Mulan is a 98 Disney film based on a two-thousand yr old Chinese star of a young girl, Fa Mulan, whom secretly ties the Oriental army to bring back honor to her family. In China, one of the many religions used is Confucianism. Throughout the film underlying themes of Confucianism virtues can be seen such as; exclusive chance for family and ancestors, obligation to your self and devotion to order in society. (SpiritualityPractice).

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There are many types of family exclusive chance and adoring ones forefathers in Mulan.

The movie starts with Mulan preparing to impress the matchmaker to maintain her family’s honor whilst her father is praying to the forefathers that she could find a good match. Mulan’s meeting with the matchmaker ends in disaster bringing corruption to her family(Disney’s Mulan).

Soon after a message through the emperor occurs declaring one male coming from every relatives must go to war. Fa Zhou, Mulan’s father, honorably takes his order to provide, because there is no son to serve in the place.

Even though Fa Zhou is old and disable, he had rather perish for his country than to corruption his friends and family by never going to war. Fa Zhou is the best example of the virtue of devotion to order in society in the film(Disney’s Mulan).

To restore her family’s prize and to retain her handicapped father via going to battle, Mulan hide herself being a boy and joins the Chinese army(Disney’s Mulan). In the film there is also a dragon named, Mushu, hoping to gain back honor intended for himself. Mushu is a demoted guardian from the Fa Family members. Mushu had previously dishonored the as well as has since not recently been allowed to be a guardian. Mushu comes up with an idea to bring exclusive chance back to himself by pursuing Mulan to guide her to become war hero(Disney’s Mulan).

Like a girl, Mulan’s only duty to their self is to find a suited husband that will take care of her throughout her life. Getting married to well is likewise the only way Mulan can bring honor to her family as a woman.

When Mulan is pretendingto be a young man her obligations to very little are to become a great solider and by doing this she may bring honor with her family. Mulan must also get a great solider as a responsibility to others. If perhaps she is not really a great solider she would dissatisfied her many other soldiers who also she need to serve with to protect the emperor. Mulan at first is a terrible solider but quickly becomes better and is victorious over her peers in the army(Disney’s Mulan).

In one scene Mulan and her many other troops confront the Huns. Mulan heroically saves himself and soldiers but while this is cut in the side by the Hun leader. Once Mulan has medical attention, her secret is usually discovered. Shang, her chief, instead of eradicating her on her behalf act of treachery leaves her to go home while Shang plus the troops march toward the Imperial City(Disney’s Mulan).

Mulan finally regains her family’s honor simply by defeating the Huns and saving the emperor. Simply by saving the emperor, in addition, she maintains her duty to society. The emperor accolades her with all the highest recognizes and requires her to be in his council. Mulan selects to go residence and be with her family instead. Your woman returns carrying gifts of honor to her father who throws them aside and since he tells her, “Having you for the daughter, is the best honor of.  Shang shows up to return Mulan’s helmet to her, and he then stays for dinner. It truly is alluded to this Mulan and Shang soon start a courtship.

The movie ends with Mushu also regaining his placement as a guardian of the Fa family then a party with him as well as the other ancestors(Disney’s Mulan). The film Mulan is a good representation of Confucian duties in China. Mulan helps Westerners gain a good idea of what life within a Confucian culture might have been similar to the time of Mulan.


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