S – 1st friend

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U – second friend

L – 3rd good friend

S: Whats up? Guys! Greetings?

O: Oh, hello there! I’m excellent, thank you.

L: Myself too. How about you?

S: Now i am in the green! You know I’ve changed living in some ways in respect to an document. Oh, have you ever read this document?

Um: Which one do you mean?

L: Oh, probably We’ve understood what Sveta is usually talking about. You mean the article in our school newspaper with regards to a healthy way of life.

Am I right?

S: Completely. So have you read that?

Um: Yes, I saw something a week ago.

D: Yeah, myself too. Some time back.

T: So exactly what is your opinion about it?

O: There is rather beneficial, you know.

L: How can?

U: Well, there exists a part regarding planning of the day. Of course , That i knew about really importance yet I had no idea what effects it could have.

M: Oh, yes, for me it absolutely was extremely beneficial too because I typically overwork , nor sleep plenty of time and and besides Now i’m always dog-tired and in the black mood all that might cause diseases of cardiovascular system, diabetes, over-weighting, hypersomnia and insomnia…

S: And, naturally , neurological concerns.

It is extremely dangerous. So you should plan your entire day more carefully and sleep enough. I try to go to sleep at the sane time every day and not incredibly late.

O: So that you keep a sort of a timetable?

S i9000: It’ s possible to say like that.

O: Just isn’t it monotonous? I mean to accomplish every day similar things concurrently?

H: Well, I really do not perform everything within a special unchangeable order nevertheless sometimes following a plan assist to do work more efficiently.

O: There is something in what you’re expressing. As you stated, Lera, one of many possible disorders of harmful sleeping is overweighting. Nowadays it’s very topical problem. Higher than a billion persons in the world endure it. This issue is becoming global!

L: And this is the reason of the cardiovascular system diseases,  diabetes, strokes, complications with liver and many more.

S i9000: So everybody should keep himself fit with exercises, sport and good diet.

To: I imagine you could give me some in depth information about diet.

D: Well, first of all you need to eat everything with measure, not overeat. You also should take in more fruits and veggies, advisable with no thermal digesting to save all the vitamins.

S: It’s also useful to drink a lot of water in the daytime and all this will help you to enhance your immunity, to avoid overweighting and avitaminosis.

O: Avitaminosis?

L: Yes, it can lack of nutritional vitamins in your affected person. It’s fraught with this kind of diseases while scuvy and rachitis. U: I didn’t have the slightest idea how dangerous deficit of vitamins could possibly be! S: It’s said inside the article.

O: Sadly I did not have enough a chance to read that wholly. Therefore probably My spouse and i missed it.

M: By the way, coming back to the ways of preventing overweighting, sport is an extremely good idea.

Um: You’re lifeless right! We have a lot about it in the document and not in vain. It not only will keep you suit and helps one to look good although makes all the devices of your human body steady towards the stresses which will we are encountered with every day.

L: I truly agree with you. Sport is usually an essential element of my life and it helps me to be soon enough and to always be just inside the pink.

O: As far as I understood Lera will sport regularly. And how about you, Sveta?

T: As for me. I’m not only a very cool person. Of course , I know about the use of undertaking sport but I’m not very trained rather than healthy enough to do it.

O: Well, I reckon that you should begin with small packing and boost it little by little. But you certainly should do sport.

L: By the way, do you do sport, Olya?

O: Oh, yeah, I actually do football.

L: Seriously? Unexpectedly!

O: And also you?

M: As for me personally, I’ve been playing volleyball for 5 years.

S: Oh, really interesting! Did you take part in competitions?

M: Yes, all of us even took first place inside the the competition in our city.

S: Oh, that’s phat!

L: Well, thanks a lot. It was seriously wonderful! Nevertheless I’d like to inquire you about critical things. My spouse and i wonder if you may let me know your opinion about several dependences such as smoking, dependency on alcohol and drugs which usually also are stated in the article.

Um: As for the smoking Let me tell you that tobacco is considered the most used medicine in the world. According to the statistics every 6 seconds a single person dies because of the tobacco-related disease and every season 5 , 000, 000 people pass away.

H: Oh, this might sound horrible. I actually didn’t this. But I’ve known regarding the big set of diseases this causes linked to cardiovascular system, lungs, gullet, larynx, stomach and so forth.

D: Yeah, every that’s authentic. But have you any idea why persons start smoking?

O: I’ve read that all the causes have internal base. Teenagers start smoking in an attempt to prove they are an element of an adult universe. Adults try to escape via problems in this way.

D: You know, We’ve tried smoking cigarettes before My spouse and i became a sportswoman.

S: Also, really?

D: Yes, nonetheless it was a dog’s age back. I just had such a business in which people seemed very cool to me and all of them had been smoking and I didn’t need to be a dark sheep. Although fortunately We made the right decision and changed my life.

H: Nice to hear that. Besides smoking there is certainly an another huge trouble now -it’s alcoholism. In Russia percentage of people who regularly drink alcohol is merely enormous.

O: Sure, not only adults but increasingly more teenagers and in many cases children are turning into involved in to this problem.

L: And this potential clients not only to illnesses but to the degradation of people, of the whole nation. But it really seems to me personally that the worst thing can be drugs.. Smoking cigarettes and alcoholic beverages provoke disorder in your body but is not always and medicines almost always cause death.

S: You know that Russia is usually on the start of consumption of heroin.

Um: No way! It can terrible! Ingesting consideration fact the biggest part of drug-addicts perish before thirty and almost no one lives following forty and the spread of AIDS, it’s a frightful tendency.

M: Yes, however it should be more regulated by government I guess. They must strengthen control after the medication traffic.

S: Certainly with you. Oh, we’ve practically forgot regarding two even more topics. They are really not so unpleasant and wide-spread but important too. I mean anorexic and bulimia.

U: As for the first one I suppose it’s caused on the whole by fashion to be sleek and a lot of young ladies try to get in shape and it might be an infatuation. So it’s mental problem.

L: The reality is yourth. Bulimia is also generally caused by the issues with nerve organs system,  various stresses and depression.

S: I do believe it should be propagandized that it’s great to be in a normal pounds in order to stop an imitation to types by the young ladies.

To: And as for bulimia I am just not sure whether there is a approach to prevent this.

T: There isn’t actually. Maybe simply healthy way of life, keeping diet plan, doing sport will help to steer clear of stresses and diseases.

L: From my standpoint you’re right. This article seems to be useful for us and probably for others.

O: And that we, thinking about overall health, must bear in mind “what goes around, comes around”. Let’s keep healthy lifestyle.

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