but Allah. The prayers are to be built five times daily while facing Mecca. The alms amounted to one fourtieth of the believer’s income. Fasting is completed throughout the year several lasting given that 30 days. The pilgrimage to Mecca, called hajj, has resulted in armed forces service associates calling Muslim members in the opposing force “hajis. This kind of pilgrimage is only required once in the believers lifetime and they are described as comes after. “As vacationing four camels abreast, that are all tied up one following the other, like as in teams. The whole body is called a caravan, which is divided into several cottors, or companies, each which has thier name, and is composed, it may be, of several thousand camels; and they move, one cottor after an additional, like unique troops. 

Manners & Customs in the Bible

These types of five pillars seem undamaging enough within the surface, yet a closer check into Islamic instructs reveals a flaw the Christian perhaps have been hit by the recent economic climate and are unable to disregard.


Doing work the key elements in reverse discloses that the pilgrimage to Mecca is undamaging in and of itself. The fasting taught in Islam is a physical demonstration of your inward perception practiced by many people religions. The alms collected are used to help many people in require and are a lucrative religious practice and the praying are to be commended and the practice is common in many religions. What makes Islam dangerous is found in their very own creed. Rich Jansen does a great job of identifying the similarity but distinction when he wrote, “Muhammed claimed as the latest and indeed the last, prophet of the covenant God made out of Abraham and, in addition , stated that Abraham was Muslim as without a doubt were every one of the Jewish patriarchs and Jesus as well. Muhammed gave the name Jahve to The almighty and stated that Allah was the Muslim God just before he was the Jewish and Christian God because, in Islamic belief, the Heiliges buch des islam existed considering that the beginning of the universe, i. elizabeth. predated the Bible. 

G Rich Jansen Costly error with eternal effects to try and line up the our god Muslims hope to, Jahve, with the God of Christianity Jehovah. In order to be recognized it is not unusual for an apologist to yield this kind of ground ignorantly. After speaking with a Muslim, a Christian apologist may be generated believe that Muslims are praying to the same God of Christianity. This can be an error for the Islamic believer and unrecognized as a result of ignorance for the Christian’s part.


Once evangelizing lady the Christian must be very careful. Religious talks are suitable on both parties accounts and discussing the similarities between your two most appropriate starting point. It is essential that the apologist understands that Ergun Caner first got it right if he stated that “Islam don’t get it partly right yet completely wrong The terms between Christianity and Islam can be eerily similar when utilizing English while the common language. If Goodness is discussed, the Muslim will be in agreement, whilst understanding the almighty to be Allah.

The department between the two apologists often occurs the moment Jesus is definitely brought up. Muslim’s concede that Jesus was a prophet although refuse to acknowledge Him because God incarnate as well as portion of the Trinity. Jesus Christ as the Messiah is definitely the mountain that needs to be scaled to evangelize a Muslim. Most Muslims are unaware of their own trust, but are unwilling to hear this kind of criticism. Rather than pointing out the failure of Islam the Christian will need to approach the Muslim in such a manner they are accepted in person in order for them to be open to reading the Christian’s Bible. In the end, relying on Scripture is the best system to accomplish solution for anyone.


Using a nontraditional approach, this kind of paper discovered Islam in its most basic type as a faith practiced by many and mistreated by some in a pursuit of power. With no over streamlining Islam in the summation it also identified the flaw located, specifically that Jesus Christ may be the Son of God. Knowing the principle that Christ is the narrow gate, this paper strongly suggested exposing the Islamic believer to scripture and depending on the Power of the Holy Heart to reveal Christ as He really is. The author successfully implemented this strategy in leading his own translator to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Someone would succeed going forward to interact and possess religious conversations with the ones from the Islamic faith, applying this exposure like a personal laboratory to understand that they can be people minus Jesus will spend forever in Heck.


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