Comparable to the labeling theory, the social control theory as well holds society responsible for the emergence of deviance. Nevertheless instead of quarrelling that deviance is a result of brands imposed simply by society, the social control theory claims that people use wrongdoing because of the absence or perhaps social bonds or socialization processes which have been supposed to promote law-abiding execute. Simply put, some people commit deviant behaviors because they were not really educated regarding societal norms. Juvenile delinquents, for instance, could possibly be dismissed as the product of dysfunctional households (Jensen, 2003).

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Humans by nature are active and flexible organisms who engage in lots of activities. Kids of the actions that they connect, however , is gradually limited by the processes of socialization and social learning. Therefore , when people are guilty of deviance, it supposedly goes to show that they would not undergo these types of developments. Society, in turn, is to blame ” it would not carry out it is duty of orienting the members concerning proper and improper tendencies (Jensen, 2003).

The social control theory also believes there are numerous causes behind deviant behavior.

Shoplifters, for instance, grab for different reasons, such as poverty, protesting against corporate greed and the large thrill and excitement penalized able to break free with thievery. But the interpersonal control theory does not concentrate much on the reasons for deviance. Whatever the factors, deviance is a sign from the failure from the ability of social corporations to implement societal norms (Jensen, 2003). Criminologist Knutson Toby (1957) used the social control theory in his study of juvenile delinquency. He asserted that young adults who use crime are those who have “few stakes or perhaps investments in conformity (Jensen, 2003).

Toby employed this key phrase to refer to youths whom came from cracked families, dropped out of school and or abused drugs or alcohol. Due to their social and economic skills, they do not have got chances for advancement. Hence, they cannot see virtually any reason to conform and simply resort to deviance instead. Summary The labels theory plus the social control theory happen to be two details behind the concept of deviance. Equally blame contemporary society for deviant people and behavior. Yet , both theories neglected the fact that individuals are not able to keep on blaming society because of their misfortunes.

By so doing, it is still the individual who will decide and act upon what he or she wants to do with his or her life.


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