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Zodiac Killer

Criminal Profile of Zodiac Fantastic

The Zodiac Killer is among the most evasive serial killers on record in United States history. The Zodiac Fantastic hunted his victims close to San Francisco with seven proved victims murdered during a period lasting by December twenty, 1968 to October 14, 1969. Of people seven victims, only two survived the Zodiac Killer’s assaults. The Zodiac Great claimed to obtain killed up to 37 people through the various letters and ciphers brought to the Bay area Chronicle, though those quantities have never recently been confirmed.


Based on the Zodiac Killer’s first half a dozen victims, couples that were attacked on 3 separate dates and locations, it can be proven individuals that were in a high-risk position intended for assault had been as follows:

People between the age groups of 17-22 who appeared to be engaged in a loving relationship

Lovers who went to an remote area outside of San Francisco, readily available by major highways

The Zodiac Killer’s sixth patient was a reduction the other six proved victims. Paul Stine worked well in a high-risk occupation like a taxi new driver, which required him to constantly to pick up and transportation persons not known to various locations around S . fransisco. Stine i visited a low-risk for being assaulted by the Zodiac Killer as they operated inside the San Francisco metropolis limits and was not engaged in romantic or perhaps sexual-oriented activities at the time of his murder. Furthermore, the Zodiac Killer took personal items from Stine, something that he had not completed on the three previously verified assaults.

The Zodiac Monster was a low-risk offender attacking his initial six affirmed victims within an isolated location of their choosing. The Zodiac Killer ambushed his initial victims, nearing their motor vehicle from lurking behind, and preventing powering his weapon, a. twenty-two caliber rifle or hand gun loaded with. twenty two caliber principal points, upon their particular vehicle before killing his victims. It looks like he implemented this first set of subjects to their separated location. The 2nd set of victims were shot with a 9 mm hand gun after apparently being followed onto an isolated building during which the Zodiac Monster approached these questions manner being a police officer prior to he assaulted these victims. Likewise, it appears as though the couple was implemented to their isolated location. The third assault was a departure in the previous two assaults as well as the Zodiac Great approached the couple, conversed with them, and then proceeded to link them up and brutally stab them. Eyewitness accounts from earlier in the working day state that an unusual man had approached their particular vehicle prior to the assaults (Napa Valley Sherriff’s Department, 1969). These three confirmed assaults were devoid of motivation, nor were any personal things removed after the Zodiac Fantastic completed his assault. The past confirmed strike was a complete departure by his founded behavior while the Zodiac Killer shot Stine at the back of the head which has a 9 millimeter semi-automatic pistol that had not been a meet to past assaults (San Francisco Law enforcement officials Department, 1969).

The Zodiac Killer’s departure from his modus operandi (Arrigo, 2006, p. 232) to high-risk behavior happened during his attack about Stine; this last verified assault happened in a open public area and was witnessed by three separate people. High-risk actions are also demonstrated through the Zodiac Killer’s following correspondence for the public through letters and ciphers/cryptograms as well as the phone calls which were immediately positioned after two of his approaches during which this individual immediately named the police to boast of his actions (Vallejo Police Section Report, 69; Snook, 1969).


The crimes that had been perpetrated by the assailant referred to as Zodiac Fantastic were fully commited in areas surrounding S . fransisco, CA which includes Benicia, Vallejo, and Lake Berrynessa in Napa Area. It can be contended that the geographical location of offense scenes had been accessible to the assailant as it appears that he had use of a vehicle being reported in surviving victims’ accounts which is documented at crime displays during inspections. The only departure from assaults on couples in the adjacent San Francisco region occurred if the assailant acclaimed a pickup’s cab within the San Francisco city limits and subsequently murdered the cab drivers.

Crime Summary Crime Picture Analysis

January 20, late 1960s – Pond Herman Street, Benicia, CALIFORNIA. Approximately 14: 10 PM HOURS.

Victims: David Arthur Faraday, age 17, Betty Lou Jensen, age group 16. Taken with. twenty two caliber system.

