Discussion in Quantitative Reasoning for Business Program Self Representation Paper 10/15/08 Discussion in Quantitative Reasoning for Business Training course For many years, the quantitative or mathematical way of business problem solving was the cornerstone of MBA programs throughout the world. The traditional way has been a realistic analysis: information is accumulated, collated, reviewed and viewed, alternatives are formulated, and a logical choice is consciously found (Bagchi, 2005).

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In practice this means: “the additional information, the better; ‘cool and calm’ tactical thinking must not be ‘debased’ by simply feelings; effective thought and behavior has to be called upon to subjugate emotion (Sadler-Smith, 2004).

The Quantitative Reasoning for people who do buiness course presents me together with the prerequisites necessary to master the rational analysis. In recent years, nevertheless , the performance of the quantitative analysis practicing future managers has been put in doubt.

The requirement for fast decisions and the limits of man beings’ logical information-processing capabilities may incorporate to can charge severe requirements upon executives’ cognitive features to handle masses of information in the necessary rate (Sadler-Smith, 2004).

Then intuition comes into play. Intuition is difficult to identify but easy to recognize. Many of us will be intimately familiar with our personal intuitions and can be able to discover, and may even be jealous of or adore, those individuals who have confidently screen a ‘gut feel’ intended for complex scenarios and who have appear to have an ‘instinct’ pertaining to grasping crucial issues quickly.

This quality can be nurtured through lifestyle experience. The perfect solution hence, might be a variety of two approaches depending on situations. The relationship between intuition and rationality can work in 2 different ways. For example , carrying on from instinct to realistic analysis signifies a ‘validation’ sequence through which gut feeling may be inspected by rational analysis by simply posing queries such as ‘Do the data support my impression? Proceeding coming from rational examination to intuition represents an ‘incubation’ series in which intuition provides an expertise-based or feelings-based validation for judgments found through realistic analysis (Sadler-Smith, 2004). In conclusion, quantitative teaching will probably advantage me by simply preparing myself for the future classes in economics, finance, accounting, operations, and research (Quantitative Reasoning for people who do buiness Overview, nd). More importantly even though, it will put together me for future years ‘real world’ work, even if its immediate usefulness can be not as intensive as often assumed its supporters.


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