Analyze attitudes toward and evaluate the motives behind the European acquisition of African colonies in the period 1880 to 1914. During the late 1800’s, Europe had a steady fall rate of available work, so Europe, all together, was looking for a way to improve overall. Many Europe look towards Africa to create new colonies to get Europeans to raised their own nation. European’s attitudes towards Africa was Europeans were a remarkable race compared to Africans.

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Motivation was bought from the accompanied by a strong nationalism to in that case acquire new land to develop upon all their country to enhance its economic climate and produce new obtainable work.

Western nations all had distinct reasons to control parts of Africa. Chancellor Otto von Bismark said to his Countryman checking out in the african continent, “Your map of Africa is very good, but my personal map of Africa is Europe. This is Russia here is Portugal, and we will be in the middle. That is my map of Africa.  (Doc 3).

He states that he’s focusing on Europe and he could be only happy to establish colonies because England and The ussr are doing it as well.

Eugene-Melchior de Style, French diplomat, describes how a European equilibrium of electricity is now becoming a world harmony of electric power (Doc 10) in the book, The Master of the Sea. International locations would have to grow more groupe in The african continent in order to stay visible to other larger and strong nations. Another way to show consciousness and ability was to colonize Africa, Archibald Philip Primrose stated. (Doc 8). This kind of statement causes it to be clear that Primrose was pro imperialism due to the personal pluses that it provides.

The idea of European nations have the right and it is automatically allowed to go to Africa and occupy their terrain was stated by Martial Henri Merlin. (Doc 11). He assumed that imperialism is the appropriate and the most critical thing to participate in. This point of perspective is justifiable through the reality is is indeed the Chief of the servants of The african continent. Europe was always competitive especially when it came to the outcome of methods. A French diplomat who goes by the brand Eugene Melchoir said that to be able to stay competitive, you must go to far lengths.

The colonization of The african continent is changing europe coming from a balance of power to a new balance of power. Frederick Chamberlain an english industrialist, says directly in a single of his speeches that economic improvement of countries is available through the means of colonization. If nations would be to engage in colonization, there would be significantly less unemployment, more trade, and an overall better economic environment. In summary, the inspirations have a number and all correlate to one another. To take care of power, transform and repair social and political concerns, and stay competative had been all dominant motivations.


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