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The component characteristics are the the most fragile and most freely related of any of the different four elements of individuality and thus the weakest in replication research (257).

Those people who are considered to be “open” often exhibit their creativeness, intellectual interest, and their requirement of variety in characteristic techniques across a number of mediums (Leary Hoyle 259). They are usually quite verbally fluent, humorous, and expressive inside their interpersonal communications (259). Wide open individuals will often decorate all their living and working spots in ways that reflect who also they believe themselves to be while individuals. They will have many different books and magazines around, which is why it is easy for analysts to pick up around the clues associated with an open specific.

Interestingly enough, researchers possess found that open persons use fewer past tense verbs and enjoy frequenting restaurants, bars, and coffee outlets. Open persons will usually join all their personal and their work lives – in other words that work-related Websites and such may be linked to personal projects (Leary Hoyle 260).

Openness is considered a “low maintenance” trait (Leary Hoyle 261).

That is, initial opinions can be immune to reevaluation. Contrary to traits just like Agreeableness and Conscientiousness, which require frequent confirmatory facts to maintain the judgment, impressions of Visibility are relatively impervious to disconfirming data; information that contradicts your initial Openness impression tends to be ignored (Leary Hoyle 261).

Wide open individuals will frequently search for various other open individuals when it comes to building relationships, according to Leary and Hoyle (261). Low openness have been linked with interpersonal functioning. Those people who are high in openness are generally better listeners, speak less about themselves in a conversation, and are more inquisitive and enthusiastic about others (264).

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