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Excerpt from Exploration Paper:

She advised police as well as the parking admission (because Berkowitz had parked too near to a fire hydrant) was followed to Berkowitz. But the law enforcement officials were simply thinking that Berkowitz might be a witness; nevertheless , when the Yonkers police looked that Galaxie belonging to Berkowitz, they discovered a gun and a. 44 quality and reliability Bulldog gun – along with in depth maps from the crime displays that Berkowitz had containing his lust for eliminating women.

“What took you so long? inch Berkowitz is definitely reported to acquire asked as the officers arrested him. In time during questioning, Berkowitz either played out like he was mentally unbalanced – which he obviously was – or was just rambling because he said that the dog he had wiped out was owned by some form of demon, and that the dog was demanding that Berkowitz get and do the killing. Other claims by Berkowitz included that having been a member associated with an occultist group

Breslin recalls the Nobleman County court room scene in Brooklyn on May 22, 1978, when Berkowitz was helped bring before the assess for sentencing. “This little ball of suethe was at handcuffs chained around his middle and had a dozen guards. Now this individual detonated. Via his excess fat, weak tiny body presently there came this eruption of power from a cave, a glacier, a swamp” (Breslin, 93, 154). “He threw protections against the surfaces and trampled on them, and with a scream from the bottom of his abdomen he raced for the pale light of the windowthey were able to drag him back, and more pads came” (154). In the court room, Berkowitz recharged Stacy Moskowitz’s mother, “Stacy was a hottie, ” this individual shouted. Stacy’s mother screamed back, and “for regarding 45 secs David Berkowitz, the Child of Mike, had everybody in terrible with him” (Breslin, 154).

The Producing of a Dramón Killer – Theories

What theories will be relevant to make clear the behavior of Berkowitz? There are plenty of theories and Dr . Berit Brogaard publishes articles in the Superhuman Mind that psychopathy “remains a puzzle. We avoid even have hope for00 the question of whether psychopathy is actually a product of Mother Nature or maybe a feature of upbringing. inch Brogaard recommendations a study in Minnesota that showed that psychopathy is definitely “60% heritable, ” which means that the traits of a verrückter are more because of DNA than to the environment in which the person was raised (Brogaard, 2012).

One more study referenced by Brogaard took place in Madison, Wisconsin, at the University of Wisconsin. Brain reads revealed that “psychopathy in criminals was associated with decreased on-line between the amygdale, ” the part of the head that operations “negative stimuli, ” and the “ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC), a cortical region inside the front from the brain that interprets the response from the amygdale” (Brogaard, p. 1). When both of these regions of the mind don’t hook up sufficiently, the necessarily processing of “negative stimuli inside the amygdale will not translate into strongly felt bad emotions” (Brogaard, p. 1).

What does this mean for the verrückter? Brogaard explains that because negative emotions are not skilled by the fantastic, they may feel “nervous or embarrassed” when captured committing a crime, or undertaking something that is antisocial. These folks with the above-mentioned lack of interaction between crucial brain parts do feel physical discomfort when injured, but they do not suffer from unhappy or damage emotions, Brogaard explains.

Exactly why is Brogaard’s theory not likely to fit into Berkowitz’s case? Regarding Brogaard’s perspective of psychopaths, he claims they just do not have “hallucinations or delusions” and do not “hear the voices of strangers in their minds or carry elaborate phony theories about the world. ” If the literature is correct vis-a-vis Berkowitz’s manners, Brogaard is usually wrong since Berkowitz explained on several occasion that he was ability to hear things and he thought (or pretended to believe) that the the next door neighbor’s dog was obviously a demon and was talking with him.

Freudian Theory: In the book, the Age of Love-making Crime (by professor Her Caputi) the writer quotes a psychotherapist that was producing reference to Berkowitz: “When Berkowitz assumed the position he would, he was not merely shooting the women. He was figuratively, metaphorically copulating with them, fucking them if you will” (Caputi, 1987). The moment Berkowitz had written in one of his garbled letters that he “only shoot[s] very girls, ” a psychotherapist during a law enforcement conference about Berkowitz described this to the press: “Gentlemen. Every time this individual shoots his gun, your dog is ejaculating” (Caputi, 134). This theory might not exactly apply since while there could have been some deep psychological concerns regarding ladies in his life (and there have been female problems vis-a-vis his biological mother) he would not sexually molest any of the females he attacked.