According to eyewitness accounts, police information, and crime scene photographs, Faraday and Jenson had been parked away Lake Herman Road at under an hour prior to an unknown person drove up behind the couple, proceeded to get out of his automobile, and take the couple as they were trying to escape. Based upon ballistic evidence and footprints remaining by the unidentified assailant, it is often determined that the assailant contacted Faraday’s dark brown Rambler via behind, taking pictures out the rear window and the left rear end tire as he moved through the back of the car to the front side of the vehicle along the driver’s side. The shooting motivated Faraday and Jensen to exit the vehicle throughout the passenger area in an attempt to flee. Faraday was found near the rear correct tire, wiped out by a one, close-range taken to the brain. Jensen was found lower than 30 ft from the vehicle’s rear bumper. She had been shot five times in the back with rounds going Jensen along the left side of her back. It will be easy that Jensen was taken in this manner because of injury. Due to the grouping of these rounds, it is suggested that the assailant was not a marksman, however was competent with handguns (The Zodiac Killer, and. d. ). The police retrieved 10 bullet casings with 8 rounds accounted for; two discharged rounds possibly missed Jensen because she was running apart. It does not appear as though any personal valuables and/or belongings were removed during the strike (Solano State Sheriff’s Business office, 1969). The unknown enemy immediately fled the field. There were zero witnesses to the crime neither was there motivation intended for the strike.

July 4-5, 1969 – Blue Rock Springs Course, Benicia, FLORIDA. Approximately doze: 10 AM.

Victims: Jordan Renault Mageau, age 19, and Cecilia Ann Shepard, age twenty-two. Shot with 9mm tool.

According to surviving patient Mageau, as interviewed by Detective Education Rust (1969)

[A]bout five minutes ahead of the shooting occurred, Michael states a vehicle taken into the lot, coming from the way of Sprigs Road and Vallejo. The driver turned the lights off on the car and drawn around left or east side of their car, roughly six or eight feet away and sat right now there for a minuteThe car after that drove away and went in the direction of Vallejo Springs Highway at a fairly fast level of acceleration. He explained approximately a few minutes later, the car pulled up, coming from the direction of Vallejo Springs Road. This vehicle pulled up approximately eight feet in back of and the right side from the [victims’] car, which would be the side Michael was sitting. The vehicle’s lights were left on and the subject acquired out and walked toward the car. He had a large attention-grabbing flashlightThis subject walked up to the car and Michael mentioned that equally he and [Ferrin] thought that it was a policeman and wanted to check their We. D.

It can be at this point which the assailant got into contact with the vehicle, going for walks along the correct side (Michael’s side), although shining the sunshine on them. Not the assailant nor the victims changed words so that as Michael was reaching for his wallet, the assailant exposed fire on the couple. When the initial firing occurred, the assailant looked to walk away after which Michael started screaming in pain. The assailant then simply turned around and shot Michael jordan and [Ferrin] twice every single. The opponent proceeded to leave the scene with the crime. In 12: forty AM, a pay mobile call was placed to the Vallejo Police Headquarters in which the caller claimed that he had perpetrated the crime. While Mageau survived the attack, Ferrin was pronounced dead about arrival for Kaiser Groundwork Hospital.

September 27, 69 – Pond Berrynessa in Napa Area. Approximately six: 30 EVENING.

Victims: Bryan Calvin Hartnell, age 20, and Cecilia Ann Shepard, age twenty two. Bound and stabbed.

According to eyewitness account from Hartnell, who have survived the attack, the assailant, just before approaching the couple, ducked “behind among the nearby trees, put on a peculiar four-cornered, hood and come about 20 feet away. The hood was well stitched, black, together a bib that chop down almost to the man’s waistline” (The Zodiac Killer, and. d. ). The bonnet was padded with the same symbol that were included in the cryptograms and albhabets sent to several news publications in and around Bay area. The enemy pointed a handgun at Hartnell and Shepard and demanded their particular keys and money declaring that having been going to escape to South america (Napa County Sheriff’s Office Report, 1969). The assailant proceeded to tie the victims with clothesline, which he taken to the field of

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