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The harmony is used for particularly remarkable effect in Bar 4, where 4 eight records can be heard under beats 3 (the second 50 % of a half-note) and some. Schumann once again creates movement in a similar way in Bars 8, 12, 14, and 20, where there is more movement intended for the left hand than for the best. Schumann will keep most of his chords inside the register listed below middle C; to do otherwise would make an excessively dramatic darkness that would certainly not be appropriate for the childhood memories this piece tries to call into your head for its guests. He uses C3 upon beat you for the harmony in Bar 13; it is the least expensive note in the piece and adds to the perception of climax in Tavern 14.

Schumann also manufactured Traumerei emotional with his make use of tempo. It is a slow part, slowing even more with the ritard (“slower”) by the end of the 1st eight bars, another for Bar sixteen, and a ritardando (“gradually slower) the past three steps. The ritardando follows a fermata over a above HANDSET. It is not the sole occasion on which Schumann uses the excessive a (it appears in Bars 6, 7, 18, and 15) but the melody builds through the C4 octave beginning in Club 16, hence the high a is quite remarkable, more so because of the hold. Schumann releases the strain by building a waterfall of descending notes after the large a with all the gradual slowing that signifies the piece’s conclusion.

As characteristic of Romantic music, Traumerei can be homophonic in texture, and therefore the tune is more prominent against the background of the balance. The chords of the a harmonious relationship support the melody, nevertheless never overwhelm it.

Penel and Drake (1998) and Almansa and Delicado (2009) both done studies on variations in timing in musical efficiency. Using statistical analysis, the discovered there were not significant differences in the timing of Traumerei while performed by students in graduate level piano functionality compared to professional concert pianists. Penel and Drake mention what we most recognize: a bit is never played exactly as it really is written in the score; performers vary a lot of physical variables. Individual methodical performance versions have been attributed to the performer’s wish to transmit a particular meaning to guests. That right now there tends to be comparatively little variation in the overall performance of Traumerei speaks to Schumann’s excellent, economical composing. There is not a superfluous be aware in the part. The tune is simple yet made interesting with the minor variations that half-steps present throughout. Dynamic markings show up as expected, exactly where notes conquer. The final three bars from the piece are made even more mental as the melody incredibly softly and slowly following the dramatic stop of the fermata. The way to understand the part is as a result made clear to the pianist and not a tremendous amount of place for interpretation that deviates from the composer’s intent. It’s the reason this kind of piece is still a much-loved classic.


Almansa, T., and Fino, P., (2009), “Analysing musical performance through functional data

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