Labeling Theory: this theory would seem to get a good complement the Berkowitz case. The labeling theory analyses how a person’s “self-concept” affects his decision to go out and commit criminal crimes. Berkowitz’s self-image / self-concept were not a positive in his your life. Studies show that crime and deviance derive from “the conversation of offenders and those who have respond to interpersonal violationsand for the nature of categorization (or labeling) which is used to identify some people as criminal” and others since people who abide by the law (Flood, et approach., 2007). Put simply, one individual can label one more a certain factor, and that power to simply provide a person a label is deemed a key to labeling theory. A kid’s self-concept is when the boy acts out certain “socially accepted manly roles, inch Flood publishes articles (88). Coming from acting out those jobs, the son is in importance defining him self; and if he is a anstoß, as Berkowitz apparently was, he will acquire that packaging. And furthermore, he may acknowledge that ingredients label and “actually engage in the criminal actions that society is trying to abate” (Flood, 88).

Ashley Crossman publishes articles about W. I. Jones in Regarding. com (a subsidiary in the New York Times); regarding the marking theory, Thomas said that “If men define situations because real, they are really real inside their consequences” (Crossman, 2013). One could argue that Berkowitz defined situations as real (notwithstanding that they can were the imaginations of the demented person) and hence, this individual believed them to be actual, making the labeling theory applicable to Berkowitz. At the same time the police labeled Berkowitz like a killer, and so he certainly carried out that role to extremes. “The deviant specific. likely allows that… he’s deviant” and acts in many ways to fulfill the expectations of that label” (Crossman, p. 1).

In some areas then, Berkowitz either marked himself at the beginning in his psychopathy or see the newspaper tales about his killings and bought in the label that police placed on him. The city’s newspapers were “trumpeting each strike as he terrorized New Yorkers while no solitary criminal offers even performed (no one is safe from son of mike, said a Post topic at the time) (Fishman, 2006). In Fishman’s essay in New York Magazine the correspondent quotes coming from a notice Berkowitz had written while in prison, which tends to corroborate the view that he accepted and appreciated his packaging. “I might, one day, progress into a humanoid or demon in a more complete state, inches he composed; three from the four court-appointed psychiatrists identified Berkowitz unfit to stand trial because he was psychologically unbalanced. Although a next psychiatrist, Dr . David Abrahamsen, disagreed and believed Berkowitz was quite sane yet “profoundly troubled” (Fishman, p. 7). Certainly Berkowitz had written to Abrahamsen saying “I guess the truth is me?nternet site really am – an animal and unhuman” (Fishman, s. 7).

Turmoil Theory: Avalanche explains the conflict theory is based on the writings of Karl Marx: the cause of criminal offense is due to the “conflict that stems from the inequalities produced by capitalist society” (89). The Criminology Section at Fl State College or university explains on a website that issue theory is dependent on “social and economic forces” that operate in world. There are the rich and powerful, plus the poor yet others out of the electrical power structure; in a single of his letters to police, Berkowitz wrote that “I think that an incomer. I was on a diverse wavelength after that everybody else – programmed to kill. inch By this maybe he is thinking that his socioeconomic level was in conflict with the electricity structure of society. In reality Berkowitz egged the police on, he teased and taunged them, perhaps placing himself socially in odds together with the “moral standards” that the criminal justice system attempts to impose in society. While this theory has some advantage in the Berkowitz case, the labeling theory would appear to obtain more legitimacy vis-a-vis theories of criminality.


Any difficulty . Berkowitz noticed himself like a victim – he discovered later in life following finding his real mom that your woman had an affair with a married man and that he was the unintentional result of that relationship – because “He’d lost his passion that should had been given

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