Masai community has been living in the northern parts of Tanzania as well as the semiarid a part of Kenya wherever they have retained strongly their cultural id through out the modernization age. Due to their geographical areas of occurrence being characterized by harsh weather conditions they have modified to nomadic form of livelihood where they keep shifting from one area to a new in search of green pastures and water for their animals and themselves as well. However , european cultures have greatly tried to influence the culture of the Masai for long periods with no great success.

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Through education, farming, medicine and social romance among them, disturbance in their culture has become more intense with majority of the worldwide western areas referring to them as being backwards and simple. This is however very incorrect as the community is considerably satisfied and their social materials are even better compared to additional communities under western culture. Many of their very own ideologies happen to be rich and integrated principles comprise their particular identity upon which they derive pleasure and harmonious livelihood (Stephen, 12). This dissertation explores the city from the perspective of their economic patterns and analyses the cost and benefits of shifting from other cultural habits.

Besides, the intervention from the western produced countries to economically and socially replace the Masai traditions is mentioned in particulars with a great orientation of deriving key conclusion and recommendations towards stabilizing from the community. Masai community predominantly depends on livestock for their livelihood where they keep cows, goats, donkeys and camels. Through out the history with the Masai, they have been rearing livestock in a nomadic mode exactly where they approach from one area to another looking for healthier pastures and water.

With their geographical place being faulty for conventional agriculture due to the aridity with the land, their particular land is usually not subdivided and they wander freely through the wilds unrestricted actually by the countrywide boundaries of Kenya and Tanzania. As a result of their main occupation, additionally they derive all their staple foodstuff from the family pets. To add to that, they are involved in trade with the neighbors and traders whom come towards the region from the main metropolitan areas to obtain animals pertaining to meat. Operate therefore requires transaction among livestock and food products or money together with the Masai persons.

To add to that, the Masai have just lately developed a culture of tourism exactly where they transact in different items that are made out of beans and skin area to the travelers who recurrent the Masai Mara countrywide reserve. Although this is not a serious economic activity, it is slowly developing being assimilated by simply majority of the Masai in the entire area. Crafting many the beans from the area stones and animal bone tissues, they put together to sell the craft functions to the tourists who pass by for their vacation in Masai Mara.

They dance in style to please the tourists who have then acquire their beads or bead made bracelets and bracelets (Robert, 6). As pointed out earlier, the Masai community has preserved their culture strongly amidst the worldwide pressure to shift to other forms of life. Switch in their lifestyle as Mr. Johnson advises will lead to loss of identification by the community as it assimilates new ethnical affiliations.

Almost all aspects of existence in the Masai land happen to be associated for their cultural living and is firmly adhered to. Their very own cultural dress consisting of pants, cotton shirts and the reddish fabric received by the men reflect not only their appropriateness for the cruel condition nevertheless also all their affiliation to religion. Although shifting to crop farming might be hard due to the severe environmental circumstances, their monetary dependence on the cows would be totally lost.

The region will require large quantities of water which in turn would make this less appropriate to produce goods for sale. Besides, shift will make the Masai people have challenges in evaluating their total wealth which is assessed regarding cows kept by the persons in the Masai community. Matrimony and interpersonal relationship will also be divided as it is as well valued regarding the number of animals that one paid out to get a better half. Their language would become lost because they assume the English employed and stressed by Mister. Johnson.

Consequently , change in their particular culture will serve to destroy the community as it defines all their daily cultural, economic and relationship to neighboring residential areas. However , a shift in their culture might increase their use of the external world therefore opening the location for more advancement. With the technology being considered to belong to the west (US), the community could improve the livelihood considerably by implementing new living mechanisms. As taught in the lecture basic medicine and rangeland management and also irrigation could increase their existence forms in the traditional placing to the modern settled a single.

Their belief would as well change where girl kids education would be valued more a consideration of waste of resources by parents. As the Masai culture encounter the great risk of shedding their tradition in the country, the government of Tanzania should create better guidelines and legislations that will make sure that the traditions is completely respected at the times. Being a sovereign express with the overall mandate of protecting the cultures of its people, it should go the necessary rules that would help in retaining the Masai tradition and all the other native cultures as being a sign of pride. Besides, the country should certainly secure the Masai property from breach and subdivision for their overall culture being maintained.

To boost that, it may encourage even more education towards the local Masai and search for the use of regional languages in the advanced learning systems. The author’s donation of money to Johnson is unethical since it encourages him to continue ignoring the Masai culture in their own property. Johnson would not allow the learners to speak their particular language if they were in school. He did not allow them to use their Masai attire and also denied these people from gonna their community to meet other folks.

Besides, instructing the students the Masai culture was second-rate, he would add greatly to the overall loss in their identity and retention of the traditional western culture. US government should never actively intervene either critical or economically to force other groupings change from all their culture. It may ensure that various other communities are free of disturbance to separately develop with their cultures.

Seeing that people have various ways of getting close issues of culture, the American design do not fit in all the conditions as analysis of creation it completely different. The Masai people in Kenya and Tanzania consider development to be well seated in their tradition from wherever they obtain their overall pride. While Americans assess the overall riches in terms of monetary terms and capital trade monopolization, additional communities assess their prosperity in terms of obtainable tracks of land, animals or daughters to be given in exchange for cattle (Stephen, 12). Besides, traditional civilizations have been considered as the main supply of solace both in appreciate, traditional medication as well as general belief in religion.

Masai believe that Goodness protected all of them from harm by wild animals a view that has worked for these people as they socialize harmlessly together with the dangerous significant cats throughout their grazing. As a result, America should consider supporting the entire development of the culture with independent connection of the important cohesive elements to it. It can help in developing the regional system that can assist in easing the trade and movement between Masai plus the neighboring communities.

Conclusion. Communities’ cultures must not be influenced or perhaps forced to move as they are wealthy and outline the city identity. Culture determines the community’s relationship within it’s groupings and in addition with the nearby communities that associate together with the community. While observed in the Masai community, all their meanings are based on their ethnical orientation which will assists these to solve each of the problems they encounter inside their day to day lives. Strong claims economically and politically should certainly avoid using their might to coerce the standard cultures because they have wonderful lessons they will learn from all of them and their concern of growth and development is totally diverse.

Work offered page Robert, Biswas-Diener, Be beautiful and carry a large stick: Physical attractiveness as well as the Masai aesthetic Clamor Come july 1st, 2002. Sophie, McCrummen, Our history will certainly die Wa post international service, eighteenth June, 3 years ago

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